This year has been one of fashion moments of all kinds, but those moments didn’t just come from Hollywood’s upper echelon. Our loyal readers, Bombshells and Bombers have been serving 10s in their day-to-day as well.

Here are the nominees for Fashion Bomber of the Year. From the 70s-influenced ensembles by Lexson Millington to athlete Tyrod Taylor’s saturated style, cast your vote for the Bomber of the year.

Tyrod Taylor from Hampton, Virginia 

A star on the field and in fashion, Taylor is one of the NFL’s best-dressed players. Whether he’s catching every lens during Fashion Week or pulling up to practice, the all-star athlete never misses when it comes to style. See more of Tyrod’s style here


Joseph McRae from New York 

McRae’s style is the kind of refined maximalism you’ll find within his namesake clothing line. Tailoring is pristine and sharp, with proportion play often being a main element alongside sentimental patterns. See more of Joseph’s style here

Irfan from Berlin

Known as Berlin Jesus, Irfan blesses his timeline with looks that create depth with a beautiful mix of textures, saturated color and eccentric accessories. See more of Irfan’s style here


Jordan Clemt from Côte d’Ivoire

Also known as Mr. Pastel, Clemt is a Bordeaux-based content creator from Côte d’Ivoire. Although his style is rather sharp, he is nicknamed after the softness of pastels due to appreciation for color. See more of Jordan’s style here


Lexson Millington from Toronto

Inspired by musical greats like André 3000 and Tyler the Creator, Millington takes a joyful approach to dressing, often clothing himself in dopamine-inducing color palettes and ultra-groovy accessories. See more of Lexson’s style here.

Jordy Arthur Vaesen  from Belgium 

Arthur is a content creator with a love for life and the art of design. His Instagram is a burst of fashion fun, most of his own work, where he expresses himself with functional fashion such as purse/dress hybrids and Jean Paul Gaultier-esque cone pieces. See more of Jordy’s style here


Mitchell S. Jackson from Portland, Oregon

As an author, and style star, Jackon’s polished approach to pattern mixing and streetwear has secured him a spot as one of the most stylish people in publishing. See more of Mitchell’s style here

Geoff K. Cooper from Trinidad

Geoff K. Cooper is a global citizen, Creative Director and Fashion Bomber. The cool Caribbean style star keeps a wardrobe full of It Boy-friendly labels alongside juicy colors and vivd patterns. See more of Geoff’s style here


Joel Hilario from New York

Hilario’s style is a juxtaposition of many experimental elements. From gender-bending in plaid maxi skirts and oversized handbags to going all avant-garde in complimentary proportioned all-black looks and spliced denim, this New Yorker knows how to mix things and mix things up. See more of Joel’s style here

Jon from Germany

Jon is an eclectic style king with an appreciation for tailoring and monochromatic looks. His wardrobe’s packed with punchy colors, which he confidently pairs with equally vibrant hues. See more of Jon’s style here

Trey Howard from Los Angeles

Trey Howard puts passion in creating moments with fashion. He uses his style as a beacon for young boys and men ––like himself–– who don’t fold into the societal roles placed upon them. See more of Trey’s style here

Dymon from Toronto

Dymon is fond of highly saturated color and pattern mixing, which he brings into every season. From T.O’s sizzling summers to the bitter winters, he’s bound to rock a vibrant co-ord or pair his checks with groovy prints. See more of Dymon’s style here 

That does it! Cast your vote below: 

Stay tuned for Hairstylist of the Year, Stylist of the Year, and Fashionista of the Year on New Year’s Eve!