Today’s Bombshell is Jessica from Miami aka ‘Expensive J Lo.’

She says, “Expensive JLo chill day.

“Feeling like a cat on my day off”

” I call this my dinner date romper”

“My classic look”

“Running errands never looked so good”

You have some great statement accessories, and you’re gorgeous! I’m not adventurous enough to wear a catsuit, but you work it well.
What do you think?

Fashion Bombshell of the Day is a feature showcasing the singular style of Fashion Bomb Readers. Send your name, location, a description of your style, and 6-8 picture(s) to th************@gm***.com. Images submitted may be featured on Facebook or Twitter. Comments can be harsh, so bring your A game!

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166 thoughts on “Fashion Bombshell of the Day: Jessica from Miami”

  1. Cuuuutee! I like most of it besides that catsuit… Lol. Although she does work it well….

  2. Seriously…. Expensive JLo? …Seriously?
    I will not comment because I can’t take this chic seriously with the name and the ridiculous photo effects.

  3. I like the red jumpsuit and shoes. Something about her screams “stripper”. But she’s cute in a ghetto fabulous kind of way…

  4. Can we blame any future bombshells that reside in Florida? Why do they all look like this? Eeeeekkkkk!

  5. You guys are haters.
    She’s fit.
    She looks nice.
    She’s pretty.
    Sure, some of the looks scream ghetto fabulous, but others show she knows a thing or two about fashion. You guys can never give props to a pretty, shapely girl. Haters!!

  6. Less J. Lo, more Lil Kim meets Nicki Minaj at he Slauson Swap Meet.

    But kudos to the color boldness, brights are a year round thing, more women should indulge.

  7. Loubs, a 2.55, and some remy DOES NOT make you a bombshell. These looks can be seen on 542,241 Instagram chicks which imo has given too many of these “fashionistas” too much of a platform for my taste.

  8. i like her shoes! i just wish i would’ve been able to see the photos without the effects…those filters are very distracting.

  9. @Anon,
    Please, read a book and understand people have different opinions. Also, go back into the archives and have a look at women who were voted as bombshells and you will see that they were beautiful and many of them very fit. The only difference is that they actually had great sense of style.

  10. Wait I’m confused…is she a real person or a cartoon character? All of the pics look like someone drew/painted them O_o

  11. Is she for real? She looks more like someone going to the Club than a bombshell. No maam. Let me stop there.

  12. That must be a joke…smh…If Blac Chyna, Lil Kim, Emily B, Lola Monroe, Meagan Good had a baby, it would be her.
    Claire, girl, what’s going on?

  13. She looks cute and put together some people like fitted clothes its not bad but Im not a fan of the catsuit

  14. anyone who wears Giuseppe shoes with a snapback will forever be blackballed from my list of stylish ppl. Get this child out of here -_-

  15. Yes, people have different opinions but that butter face comment was just stupid. You can express your opinions without being ignorant and rude. I like her style. I would like to see the pictures without the cartoon-like effects. I’m loving that catsuit. Works well with her body.

  16. Appreciate the boldness + a pretty girl, but I can do without the picture effects (can that perhaps be a rule for future Bombshells?). Also, wish I could see more variety…all the outifts (except the blue pants), are bodycon style.

  17. Well….it’s not my style. She has a nice figure, although that last pick the stomach area is a bit confusing (beautiful scarf by the way).

    Would be nice to see a bit more variety in your style…I agree with many here that it’s a bit overt for me.

  18. I’m seriously confused by this and if it wasn’t for her cocky attitude I would have felt sorry for her, she speaks and dresses like a hoodrat, the sort of girl that thinks she’s all that but people are laughing at and in the last picture what is going on with her stomach it looks like a bad lipo job? If its the effect she’s put on the picture then ok but if not she needs to never show her stomach again for the sake of my eyes. The only thing I liked was the moschino belt but I tend to wear mine just slightly different lol

  19. Maybe a blazer over the catsuit? I mean maybe I’m showing my age (26) but does everything have to be so tight? Yes she def has the body to pull it off, but it brings no variety to her looks. A true bombshell is gonna give the kids life whether it be in some slacks, mid length dress, body-con dress or a burlap sack. All I have been seeing recently is is either the natural girl with those damn Lita Boots (Death to Litas) and a messy sense of style. Or the chick with the long weave and the yeasty pants. No shade but venture out the box.

  20. Sweetheart you had to know these swap meet/thirft store faves was gonna hate. :-)

    Cute girl. Great Miami style. They mad..its 50 degrees where they are.

  21. You look pretty, I love you shoes and a lot of your pieces!!! And girl forget the bitter people hating u look good girl. Especially guessing u have a kid from the childs room u posed in, your a HOT mommy!!

  22. Smh @ the picture quality. Death to the valencia filter on instagram.

    Her comments are priceless. Dead@ running errands never looked so good. lmao!!!

  23. I have seen some really hateful comments. I live in South Florida as well and fashion is very body conscious down here. Don’t hate just give constructive feedback…There’s no need to tear this woman down.

  24. She has a cute shape HOWEVER please stop with the filter this is not instagram we are not here to judge your face. But this whole remy long wavy weave hair epidemic has to stop….nothing wrong with weave but why so long. Are generation is f-ed up we are so caught up with instant gratification and social media. I know for a fact when she went outside with that cat suit she was drawing attention THE WRONG ATTENTION. These females out here buying expensive shoes and bag just to get attention. SMH. Don’t be a reflection of another

  25. @Leslie we are nto hating but this is what you call a stereotype dont you notice the same comments

  26. Who did she f*** to get this cause she ain’t no bomb shell style is mostly vintage. Or different pieces from inexpensive place most expensive things always look good yeah credit due is her body is awesome weave look nice to but her style anybody with money can DO BOW

  27. Wow,
    These comments really are amusing. I’m really noticing a pattern with some of you guys. If someone wears designer shoes/bag she’s a stripper/no style. If someone wears turbans, mixes polka dots w/stripes and looks like Bozo the clown they are a fashionista.
    Is there some underlying hate going on? I think she does have some style and she is not ghetto because she has curves. People please…….

  28. Some hit and misses, I would’ve went w a different pair of shoes w the cat suit but on a SN beautiful bathroom!

  29. I died three times reading these comments. LMAO!!!! She’s cute though, I agree with the over sexed looks comment. Very cheek boney- basketball wife esque- where are you going with that on type of thing. Basic ” I can dress, I wear cheetah with red all the time” sort a thing.

  30. Sheeeshhh Ms Jessica what did you to do em honey! They are out for blood today!!!! Very unnecessary attacks but hey whats new. Im starting to think people purposely come comment just to tear these brave ladies down smh Ladies we must do better. But anywho… Very beautiful girl, cute pieces some things are a tad bit tight not a big fan of the catsuit but that is the Miami style. I totally agree with Kimberly if it aint bunch of bs thrown together these readers dont like it.

  31. Im a lil confused – she has a nice shape but her classic look??? and the expensive JLO look – and ION maybe to many accessories!

  32. @lola…I agree I almost spit out my water when I saw the running errands outfit…SMH
    But you guys are vicious today…

  33. she looks ghetto and hoochified.not because of the curves.that’s the clothes and the fit.j.lo,beyonce,and kim k(amongst other curvy celebs) do not look trashy like her.this bombshell was a bomb don’t.epic fail!!!!

  34. I am not sure why she said expensive JLo when JLo wears expensive items. Her classic look isnt very classic at all. Classic means someone 18 or 88 could wear the look. I mean not everyone is Jackie Kennedy and it’s ok to be hood chic.

  35. I wish people would understand that labels do not make you a fashionista. If you have the money to spend on them by all means do so. However, I feel that these looks cheapen the quality of these labels.

    Claire – Just because ppl send in submissions does not mean you have to post them.

  36. I hate Instagram!!!!! All of these damn filters for what? Can I just see you and the “fashion”? Ugh

  37. Hmmm “Expensive J. Lo” huh? Is that your instagram name? Let me know so I can follow that bootay!! lml

  38. I think she is cute but that hair/hairstyle is played out! C’mon now! and those effects on the pics make her look terrible…I’m sorry skinnies and heels do not a bombshell make but she is not a bad looking woman at all

  39. Oh dear! These comments…some are just plain mean (butterface) and some have me in stitches (monistat and yeasty pants).

    I think she is getting such a negative response because from that description and that stupid nickname you get the vibe that she is that tacky and extremely arrogant girl we all know and can’t stand. And If you don’t know someone like that, then chances are you are that girl.

  40. The fact that she is from Miami does not excuse the fact that she looks hoochie. I like to think that we are more than mindless sheep.

  41. I think she would be rated higher if her description matched her style. I saw nothing classic, only club-style and body-con, in these pics. Also , I wish people would stop sending in these pics taken w/ Instagram; a regular pic would be just fine

  42. Sometimes I wonder if Claire posts these so she can sit back and enjoy the hilarious comments.

    There are some serious comedians here.

  43. Why are you guys so negative?? She is pretty…has a nice body…and a decent style. I don’t think this blog is here for you all to bash other women. Can we get some constructive criticism?? Tell her what you think she can do to improve on what she is doing now!! Goodness it’s getting really old. Puh-leeze grow up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. Can we get some constructive criticism?? Tell her what you think she can do to improve on what she is doing now!!
    I believe the majority of the blog did offer constructive criticism – her classic look isn’t classy or a fitting look – the expensive JLO is a miss more like just her casual look – I don’t like her weave but I didn’t comment on that cuz we were talking about her fashion – the one look where she looks so good – perhaps had some folks confused…

  45. I went to FAMU until I transferred from that hell hole and that is exactly how Miami girls dress so I was expecting exactly what appears. What was ya’ll expecting? LOL, ya’ll really that disappointed! I’m sure she is one of the flyest down there. LLAMF…. once they saw how us DC girls started dressing they tried to imitate, but it never works!

  46. Some of these comments are kinda mean. I absolutely detest her style and I don’t think she’s fashion bomb material but calling her a hoe, hood rat, monistat or yeasty pants is really mean and getting really close to online bullying. I wish her clothes weren’t so tight and she has too much going on. I agree with an earlier comment that she cheapens her outfit even though all her pieces are expensive

  47. If the girls don’t have expensive outfits/shoes…it’s cheap. If they do…”she’s a stripper”. If your weave is bad u need to upgrade…if your weave is good you need to go natural. LMBO some FBD readers are alwayssss mad minus a few gals. I think she does the MIA style perfectly. Do your thing!

  48. The outfits are a little too tight, but her shape is nice. The effects in the photos are distracting so it’s hard to tell if she really is where she is or if it’s photo-shopped. The high-waisted blue pants are cute and I actually like her bags. I just wish she struck a different pose in the photos and maybe I saw her in some natural light, actually running an errand or something. I would also like to see what winter looks in Miami are like. I mean, at some point you have to put on a jacket, right?

  49. i vote bombshell, because i thought she executed the looks that she was going for, i may not be a fan of that look but i respect people’s taste.

    some of you need to be a little bit more mature, no matter how someone dresses you have no right to call hem a hoe/hoochie or anything of the sort.

  50. Claire,

    I’ve been on this site faithfully, everyday for nearly a year and I love what yal do…but you really gotta do something about this coalition of haters that feel tha need to tear down the women who submit. I NEVER, let me repeat NEVER leave comments cuz tha same people go ape shit wit tha negative every single day, no matter what tha post it’s about. Everybody ain’t gon please tha trolls hiding behind their computer screens. I think all these so called experts and I use that term very loosely, should be tha next bombshells so they can get a dose of they own miserable medicine. This site had some of the most oppinoinated NOBODYS on earth. Yal kill me lmao, it’s always tha fugly, over weight, non confident ones that hate tha loudest anyway. So til yal post sum “real” bombshell pics so we all can be blessed with the laugh of tha day, pipe down cuz you’d probably kill yaself if you had to read your reviews.

  51. At the end of the day, as far as fashion goes, she did not execute her looks well. That has been the unanimous decision. But I do agree that calling her names is unacceptable. And I stand by the yeasty comment bc wearing pants that tight can cause a problem. It doesn’t matter the labels she wears, its the way she presents them.

  52. Video vixenish…. You guys are rough, these comments could make or break a person. Overall it’s not my cup of tea, it’s a bit too ‘edgy’ for me but it’s still not that bad either.

  53. @liqurice dude lol
    she’s a nice looking girl with a banging body
    HER style is ghetto fabulous (and I don’t mean that in a bad way). It’s her style and it’s cute for her.

  54. This is proof that expensive name brands alone will not make you a fashionista. I’m getting the ratchet vibe. Shes probably a nice girl tho ;)

  55. Unlike the other comments I won’t judge her but rather focus on her fashion. She is pretty with a nice shape but I would have like to seen more versatility. Her shoe game is killer & I definitely like the red romper. Everything is tight & that doesn’t necessarily equate sexy sometimes less is more. I do think that she has potential she just needs guidance

  56. She is simply wearing big name labels, there is nothing fashionable about her. Granted, style is personal but I think hip-hop and those reality tv shows are giving girls the idea that big names=fashion! She is pretty though!

  57. Wow, some people are truly cruel. She’s confident in her skin and I can’t be mad at that. Her fashion choices are just that “Hers”. We may not agree but calling her a “Basic Hoe” is pure disrespect. In regards to her sense of style it’s cute. I love her accessories and shoes. Just because someone exudes confidence shouldn’t make another insecure or bitter.

  58. It’s obvious some of the folk who came out of the woodwork to comment obviously just don’t like today’s fashion bomb. Lots of new names up above. Assuming she “advertised” on her twitter or fb account. Some folk can be so rude and nasty. I’m not a big fan of her style a little too clubbish but if it floats her boat do you boo!

  59. I wore that leopard print catsuit for halloween…Why did she try to make that into an outfit? Shes missing the ears and tail.

  60. When you point the finger at someone….realize you have three pointing back at you. I am glad those that are going *in* on this girl sleep comfortably tonight knowing that you insulted someone you don’t and probably will never know. Your parents must be proud. As far as Ms. Jessica…your body is ridiculous and wear whatever makes you feel good. If Kim K can wear it…why can’t you?

  61. I am not feeling her look. The comments have been very harsh (I hope she ignores some of the mean ones) but there is some constructive criticism that hopefully she will use. I would love to see some versatility.

    I will have so much respect for anyone brave enough to submit their looks for FB after this.

  62. I feel bad for the all of the harsh and mean spirited comments. I hope that she is not too hurt by them. Regardless of whether or not I like her style, I do not wish to hurt her (or any other FB) feelings or knock her down. For some reason, it seems as though people have been trying to do just that.

    Anyway, just wanted to wish you well Jessica. I hope that maybe you can add some versatility to your wardrobe. You’ve shown us that you can be sexy, bring out some other looks too!

  63. Lmfao @ the butterface comment… Not my taste but it fits her…she looks good…the captions and filters couldve been 86’d but she looks nice in her clothes. Not everyone will thrift…mix prints…be natural or wear an 80in weave…its what works for the individual.

  64. Mean shoe game! There are plenty of women who cannot afford the glitz and glam. Do you hunnibunchesofoats!

  65. Damn like wtf Why are yall so mean.. its not needed.. the “wanna be basketball wife and basic hoe” comment IS RUDE AS HELL.. what is going with ppl nowadays. She may read these comment and may began to feel low.. She is a beautiful girl. Everyone have their own style… This is the most mean and rudest FashionBombShell i have even seen.. Black woman are suppose to uplift each other not bring them down

    instagram @mynaturalhigh

  66. I remember Claire made a post earlier this year, stating how people dont submit bombshells because they are afraid of rude, disrespectful commenters. Claire said, if you dont have nothing nice to say or know how to RESPECTFULLY Critique someones style, then DONT COMMENT AT ALL. It really upset me to see that same people with negative comment everyday NEVER submit their pics to FBshell… hmm thats says alot.. on the other hand i submitted twice

    Rudeness is not cute. Karma is a B***h. remember that

  67. I love her look.. it works for her. Her body is on point and thats all that matters. These comments prove why women could NEVER world together. Always attacking one another its a pity.

  68. @@@JAZZZ!!! OHH I JUST CAN–NOTT! I mean really out for blood! Indeed.lmbo

    I must say the comments are a bit harsh. Ya’ll pounced on her like ihop. I think the picture affects are not needed as we need to see as much real as possible to get a sense of the person. I only suggest wearing the styles a bit looser. Just a little room can add so much class and maturity to a simple pair of pants. I loved the colors though. Sense you are much tighter than a lot of females whove had kids and took rather hard to the carblife, I would still incorporate cute sexy short tops. However, if there be flab areas I’d wear the shirt a tad longer and show just a skimp of skin still sexy if you’ve still got more tightening to do.

  69. @ unique cuz i say so…most definitele agreed. No need to go in like she did something murder like. Being opinionated and giving good advice is one thing, but completely trying to tear this girl down is another.
    Just be mindful of what all you let slip out the mouth life is a circle. Goodnite!

  70. EW! tight and too bright! can she let her coochie get some fresh air. Just too much going on. Almost border line hookerish.

  71. Something tells me bands a make her dance…

    She’s cute and her body is bangin, though! Nice accessories as well.

  72. I would recommend having someone on your staff filter these comments. A lot of sites just don’t allow all comments to post and I can see and understand why. Not only do these nasty comments represent your readers, but they are also a representation of your site. People who haven’t been on your site and see these comments should be appalled at the blatant negativity that this site obviously condones. It has nothing to do with fashion but with a will to tear people down. Disgusting…

  73. Why do some of you keep complaining about the negative comments?!!… Hello?! It’s the internet! People are gonna always be mean here! lol Also, get a reality check the world is a mean place…I was just reading an article on Yahoo and you should see the racist and homophobic comments that were left below it. SMH Please allow people to speak their minds! If you hate it, say so! lol

  74. Not my style but do you. Expensive J Lo…..girl for the sake of that pretty face….PLEASE stop telling people that….it says hoochie and we all know you are a LADY!

  75. While it’s not my style, calling a woman a hoe, and all this and that because she pull of a catsuit is just mean, which is why sometimes I can’t even take these comments seriously. Sadly this is the place where people are really harsh and brutal but hide behind non clickable links. I think it’s always important to remember that not all people have the same taste, and personally our comments represent FBD, but if it really bothers them they would mod these comments a little bit better.

  76. Her outfits are absolutely not for me, but I have said it once and I will say it again. The readers of this site have a problem with fashionista’s who wear labels and girls who are *fit* curvy/thick. These comments were completely uncalled for.

    You guys dragged her, but I can’t really understand why. She’s not that bad. Yall act like she came with multi colored hair and piercings everywhere. She’s a typical ghetto girl with a few coins. They have a certain style and this is it. Its not for me but so what!

    Claire I’m not trying to tell you how to run this thing because you obviously know what you’re doing. We just feel like vicious comments should not be posted. If its not conducive, constructive criticism, moderate and delete. Black women should be uplifting each other! Not purposely going out of your way to be mean and cruel to one another. Then you wonder why black men run for the hills…..

  77. Another thing, what difference does it make if the pics are from instagram? Is instagram not an app for photos? LMAO you people are ridiculous. …..

  78. Claire,
    Please make your comments be limited to only fashion comments we need some decorum here. To all the ladies that is hating on this confident, beautiful black sister please post your pics….
    We are only here to post on fashion not name calling. Some of you are just showing your true colors which is green for “Envy” and “Hate”. I agree with the comment on “Why some black men run for the hills” You guys need to bring it down a notch it is not that serious. You need to read and follow what she was saying and not assuming. She did not let me repeat she did not wear the catsuit on a dinner date she wore the red romper which is very appropriate. I bet money on the main ladies commenting negativity is the same ones that commented on Gabby’s hair instead of her biggest accomplishment. Ladies stop being Angry Black Women and let’s uplift and not put down. Good night Irene……

  79. She dresses exactly like that Bilidollarbaby on tumblr and such trash. This isn’t style at all. Claire you need to stop letting all these people submit or just don’t post it. Over sexed and not classy at all.

  80. Her style is along the lines of Patricia Field, very ’80’s. Back in the day (before the Village in NYC became so damm boring), this was the look for the club girls. I applaud her for being courageous with her color choices. Go girl! Do you!

  81. I’m not gonna insult; she’s cute and her style is unique to her, as it should be for everyone but many of the looks go along the same lines of tight. Big names does not equate to fashion.

  82. Dinner date romper..get it girl! You have the figure for it. Wow, I think some of the comments here are pretty harsh. If this is what you call your personal style, then continue doing you.

  83. Ya’ll mad? Haha! The comments are crazy. I’m 37 so I can not recommend flashing the stomach no matter how fit (unless at the beach) and I try to go with the less is more approach.

    I would definitely do a catsuit with a blazer if I could.

    Pretty girl, very megan good…

  84. This is FashionBomb, not Vogue. She represents a popular segment of “urban fashion”, like it or not. If it was Nicki Minaj or Emily B in one of these outfits people would be sending in mailbombs trying to copy. Remember the oh so popular cut out catsuit and ripped up leggings?? Stop with the hypocrisy. I will say – the captions make it hard to be on her side though. lol

  85. She’s fashionably misguided. Everything is too tight. It’s nice to have curves but you don’t have to wear skin tight clothing to accentuate them. I like how she plays with color but she screams, “I want male attention!” Also, she’s a cute girl but mid drifts aren’t for everyone.

  86. Censoring comments will only give y’all something else to complain about. The problem is not Claire, but some of these low self-esteem having individuals. And censorship won’t fix that.

    With that being said, she has some decent looks. Yes they are all tight, but she lives in Miami so what do you expect. Some of these captions are the fool, but to each her own…

  87. whomever is in charge of choosing the daily bombshell’s has seriously been slipping as of late. not cool.

  88. @brandon, I assure you all of us in Florida don’t want to look like BBWs as you’ve deemed this young lady here. I am and know quite a few stylish people who’d be appalled at your statement!

  89. I live in miami. You find this sort of girl roaming the streets of Liberty City at inappropiate hours and following basketball games looking for a comeup.

    do you honeybooboo.

  90. @jillibooboo,

    This is the type of nonsense I’m talking about. What does your statement have to do with fashion. I’m going to speak to you in a language only you would understand.. Wha happent she take ur man or iz the type of chick ur sponsor liked….. Sounds stupid right. Well just like your ignorant comments. Jessica you have them talking. Like Jill Scott said “HATE ON HATERS NOW OR LATER”

  91. I knew when I saw 150+ comments yall would be going in smh. I don’t really understand the nickname she gave herself and she didn’t really describe her style. But I actually liked the first outfit with the mustard pants and white blouse and the snapback and the last outfit if the leopard print top was longer and a little looser fitting. Its all about execution! And kudos to her for rockin that leopard jumpsuit!

  92. *waits for dust to clear*
    If Draya from BBW was photographed in these same exact outfits, there would be quite a few inquiries wondering where to purchase each item.
    Not everyone is into peg leg trousers, thrifted pussy bow blouses, and structured blazers from Zara/Asos/H&M. I can’t knock her simply because I wouldn’t wear it.
    This young lady lives in Miami and is probably having the time of her life going to clubs and hanging with friends. So of course she is going to dress like a vixen. Her clothes may be tight, but that’s the look she is going for. With that said, she rocks that look well.

  93. This “look” has a persona that goes with it:

    1. She looks like the girlfriend of a dope dealer.
    2. She looks like she owns 2 or 3 hair salons in the ghettos of Miami – funded by her dope dealer boyfriend, of course. Charging $300-$400 for 40 inch sew-ins
    3. She looks like she sells Madea DVDs, LouFakeTins and Lewwe Voutton bags in that salon. Monthly fish frys and chicken dinners.
    4. She looks like she likes to go to the strip club weekly and blow racks on her former co-workers, cousins and salon clients.
    5. She looks like she likes to quote Drake and Rick Ross rap lyrics on Instagram and Twitter.
    6. She looks like she drives a Camero – all black with red seats.
    7. She looks like she’s been to j a i l once or twice.

  94. so… my thing is this… 1st, its okay for not everyone to like her style. You are entitled to your own taste. Everyone have opinions on others style. also, there are different styles in different areas of the world for different personalities. i mean, why so much hate and soooo many comments? she is generating a lot of attention in comments, so to me, she doing something right. if she was “regular”, there wouldn’t be as many comments. i mean, usually when i read the comments for the bombshells, it isn’t this many. anyway honey… do you!… with your beautiful indian weave, red bottoms, etc… because if she was one of these light skin celebrities, there will be many inquiries on her items. point blank. ladies, love one another… stop being so cruel and be blessed.

  95. I just moved down to the Mia area from up north. What I’ve noticed is that most of these females are strippers with no real skill set outside of the bedroom or pile. Looks like she’s spending those baller checks. Typical Miami- everything tight and ill matched.

  96. how she call herself and expensive J Lo – when J Lo is far from cheap and has more money to spare than this clown… NEXT

  97. This the tax fraud girl. Cute stuff but fail! It’s more to dressing nice then just swag and expensive stuff.

  98. I like some of her pieces and her shape. Nevertheless, she is not a Bombshell… Fashion is the last word that comes to mind when I see her post. Sorrry.

  99. She is a very pretty girl however this is not fashion bomb quality. She looks like a typical label whore who puts things together and think its a fashion statement. No shade, just a honest opinion. Nice try tho. Some people may like it, just NOT ME!

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