Happy Martin Luther King Day!
As we pause to reflect on Dr. King’s message of Civil Rights and equality, we must deal with the reality of modern day ignorance and racial insensitivity.
Today, Miroslava Duma’s new online magazine Buro 247 published an article on Russian socialite Dasha Zhukova. The illustration? A serene looking Zhukova sitting on a ‘black woman’ chair.
dasha zhukova black woman chair miroslava duma buro 247 interview
The Editor-in-Chief of Garage magazine perches on a black ‘dummy,’ (not a real human) who is nude save panties, a garter belt, elbow length gloves, and knee high boots, her folded knees suggestively pushing her naked breasts against her body. As Dasha stares out at the camera in the light filled room, she appears the total opposite of the compromised black woman on the floor. The message: prevailing, enduring white dominance and superiority, articulated in a seemingly serene yet overtly degrading way.
Photographer Dasha Zhukova Sits on a Black Woman Chair for Buro 247 Interview
Black woman as objects? Jezebels? These ideas aren’t new. But just as Dr. King fought firehoses and barking dogs four decades ago so that not only black women and black people in general could be seen as human beings, the fight continues in the worlds of art and fashion. Every other day, we see black women demeaned, disrespected, and overly sexualized by the ‘other,’ our image sacrificed in the service of art.

Peggy Noland's Outrageous Oprah Dress
Remember this bullshit?

It’s troubling that Buro 247 chose to publish this article today (they will undoubtedly attest ignorance and soon issue an apology–Miroslava Duma has already deleted the picture from her Instagram, and perhaps the interview on her site will come down as well), but instances like these always serve as reminders that we have come so far, yet still have so far to go.
The art and fashion industries are the few bastions of society where blatant racism and ignorance are given the greenlight in the name of creativity.
This must stop.
See the original picture on Buro247.
*I did a bit of research, and found that the chair seems to be an iteration of this bondage chair, created by Allen Jones ca. 1969. Apparently white strippers were put in compromising positions as well.
Chair by Allen Jones, 1969, which depicts a woman bent into the shape of furniture

allen jones stripper chair
Does that make the symbolism any less troubling?

188 thoughts on “What is This? Russian Socialite and Garage Magazine Editor-In-Chief Dasha Zhukova Sits on a Black Woman Bondage Chair for Buro 24/7 Interview”

  1. I don’t know if I am as sensitive about the chair. Who is the manufacturer? I would like to see what other races are options before I jump the gun.

    Also, countries like Russia, Korea etc do not understand race issues as the u.s

  2. It’s not about other countries being ignorant to racial issues, it’s about the fact that people just do not respect black and brown folks in western and eastern society.

    These are the same women who talk about feminism and lament the objectification of women, but maybe that only counts if you’re not a POC. This is how people think of us, tbh, and folks have no problem throwing it in our faces.

    Why is this ok, but it’s a problem when Paula Abdul is sitting on a mexican kneeling on the floor as a stool in Bruno?

  3. “I would like to see what other races are options before i jump the gun”- Why does that even matter??
    The point is to respond to what you see in front of you. And so what if there are korean, native american, hispanic, and/or white dummies? What they showed us was a black one, so let’s respond to that.

    I don’t care to dig into Russia’s understanding of race relations here in America. I don’t care to give anyone the benefit of the doubt in regards to this picture. Ignorance is not an excuse. Women, regardless of race, shouldn’t ever take part in a photo wherein another woman is being made to appear subservient to the other. So first as a woman, and second as a black woman in America, I find this picture to be disgusting and hurtful.


  4. Other countries cannot feign ignorance to race issues, especially with acess to the internet as well as having a small population of Black people there as well. We aren’t talking about a rural village, but a major city with access to the modern world of fashion & culture. None of this is an accident. Everything is calculated and the sooner we realize they simply give no f**ks if they offend us, the better. As much as I enjoy fashion I sit out major trends & designers because my own morals & beliefs are more important to me than an “it” bag or pair of shoes. The image in this photo is deep. A Black woman is strong; not in a good way, but in the way a horse can pull a carriage, and can be contorted to maintain the prestige of a white woman. But in a few days many will forget & keep spending money on an industry that doesn’t want them.

  5. As I am korean, we do understand race issues. Please don’t bring us into this non-sense, ignorant racist sh*t.
    I really dont know why these stupids had to use black woman to sit on when they have perfectly nice platic or wooden chairs everywhere.
    Seriously, What’s this? Full of this ignorance makes me sad.

  6. First of all…buro 247 had to know this would be offensive. HAD TO. They’re a new magazine. They just got a boatload of new traffic. All press is good press. They could’ve used a white lady or any other chair. They chose that one.

    But now I wonder if all you black girls who salivate over Miroslava’s street style will see her any differently? Or will you continue to subtly worship the white ideal?

  7. Jihan, I totally agree with you. As of late it seems there is this insensitivity towards people of color. I had a White man tell me that his great grandfather died for my people during the Civil War, I had to explain to him that Blacks also fought in the Civil War and many other wars. Still they were treated as unequal’s. There seems to be a white washing of racism taking effect. White folks want to try and turn racism into a joke. “Nigga is not the same as nigger so we can say it.” Come again? Not to place all the blame on these people but some in the diaspora do not help make things better with their ignorant habits. I think that a lot of us are taking notice of what is going on. But White folks are trying to stop progress and want to continuously remind us that we are less of a people. Keep fighting the fight sisters. Happy MLK Day.

  8. When a group feels threatened/shift in power, they resort to stunts like these to attempt to keep “others” in check. It’s 2014, and we’ll continue to move forward– keep on fighting the good fight for inclusion in the fashion world, despite what the naysayers may do/say.

  9. Heartbreaking. As black woman were still being objectified by society. We can not mince words here… This image is heartbreaking, cruel, and insulting.

  10. This photoshoot is offensive to black women AND the entire line of “furniture” is offensive to women. I see it less as art, more as fetish play. Back to the photo, why anyone thought this was a good idea in 2014 is beyond me. It makes me angry as a black woman and as a woman period.

  11. This is degrading towards women in general. The reason race has been dragged into the convo is because the model is white and the chair depicts a black woman. This model is either ignorant or naive to agree to pose for this. The magazine was clearly going for shock value. All this protesting is exactly what they wanted. And I choose to ignore this b*llsh*t instead of debate it endlessly. Yawn…next.

  12. When will this end?? When will these people realise you can’t be a facist and just apologise and make it all ok?? How can any normal human being not see the offence in this??? DISGUSTED!!!

  13. Its a shame that in this era, people are still shalow. To me, all i can see is a reverse psychology. She needed to reaffirm i guess her supposed superiority + in my opinion works like these should not be allowed to see the light of day.

  14. Them white bondage chairs make no equivalence to the black one, because the white one is simply bondage used to satisfy a sexual deviation. But the black live one symbolizes a whole move t yet to be explore for the black woman. Before reading the intentio says:

    On Instagram @thelovelytash

  15. Eerrr…Why is nobody questioning the state of mind of the black model who chose to be the ‘chair’? I am black and i know and understand when white people make a mockery of black people (hint…i live in the netherlands) but what i dont understand is black people who choose to partake in their acts.

  16. disgusting.

    QUESTION, how does everyone feel about katy perry’s black Barbie that has her own instagram account? She’s often photographed topless && I know it’s just a doll, but the whole thing really leaves a bad taste in my mouth

    the dolls Instagram handle is: @barbiegabon

  17. I guess I am over the whole race card issue. I understand racism is alive and well, but if we want to censor whites and black in the media, we also are obligated to censor other ethnicities. I can not sit on a pedestal and only choose issues that affect me. What about when the word “Faggot” is used in rap, or when hispanics are mocked in the media.

    The reason I wanted to see what other options there were is to make an impartial judgement on the possible motives behind using the african model. Was this simply ignorance and the black model was better looking than the other model? Was this deliberate to show white supremacy?
    You can not make judgements on a single story. I believe in gathering all of the facts prior to pointing the finger at someone’s character.

  18. We as black people are sensitive to any thing posted of this nature. Other nationalities, will never understand why, because our story is not their story. The healing period of the slave, negro,and black experience,has not completed itself, but still so many others want a piece of us,before we can be in a good place with who we are. We still feel used and abused and hurt. The past oppressors have not redeemed themselves for the abuse done to black people.With this being so, there is a lack of trust and motives will always be in question. When in dealing with the JEWISH Holocaust They saw to it that many of their Murderers were brought to trial and sentenced. from the Jim Crow era and the lynching that took place before and during that time, black people have never had that day of retribution. Which says we don’t matter in the scheme of things, be happy with what we have allowed you so far. This is a hard summon to swallow’

  19. I am extremely unsettled by this. Maybe some crazy fashion photographer suggested this, but I’m sad that a woman agreed to SIT on another woman in this manner! What?! They got the lily-whitest, most serene looking white woman, to sit atop a dark skinned BLACK woman who is in a pose MEANT to inflict her pain!!! why does the media still want us to break our backs to make the white man “comfy”??? this is non-sense. It hits me even harder because I love Mira’s street style and have even featured her images on my blog. Ugh, I’m done, happy MLK Day.

  20. Your labels of what these chairs mean are all wrong. Strippers? no S&M is a genre of sex, and yes, black and whites do it. Now is it poor taste to have it in the phone without a real meaning? …YES. But don’t be naive to something sexual or out of the norm push you to put out the wrong information. This is what happens when people get hyped and don’t calm down first.

  21. @Meh I’ve found the Allen Jones chairs under two names; some have called them Stripper chairs, others call them Bondage chairs. I’m really just calling them by what I assume is their proper and intended name. thx


  23. Anyone condoning this is of either compromised intellect (possible head injury), or a racist and misogynist pig.

    This is unacceptable and everyone who participated is formally complicit in evil (to borrow a phrase from the last Pope).

    Oh and BDSM fun-loving people: Why are the majority of Doms men? Why do you hate yourselves?

  24. Dionne, Koreans are already in this. As a whole, they are indeed insensitive to race issues. Korean women with painted brown faces and hair rollers ‘performing’ some ‘comedy’ act ring a bell? How about Korean children asking their black teacher if her skin color washes off when she goes swimming? Or Korean men trying to coerce black women to sleep with them like they are some kind of conquest? You are just one Korean and do not represent the whole country. Not all Koreans are racially insensitive either. But generally speaking, Korea is far behind other countries in many areas, not just this one. I don’t hold that against all Koreans though. I love all people, but at the same time let’s be honest. Some people are too blinded by patriotism to face the truth about their home coutries. I don’t ascribe to that idea.

  25. there’s things i agree with and a lot i disagree with in what everyone is saying.

    i, actually, am more troubled with the model that agreed…

  26. But why, pray tell, did the model agree to be put in such a position? I know I wouldn’t agree to such nonsense! Black people have to stand up for themselves and say no when boundaries are crossed. I would never in my right mind agree to this if I was a model :(

  27. Interesting. It’s so easy to jump the gun and start accusing people of racism or having racially insensitive products when there is a story behind everything. If there were white (Caucasian) chairs made then it is safe to assume the makers of this chair are not racist. Had this been a black woman sitting on the original white woman chair, this would have been a non issue.
    Its funny how we as a race can be so openly opinionated about other races and culture and yet be so sensitive every time someone mentions anything race related.

  28. Mary: While race issues certainly differ from place to place, they do exist in other countries. All it takes is a look at the comments on the original posting to see that Russians recognize the explicit racism at work in these photos.
    Jennifer: It’s just not the case that most doms are men. If you research this at all, you will find that most pro-doms are actually women, women who love themselves.
    It’s a shame that a discussion about the ignorance of hatred and bigotry seems to bring out even more of the same.

  29. @ Lady E:

    I am half Korean, half black. I don’t know what skit you’re talking about, so I’m not going to comment on it. But how is Korean children asking a black teacher if their color comes off racist? *insert eye roll* Children are naturally curious and have no filter. If a Korean child has never seen someone with dark skin before, this is naturally a question they will have. Just as children ask questions when they encounter little people, someone with a disability, etc. They don’t mean to be harmful, they are just naturally inquisitive. Again, what does Korean mean coercing black women for sex have to do with racism? Men want sex from women, period. If Korean men demand sex from white women is that racist? Again, what an asinine comment.

    Korea has come a long way in terms of race and people of different ethnicities and colors, which is impressive considering it is one of the few homogenous countries. When I visited Korea 10 years ago, everyone was so confused how I could belong to my mother. When I visited last year, I didn’t receive any stares or comments, and everyone was very polite and welcoming.

    In the future, perhaps you should reserve your comments about countries you’ve actually visited/interacted with.

    Also, I just wanted to quickly point out for those who don’t know how to carefully observe a photo — the chair is not made out of a real black woman, so she didn’t agree to participate in anything. Thanks.

  30. It does not matter which color that chair is, it is untasteful! And it is disrespecting to women in general.

  31. @JJ their time ran out 600 yrs ago lol the truth will be revealed soon like you said I Totally agree..

  32. Black women are fetishes to some people. Yes, the photographer wanted more shock value.. Why not put the black woman on top? They did go out of their way as someone mentioned to make sure they had a black woman, of dark coloring and natural hair just to point out the fact she is black .. Like there could be any mistake with a caramel toned woman. This is offensive that is what they were going for. Something else mentioned was, Korea.. I forgive Koreans for any racial insensitivity they have because they are A HOMOGENOUS COUNTRY they are still learning and advancing I do not know the demographic of Russia but I have watched a documentary about how blatantly racist they are.. Mostly to foreigners and that the Government supports and accepts this.

  33. firstly to those trying to blame the “black model” for agreeing to be the chair, its clearly stated in the artical that the chair figure is a dummy meaning NOT A PERSON. so trying to pass the blame isn’t going to work.
    this was deliberate and its at the hands of white ppl.

    to say race isnt a factor is ridiculous. like everything else in the photo, the black woman chair was a design CHOICE.
    it was meant to what it is.
    racist as fuck.

  34. Why do you women keep saying “Black,White, Hispanic, Asian” etc. You all are being insensitive to race as well. All black people aren’t the same. There are hispanic blacks, asian blacks etc. Please…narrow it down. Because you, too, are being insensitive in your post.

  35. CLAIRE
    please tell us your thoughts on the @barbiegabon instagram run by Katy Perry. If you find it as offensive as we do, I’m sure you could assist us in urginging her to remove it

  36. The chair isn’t real, it’s a mannequin. Article states that. So stop asking “why the black women agreed” to do it, she didn’t. However, even if she did (her perogative), the company intended to send a message of dominance and show how “different” the subject of the article is as contrast to the chair. Just about everything in the room is white- except for the dominated and abused black female. They wanted something shocking and offensive to draw attention. End of story. And hopefully end of publication.

  37. This is hitting on more than just racism, it is touching women’s rights in my opinion as well. As globalized as this world is now, they are no more excuses about other countries not knowing and understanding race issues. No excuse at all. I do not care if it is suppose to be art, it is offensive to women of color, all shades not just african american. Everyone is accountable for their actions and should own up to it and take whatever results come for their actions.

  38. Wow, there sure are a lot of comments on this article from people who DIDN’T EVEN READ IT. That is not a black woman, that is a mannequin of a black woman. And they make that mannequin chair in white formats as well. People are really going to have to get over the fact that black/white makes good visual contrast which is really all this is.

    People are also going to have to learn to understand that it isn’t MLK day anywhere other than the US.

  39. @Cameron I did read the article and I’m also aware that the chair is a mannequin, but for you try and simplify that the meaning behind the chair is a good “visual contrast” is insulting! I wouldn’t care what Holiday it is, the fact that a human would try to imply superiority over another human is disgusting made all the more because of her choice in chairs.

  40. I really like this site, but I don’t understand why you MUST post such garbage. What is the purpose? What do you gain by posting this shit. Yes, it’s a black holiday and black people who support other black people must be subjected to this shit. I really want you to think and answer what is the purpose of posting negative content about black people? Maybe you can do a post on why YOU must post negative shit like this. We are black, we are subjected to this negative shit daily. None of us are immune. Research negative thought patterns, it breeds depression. I come here daily because it is owned by a black person. There is so much more positive things that can be reported.

  41. @TheFashionistaChic We report what’s going on. Would you like us to whistle along and act like such egregious instances don’t happen? Perhaps if we call people out, it will encourage them to rethink their approach; or it can be an indicator that we should not support Buro 24/7, Garage, or their affiliates.
    Us acting like something isn’t going on is not the answer.
    Ignorance is not bliss.
    We should strive to be informed, no matter how hurtful or offensive the image.

  42. My issue is that, people do this all the time knowing that ALL they have to do is apologize and everything will be ok. demeaning is demeaning in any nationality so when something is depicted that degrades an apology shouldn’t be ok. We should stand against the person during and after the apology.

  43. I will definitely not support Buro 24/7 or Miroslavia Duma anymore. that is just done in poor taste and to do it on MLK holiday. Duma knew exactly what she was doing.

  44. This chair is VERY disturbing- its racist and HORRIBLY misogynistic. Now,….IF I was the ‘bird’ in the interview, I would have walked out THE MINUTE I saw this damn monstrosity. This goes to show you the wealthy have NO CLUE at ALL!! Now keep in mind, I have wealthy friends that are WONDERFUL, CARING people that give-give-give till they can’t give anymore, BUT EVEN THEY complain about their wealthy social brethren, and what they tell me are horror stories. This bird is about as dumb and classless as used toilet paper- just not as useful

  45. I really can’t put so much energy into foolishness. I can’t take this kind of stuff so seriously. Because I’m secure in who I am as a person, I CAN NOT and WILL NOT internalize anyone else’s BS or opinions. Intentional or not, an editorial photo is not making an impact on my day to day life. Grandma always told me to be careful what I give my energy to because if I feed negativity, I will continue to find myself surrounded by it. I walk through this life as a person. Not a black person but just as one more human being trying to make it in the world. I don’t expect racism around every corner or look for it in everything I encounter. I’ve only had one overt act of racism from a white person and a handful of subtle racists encounters with white people. The vast majority of racist encounters I’ve had we’re with other brown people so what does that say?

  46. As one with non-American friends and even one that is Russian I can assure you all that Russians are very race aware! There are many non-whites in Russia and a strong white supremacy movement, there is no ignorance that should be tolerated especially when demeaning other races.

  47. “I would like to see what other races are options before i jump the gun”- huh??? Being black, it looks terrible but being woman in general is just as terrible. Who cares of the other races; this whole idea is not a wonderful pieces of art. I’m sure ‘Mary’ was just trying to be neutral but dearie, it was a ‘neutral fail’…ijs. As an artist looking at this, this too is a fail.

  48. I love what Jessy and Raina said above. It’s all about the shift in power. They feel it, and they are not comfortable at all! I have no problem with white people, I have plenty of white buddy’s and associates and I will tell them to their faces, “Stop being so damn insecure, and stop stealing our shit and fronting like its yours!”

    I’m excited about the come-up for us, but its also scary at the same time because the enemy will continue to come up with new ways to attack us. As most said above, keep fighting…intelligently and cleverly that is..

  49. The moment I saw the picture, it automatically pissed me off. Before reading the article, I wanted to know why the hell would a woman pose for such a thing. Finding out this it was not a real person, did not ease the pain, the anger or the disgust. Living in the UAE, I can feel the coldness, the invisible me, and the rudeness. This white supremacy, a worldwide problem of disrespect for BLACK PEOPLE. This is not OK, but the magazine published it for the talk. This is a publicity stunt gone wrong. Any publicity is better than no publicity. Again, the image was used to create a stir, and it did. I am not surprised, but very disappointed in the magazine. This is exactly what the DREAM was about, to stop terror. This is terrorism.

  50. I’m thinking the ideal next step to be is for a black and Latino woman to have a chair like this featuring a blonde haired blue eyed male and female matching set chairs and be photographed. If I had a photo studio I’d do it myself just to cause a grand and wonderful stink. I’ve found that very often white folks don’t understand the negative impact of something until its done in a way that demeans and stereotypes them, then they get 20/20 vision. SMH.

  51. Of all the BDSM pieces, the table with the mirror would have provoked more of a “thought piece” angle for the publication to hide behind. Now that I think about it, the whole idea of interracial bondage fetish couples now intrigues the heck out of me.

    As Cameron said, using contrast as a photographic/visual device is popular.

    It’s also lazy and, to me, signals an amateur (yes, even the person who did that recent Lupita pic with the white balloons).

    The “I’m sorry, not sorry” blackface issue seems to also be on the rise. Can it be blamed on some kind of conspiracy? I think not, but there is something amiss when this can happen with so much increasing frequency.

    Now…off I go to find a PhD dissertation on interracial BDSM.

  52. Wow, it’s amazing how the only thing black people focus on is the chair’s color. Don’t white people understand yet? You cannot treat a black person the same way you would treat a white person. White people never think about skin color, black people always do. It’s just not worth getting mixed up in if you can avoid it.

  53. As a woman, PERIOD, I’m highly insulted. It’s degrading and humiliating. They could’ve easily chosen a white woman chair.However, it wouldn’t make me feel much better about the “art”. Still demeaning. Still distasteful.

  54. I would take this as a compliment because the one sitting it too weak to stand on her own, so she has to have a black lady hold her up………… Who’s the strongest, the one sitting on the cushion or the one holding up the cushion? If I was a gambling lady, I would put my money on the one holding up the cushion!

  55. Earl, you’re right…people shouldn’t get mixed up in foolish editorials like this. If Whites never think about skin color, why not use the White chair?

  56. B&D is not a graceful, lovely concept. What I don’t’ understand is why it is not okay because the dummy is black. Isn’t it considered discriminatory to only make white versions??

  57. This ad is sick. I will never understand the pervertness and obsession white folk have with us….especially our sexuality. It’s sickening. I am more sad than I am upset. And don’t be fooled. Whites do not feel superior to us blacks. Deep down they feel inferior to us. These public displays of disrespect is more so for them to convince themselves they are superior when deep down they know they are not. Clearly white people need prayer.

  58. Some of these comments are more offensive than the photograph! I don’t care what the intention of this photograph was, it is offensive to women, women of color, and human beings in general. The white woman, and black mannequin were juxtaposed in such a way to express the dominance/superiority/privilege of the white woman, and the violent oppression and objectification of the black woman/mannequin. I hold the white model responsible for her unconscionable decision to participate. Racism exists everywhere, in every culture. Racism even exists INTRA-CULTURALLY, so no one can feign ignorance. It’s easy to be “over” racism if you are white, and if you are a person of color, you can stick your head in the sand and pretend it doesn’t exist or doesn’t matter, but nothing could be further from the truth. Finally, it makes me most angry that individuals/companies are using racism to make a profit. If you have any sense of morals, and compassion, don’t support businesses that are perpetuating hurtful, hateful messages!!!!!

  59. No. The majority of Doms aren’t men.
    And they, both men and women, doms and dommes, follow a strict code of conduct on consensual pratice of BDSM. It may be hard for non-BDSM practitioners to understand, but they really care about respect upon all.

  60. Please people, enough with this, other cultures might not get this bullshite…Dasha moved here at 3 years old and went to elelmentary and high school in LA and then college at the university of california in Santa Barbara. Cant get more american (and white american than that).

    But she did experience 22 straight MLK days before she left for fame and fortune in london, then moscow.

    When we really try to figure out what her real attitudes are – after her heart breaking apology which im sure will be delivered tommorow – we should understand that this young woman has had twomchildrem with a crony of Putin, a billionaire oilmtycoon known for bribery and shakedowns.

    The art/fashion/celeb world is full of horrible, very ugly, beautiful people. Shes just the latest cover girl of this depressing reality.

  61. This is internet outrage mined for clicks. The chair is part of a collection that includes white women as well. You’re arguing for a kind of censorship that only allows for rigid prescribed positive representations of minorities because you assume that every black body is a stand-in for all black bodies. WAKE UP. Minorities are real people, not just stand-ins for their race! Readers, don’t let FBD bait you with fake outrage bent on dividing us. Shame on your FBD for dragging MLK’s memory into this muck.

  62. I wasn’t going to reply but .. I read through all of the comments and this is odd and sad to me.

    I don’t know what the intentions of this picture were. However, I do feel (just as Meh said) that it would be remiss on my part to assume that this picture was about exemplifying a problematic racial dichotomy. If you oppose as a woman against the sight of a woman being dominated or compromised then I can understand that (even though even that argument is shaky as women all around the world CHOSE a life of S&M and bondage in order to fufill their own sexual desires).

    As for race. Why is it that we should allow the world to color what we think of our own. I feel personally if you see a photograph and instantly see race in a discomforting way than that says just as much about what you think about your own race and others. YES, there is racism everywhere. But to walk into a room and constantly be trying to figure out what side of the line of racism someone falls on demeans your OWN quality of living.

    I’m glad I didn’t grow up seeing color this way. In many countries around the world race isn’t always a damning issue. I chanllege some to question the chip on their own shoulder (your own biases) JUST AS MUCH as you immediately question the motives of others.

  63. I’m insulted as a human being. Who in their right mind thought this was a good idea?!? This is just degrading to women in general.

  64. Unfortunately in Russia today women lost all self respect, a lot of them are going for fame or rich men by being extremely provocative and sexual. So, I can see how the same shock tactic was used here. Well, this PR worked for them, it’s going to be a talked about story and hey who knew their names before?

  65. This is nothing more than a poorly thought out portrait with fetish/sexual undertones. While everyone was getting upset about the chair no one seemed to mention the image behind her head which clearly shows a man in between two women in bed all topless. I sorry but people see what they want to see. If the chair was caucasian toned people would have complained that the image was about women holding other women back or found some other reason to be appalled. If it was a man then women are dominating men in the art industry. It’s just circular logic. The chair is art, the image is art, and the purpose of art is to force the viewers to think. So if you’re not going to take the time to think before screaming racism then don’t expect anyone in the art industry or any industry for that matter to care.

  66. I just read the article… It’s just fashion, fashion tries to be weird to create controversy and media attention which is what it is doing even here and now with this post.

    If both the woman and the chair mannequin were the same race would it be any better?

    I think the moment people stop seeing colour is the moment racism ends. It’s just a weird chair, colour or not it’s weird and should be seen as that, I don’t think it has anything to do with race.

  67. One poster tried to focus on the model who “agreed” to the pose…read the article–IT’S A DOLL. The question still remains why on earth is a black woman being depicted as a stool, literally or figuratively? The image gets old. Black women have to put up with these demeaning images from black American rappers AND non Americans. Gee whiz. Enough is enough.

  68. I refuse to call stupid things – like chairs made to look like people – anything other than stupid. It’s not worth my time to be offended.

  69. I do understand that the timing was in poor taste, however I agree with one of the previous replies, what other options does the manufacturer offer before we criticise too much. I hope that they offer male options too, or this could also be classed as extremely sexist!
    As for the artistic juxtaposition, I agree that it is in poor taste, and manufacturers options or not, the contrast between the woman and the chair is not appropriate and screams all sorts of racial messages, but I guess it has done what it set out to do; create discussion and debate.

  70. Foto is nice, woman is nice and chair is nice too.
    Author of this article and most of commentators are black racist morons or need some mental care

  71. its a shame! I really don’t know what people gain from it, it still beats me, and its a shame that the vehicle of racism and xenophobia is being driven by the elites and educated of the countries where this shameless act is going on. The ARABS are worst at it, and you will be shocked to find out that its their women who instigate their men to despise everything black. INDIANS are the latest entrant into the racism game, these people who are classless and cannot be categorized, display the highest level of racism and xenophobia against black immigrants in their country like I have never seen before, and its more terrible because its their politicians who push the people to do this shit.

  72. I’ve visited many different countries through my work as a musician and i have to say that by far russia was the most unwelcoming and institutionally racist of any country i have been. When I left Moscow the man stamped my passport , stared coldly at me and said “DONT COME BACK” The term Caucasian is derived from a region now in modern day Russia! This is no accident be sure of that. Also while MLK day is only a holiday in USA people all around the world are aware of it…there are no coincidences…. rich white russian sits comfortably on representation of a black woman on a day set aside for a well known black civil rights leader…

  73. This chair is plain disgusting – even the white one itself is sexist and degrading to women, and the black one is even worse. It doesn’t even matter that it’s only a mannequin. The message itself is bad enough. Can’t believe Buro 24/7 was insensitive enough to publish this picture.

  74. WTF! I was shocked when I saw this. That picture is disgusting. To all folks who want to take it lightly. During slavery, Europeans made furniture with images of black people in the form of tables etc. Which was a show of their superior feeling over us and how we were degraded for the services of the whites. Now this pic shows up, looking quiet like those. This is really bad. This is thát reminder again: we still have loads of works to do. NONSENSE!

  75. @Mary R u people insane?! countries like Russia don’t understand race issues like the US?! Total BS… Have you ever even attempt at researching race/ethnicity issues in Russia? Do you know about the level of hate speech and hate crime here? You seriously need to educate yourselves people. All kinds of dehumanizing terms in reference to non-Slavs and non-Whites are common use here, the N word is considered a normality. So trust me, people like Zhukova here KNOW when they are being total racist jerks

  76. Listen you all idiotic bitches. Do you know what fascism is? You are fucking black racists? It is her private life and she can do whatever she wants in her private appartment. She has no whguilt and this pisses you off. You all have the inferiority complex

  77. There wasn’t a slavery of negroes in Russia so we are not suffering the white man’s guilt and don’t care about backside pain of oversensitive person who find such things “offensive”.

  78. It is disgusting. But can I point out it’s not a real woman, it’s a doll like the other chairs!!! Read the article. It’s not that long.

  79. It is amusing to see Americans whine about their racial issues as if the other 6 billion folks on the planet care.

  80. I’m sure fetish folks are enjoying this photo. Black/White, Dominance/Submission, if there wasn’t for the bloody history of slavery and real degradation of black people by the white, western population, this would only be a quirky photo.

    Couple of things though:

    This photo was meant to be provocative. The coincidence was intended, and the photo is a representation of the history you guys cannot airbrush and censor out of the existence.

    The language is strong, but this is art, and art has to have an option to be free. This an innate property of art, you might create laws to constrain it, but true artists are going to ignore these constraints even if this endangers their existence. Luckily, today, we’re not in such position, so even fashion photographers will dare to experiment.

    The photo even ridicules the likes of Mrs Abramovich, it is a comment on the supremacy of wealthy overlords over the rest.

    Don’t you see? The interpretation of this photo is not so unambiguous, which is another reason why establishing some shallow moral criteria on art (even this kind of art) is utter nonsense.

  81. @JJ What are you talking about?! It doesn’t matter what “color” you are to be a murder, serial killer or a child molester. You are sitting here blaming the “white non-human” for being racist but that is exactly what you are doing … let a white women come on here saying “with their black nasty skin” and you would go pop a blood vessel. There are plenty of black women dating outside the black race as there are black men dating outside the black race. Its 2014 JJ let’s get it together and end racism not only for our sake but for our children’s futures. Who cares what color anyone dates anymore Love is Love. We are all made in God’s eyes regardless of our skin color. Don’t even get me started on your white non-human I don’t even know what that means.

  82. I can’t even find words to comment this.

    It’s so disgusting, so degrating…

    I really wonder what’s happening in Russia these times. OMG.

  83. I cant understand the reason why these people can not respect the BLACK humans? is really a pity for them any way.

  84. First off…..bahahahahaha!! This is hilarious! Man, I tell ya, white people absolutely never cease to amaze me, with the STUPID racist shit they do, then claim…I wasn’t trying to offend. Bitch, sit your pale ass on white bondage furniture, then you’ll only perhaps offend your own kind, and this comment section wouldn’t be loaded with comments from non-white people. NICE CONTRAST? WTF? So only a bondage chair, with a black mannequin, could provide that needed CONTRAST for the photo? I don’t buy it. This was some ignorant shit meant to offend.

  85. Is the picture an “accurate & effective demonstration of the oppression of Black women in the fashion industry” ….or….is it meant to be “simply art?!”

    If making a statement about discrimination, then it is indeed a very accurate and effective “visualization of oppression.”

    If it is meant to be solely art…THEN THAT IS INDEED RACIST…..and to do so on the commemoration of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birthday…is indeed DOUBLY OFFENSIVE AND DEGRADING of the not only the Civil Rights icon…but all people fighting against injustice.

    Has Buro 247 did anything else to illuminate oppression in the modeling, fashion, etc., industry?!

    Lastly, the statement by Claire Sulmers calling the image “an example of white dominance and superiority, articulated in a seemingly serene yet overtly degrading way”…is ONLY partly correct.
    Whites do dominate via institutional and/or systemic discrimination…..but White women are NOT superior to all other women.
    No group is superior.

  86. Everyone likes to poo on black folks mostly because most folks are scared of us. Why? Search me:) We cannot control what people think in their minds however we must be ready and willing to voice our opposition to acts designed to denigrate and humiliate us.

    Why would you look to humiliate anyone especially if they are unknown to you and have caused you no harm? I am not a psychologist so won’t attempt an answer.

    Everyone feels superior in their minds but in Africa, folks just go about their business without looking to denigrate/humiliate white people or Asians.

  87. The whole creative/artistic value is lost on me (if that is what it meant to show).It is tasteless and degrading for all women as a whole. Quirky it is not…has shock value…yes! and it sells. You can see how it’s spreading like bush fire on the media and especially on this day in history.
    Regarding comments about Koreans….it is only perhaps the newer generation that was probably unaware and insensitive. Older generation who fought the Korean war 1950-53 with Ethiopians have a great respect for the armed forces and people of this nation. Therefore to generalize might be unfair.

  88. **”Apparently white strippers were put in compromising positions as well.”

    JL: Having White strippers in similar positions…would NOT convey the same message as the Black woman depiction.

    However, if they had a picture of a
    “White male sitting on a White woman”…then we might say “sexism is the message being conveyed.”

    Another angle we might consider with the “White strippers”…is that “women ‘voluntarily’ know their place”…since no dominant figure is included…but maybe implied.

    Now don’t take that the wrong way…I DEFINITELY BELIEVE IN EQUALITY OF THE SEXES.
    I’m simply proffering some various ways we might interpret these pictures/”furniture.”

    I certainly disagree with the comment that “race” –or my preferred term “ethnicity”– is “not discussed in the same way in other countries.”
    There is an ever-increasing body of foreign literature discussing the same issues as People of Color (African-, Asian- & Latino/a-Americans and Indigenous Peoples) and anti-racism-Whites in the U.S.

    Join me at the following link for more enlightening discussions:

  89. Just want to point out to the people who are upset with the black “model” who “agreed” to pose in that position for the shoot- there is no black model. It says immediately under the photo that it is a dummy and not a real person. Pleeeeeaaaaase read before making judgmental comments about blacks who “are just as culpable” because they “allow themselves” to be subjected to this racism. From the looks of it NO black people were involved/participated in this photo shoot.

  90. Here’s my definition of racist and all other “ist”s :
    If you believe you are superior to another by virtue of your race or your skin color, then you are a bigot, racist, fascist etc. (if you think your race is superior and other races are less, you are racist no matter how many friends, wives, brothers, aunts, uncles you have from that “inferior” race.

    if you believe another race is superior to yours, you are a racist against your own race; against your own self. for example: too many black men and light skin women.

    if you believe your gender is superior, you are sexist.
    if you believe women are inferior or men are superior, you are a misogynist.

    if you believe people are superior to animal, you should re-examine yourself because you have “ist” tendencies.

  91. I am Russian from Russia. I do understand the racial issue in USA. But we (our country) never have enslaved black people from Africa and we respect black people just as ourselves. This chair is stupid art object just as the previous chair with white woman. No matter what is the color of the skin, its equally offensive to all women. And you, black and white people, should be writing about all women rights and not pointing at he skin color. Being offended by the skin color you only show to the world – to you skin color makes difference. But to russians all people are equal.

  92. Honestly, people calling the editor or Dasha racist or ignorant MUST be both racist and ignorant themselves. It’s simply disgusting to see people respond this way to something that is beautiful, edgy and unique. There is absolutely nothing demeaning about this, the fact that a black dummy was chosen instead of a white one should only be criticised for its aesthetic qualities or lack of such. People taking this into “racist” territory lack intelligence, so it’s not surprising to see the crack ho cougar J.Lo one of the first to jump on that wagon. People, think before before posting you pseudo-righteous crap, in reality, you’re the real problem, you are the extremists that think the world is all black or white and you are the ones driving that separation when in fact we should all be helping each other understand all the other shades.

  93. When people WITHIN our race become concerned with what is going on with our race (examples: striving to become video “vixens,” idolizing the lives of celebrities and/or “reality stars,” not showing each other love or uplifting each other, calling each other the “N” or “B” word, black on black crime, etc.), THEN I will become concerned with how others OUTSIDE of our race view us.

    If we stayed unified within, it will FORCE other people outside to show us the same respect that we show each other. If you are not part of the solution, then YOU are part of the problem *drops mic*

  94. This bitch is famous for absolutely no good reason!!!! Please remove her from the internet and/or face of this earth!!!

  95. “Does that make the symbolism any less troubling?”

    JL: No.
    However, the oppression of White women is complicated.
    On one hand, the “White male power structure has declared White women as the ultimate symbol of beauty”…while on the other, they continue to experience sexism and objectification sexually.
    Hence, they are given more access to jobs(modeling, actresses, etc.) than Women of Color due to racism.

    Two, White women have been the largest group to benefit from affirmative action laws(google it)…yet…were virtually silent during the recent review of AA by the U.S. Supreme Court….falsely believing they do not need the laws and two, denying their gains from AA.
    While Women of Color can clearly see their oppression, White seem to be severely delusional….due to, of course, how White males manipulate their thoughts.

  96. **Stop It says:
    “When people WITHIN our race become concerned with what is going on with our race…”

    JL: I don’t know what rock you’ve been living under…but there are PLENTY of US (individuals & organizations)working on various issues that affect the lives of People of Color (African-, Asian- & Latino/a-Americans).
    Of course, the White-owned mainstream media NEVER shows us helping ourselves…but instead…depicts themselves as being our saviors.
    Hence, if you’re only watching and listening to White-owned mainstream media…I well understand why you might think like you think.

    The importance of how members of the dominant group –Whites– view us determines whether they’ll hire us for jobs, treat us fairly in the courts, and many, many other things.
    Of course, there’s an ever-growing number of African American entrepreneurs, too. In fact, over the past 5 years, African American owned businesses have been the fastest growing group of businesses…but like I wrote above…if *you* are only watching mainstream news…I don’t expect for you to know these things.

    I don’t know if you’re truly Black or if you’re a White person(troll) pretending to be Black…becasue they’ve been caught doing so on a number of other sites before.

    And by the way…there is no such thing as “races” of humans.
    There’s only one race…the human race.

  97. So… as far as I understand from the comments, it is an issue because the chair depicts a black woman. So its racist.

    Because we NEED to ignore the fact that this is made in all “races”. And because you NEED ONLY to look at what is in front of you. You people do understand that you are advocating being a mindless media zombie.

    Yes, it could be inerpreted as racist, or an item of shock value. Given that this could be ordered in any “colour” by default it is universal. Whether it is tasteful or respectful towards women?

    I guess some may find it offensive (yeah I know just read the comments). But unless someone markets an item in a market where the issue is present, it is a totaly different item. E.g. if it was a gypsy, it would have more meaning/offense value in Eastern-Europe.

    Since the black population of Russia and Eastern-Europe is very minimal, racism toward them is not a widesprad issue (maybe in Russia, but it is more direct violence rather than “sublime” messages). We have no gangs/”ghettos” or other negative connotations in connection with specificly the Africa originated populus. Actually when a Nigerian friend visited us, they were very surprised about the lack of racism towards them, simply because here they were a NO PROBLEM population. We have anti-semites, gypsy hating etc, but very low negative discrimination against people of African origin.

    Thus in Eastern Europe this is NOT racist per default, it is an item of weird or inappropriate taste, but more for picturing of women in such ways.

    You can be offended, but you cannot claim whether something is racist or not, because in your own culture it has a more inappropriate connotation, if you chose to be ignorant about the world, that is your choice, but try not being proud of it.

    Where this was created it is perfectly… weird. There is nothing to apologize for in terms of racism, if you are offended about a chair on the other side of the planet grow up and get over it.

  98. Racial what?

    I bet fashionbombdaily.com must have hit some serious visitor count after that drivel and nonsense.

    Claire Sulmers i hope you feel ashamed.

    Had it been a white chair (and yes they do sell ‘white’ chairs) i doubt you would have batted an eyelash.

    Only person racist here is you you bigot.

  99. After reading through these comments i have come to the conclusion that 90% of all of them are by idiots. Fashionable idiots at the very least.

    Claire Sulmers is clearly a bigot and the racist.

    And all you idiots shouting “that’s racist!” should check out the site in question first.
    If you imbeciles cannot see this was clearly a cheap publicity stunt then go on living in your little bubbles spewing crap you don’t even bother to verify.

    You idiots should be banned from voting. You do more harm than good.

  100. After all of that painting that white model black and blackface fuckery that happened last year, white people still don’t learn. Black people are not fetishes or props. And after the way the russians treated the black soccer players lately, I’m not particular about the country either.

  101. all the images that you have shared are either racist or sexist–so no, in the name of art–it doesn’t make symbolism any less troubling–reminds me of that cake meant to symbolically represent an African woman being circumcised. http://blogs.independent.co.uk/2012/04/19/stopping-female-circumcision-is-not-a-piece-of-cake/

    This picture had me all twisted because i just couldn’t handle that such blatant racism not only exists, but graces magazines and that too on MLK day–this surely WAS NOT a slip up–this was MEANT to increase sales, cause enough of a debate–remember no publicity is bad publicity….

  102. It’s 2014. They are never going to stop. We can get upset when they paint themselves black on Halloween, when they yell the “N”, or when they degrade us in popular European magazines but I’m refusing to entertain it going forward. They are not going to get a high from seeing my frustration at racism.

    As people of color we have to go above and beyond to represent ourselves in a good light. Stop watching those garbage reality that make us look like savages, have our young men and women dress properly, encourage education and financial strength in our community.

  103. I personally wish that Zhukova would not have deleted the original photo from her instagram. Perhaps its stay would promote a conversation that reaches beyond the general public’s initial reactions, which were mostly reflective of intense offense. Rightfully so.

    Art and artists have a history of creating content with intentions to stimulate the emotions that would otherwise lay dormant. Rightfully so.

    Artist Bjarne Melgaard who reinterpreted Allen Jones’ mannequin chair was reported to have done so as a means to provoke dialogue around gender and race. Darker skinned-African American women are often portrayed by popular media as subservient and it is my understanding that Melgaard has created this piece, not to uphold the stereotype but to create a conversation and perhaps instigate actions to dismantle it.

    I am impressed that someone cares enough about race and gender to create a piece that would shock varied ethnicities and genders into their feelings around race and gender. Art, in this way shifts paradigms.

    (Though for some of us, we do not need art to shock us into our feelings as we are shocked on a daily basis, sometimes to the point of stupefaction).

    My hope is that although this will no longer be a trending story by the end of this week–especially now that the visual has been deleted from Zhukova’s account–that this dialogue transcends the web and meaningfully shows up in our personal lives.

  104. Thanks so much for sharing this image. I had never heard of Garage Magazine (Garbage Magazine) before this, nor the editor Miroslava Duma. I read on Huffington Post that she has apologized, but what would make anyone with even a moderate level of intelligence think this would go over well. She is not sorry and this stunt has given the magazine the international visibility it was probably aiming for. I think the image makes the woman sitting in the chair look kitschy and déclassé.

    Why would you want to sit atop of any bound image of a human?

  105. I totally disagree with her using this specific chair for a photo shoot or for whatever reason. It’s a HOTT MESS. HOWEVER… There’s ridiculous things happening on a daily basis and some are done by us. I’m not defending. Let’s keep in mind that this is a mannequin. If there was a Brown woman (let’s say… Beyonce) atop the chair it would be looked at as being sexy and innovative or something. Have you seen Rihanna’s S&M video? You still like her though, right? Or what about her new one where she’s a stripper. A lot of our women do this to themselves.

  106. “This must stop. Now.”

    Ah, the closet fascist in every Progressive comes out!

    Once you impose your will on this situation, maybe you’ll get around to the actual genocide going on in the world.

  107. This is the fashion world you are all talking about. Exploitation is their bread and butter. We are not talking role models here ,we’re talking pimps. Put away the fashion mags and pick up a book and learn about yourself.

  108. The biggest problem here is misinformation and a lack of information. I’m not advocating or negating anything. I don’t know or care to know much about this article but the comments are so loaded that they generally end up advocating or at least facilitating the kind of bigoted rhetoric that they apparently contest. I don’t know whether this is art or design (the manakin chair) but if it was art, for instance, then couldn’t it have been created to ask of the very questions being hurled at it? Surely this is about context and clearly there isn’t much in any of this. Ps some people like to be sat on and bondage is as much about expression as suppression. Also reading the article would help people stop betraying their own arguments due to incorrect information. Also if it is art, do we really want art to stop asking questions?

  109. I am middle age African American woman who is so tired of this black and white situations. My African American people stop waiting for respect because you are black. Get your respect by dressing modestly, stop degrading each other, and be about doing something with your life. This is how you get your respect.

  110. Whaaaaaaaaaaa you bunch of whiny ass, weak minded “women”. You’re pathetic!!!!!!!!! Especially the race card playing black cunts

  111. Sorry i dont see what the issue is.. other than a bunch of ohmygoders who choose to be offended..

  112. You are reading too much into this. This a forniphilia piece, not a racist piece. If it was a white girl as in the 1969 piece would anyone have batted an eyelash? Asian, Hispanic, Indian? Probably not, but because it’s a white woman domineering over a black women we gotta get all up in arms.

    If we were truly past racism as you would like to be the color of the two women would not have even entered the argument.

  113. Kink and racism is two different topics. People are upset about a kink chair when one is black and one is white. It’s kink. Race play can be Part of it. I see no racism here. Everyone is upset about a topic they don’t understand regarding what kink means. This is also a culture issue. You can’t add American values to another country and it mean the same 100% of the time. If you haven’t lived outside your box/town, you won’t ever get it.

  114. Its overreaction.
    In Russia, they don’t celebrate MLK day.
    The chair itself is awful not because it is a black woman, it is just bad.

    In fact, you guys are so sensitive about what color the chair is because that difference in colour is very important to you.
    To me, this photo shows that those guys are not aware of that difference, it does to matter to them. There is nothing racist about it, racism is in the eyes of those looking at it and interpreting it this way.
    And yes, I prefer white tea.

  115. Hey, what would everyone say if a black woman will be sitting on the white woman chair? And there are such kind of pictures. Black people think that all the world is thinking only about their skin color. It is not so!!! No one cares about your skin color just as about white and yellow skin! It’ just art. Do you know about Russian holidays: when and how you are supposed to act? You don’t. So the other world is not aware about the MLK holiday in your country!!!! What to be equal – act like equal – relax and forget about the stupid photo!,

  116. I have a feeling that the feeling of outrage was the intended reaction when the chair was created. The chair is obviously a statement piece. Did nobody think to find out what the original statement was? Claire is that interpretation of the picture your own or what was published in the article?

    When I first saw this pic I was offended. Once I found out that the woman was a dummy and that this had been done for white women I became a lil less offended, but the actual picture does bother me still. I would need to know more about the person being photographed and the photographer before saying 100% how I felt though. Things like this are tricky because there is usually a statement being made. Sometimes its a clear statement that will be spelled out for you and sometimes they want you to interpret it for yourself and sometimes its just proof that a horrible decision has been made.

  117. i saw it as racist when i 1st saw it but seeing the other chairs and its white i have a diffrent opinion

  118. Ok so what ground of topic is exactly the complaint here….is it because the white lady is sitting on a impression of a chair that happens to be a black woman in a pretzel stance or is it because they made a chair into a black woman in a pretzel stance or is it because the chair is a woman who happens to be black in a pretzel stance, or is it becaue there is a woman sitting on another woman who is in a pretzel stance…like which topic is it….and why in the world would she take it down. BE WHO YOU ARE AND DO WHAT YOU DO! Lets be real, she did not take it down because she is apologetic, she took it down becaue someone made it a racial issue and has know labled her a white superior ignorant racist, and who better to label her than a black woman who was offended. You made this into an issue not the white lady…hell as far as she knew it was just a damn chair. Seriously why do we as a minority give this ish so much energy and attention…who cares!!!!!!!!!!! GOODNESS!!!

  119. It’s obvious that Dasha is a racists who has no respect for Black women. This image is disgusting, and of course in poor taste. Objectifying women or a human being for that matter is dehumanizing. For those of you who can’t see the problem with this image demonstrates how desensitized you are to melanated people in general. The universe works through natural laws such as karma, so she’ll be dealt with accordingly. I will not sit quiet on this issue, but what also bothers me is that the Black model also had a choice not to participate in being degraded as well. Sometimes one’s dignity needs to override money.

  120. Thank you for this post. Creating awareness around issues of this nature is imperative to stop the acceptance of racism in creative industries. As Editor In Chief, she should be ashamed. If she was looking for negative press, she sure got it. I will not be supporting anything done by her. Do better Miroslavia Duma.



  121. Mary 1/20/2014 states she is not sure Russia and others understand racism. Consider the Jews of Nazi Germany. That was racism. If you mean regarding black people, look up 1936 Olympics, Hitler, Jessie Owens. They know!

    Also, if the chair comes in other colors (evidently this one is based off of a white one) then why wouldn’t she be sitting on a white one on MLK day?

    God will have to explain it to you further. “I can explain it to you but I can’t understand it for you.”

  122. Please do not lump all White people together. :( (Just speaking to the commenters who did so.) I was profoundly disturbed by this on so many levels! All of the chairs, both white and black, are offensive. Why would anyone think this was okay to do? Publicity? Makes me gag. I do know that Black women get objectified even more than White women–and I’m sick of it all. Will this hurt sales? One would hope so, but I’m not too hopeful.

  123. LOL…Some of these comments….I am CRYING!!!

    Its sad but myself, along with numerous others, will lose no sleep over this issue or the many other racial issues that fester & grow in this world. Negativity begets negativity… Period. Point. Blank.

  124. I mean, the craftsmanship is the bomb. I like the chair because it looks like shes sitting on a real person. What I don’t like is why she chose the Black one and not the white one. Thats how you KNOW theres some bullshit in the game. She’s full of it. There was a reason she chose the Black one and I’m sure its not a good reason.

  125. Respect to Dasha – i think she show to black womans who is a master int the world – our great race of whites))

  126. I don’t think it is racist, If she would have shown in one picture a black woman also sitting on a white woman chair than people might not have been so judgmental.

    So if a white woman sits on a black woman chair then it is racist….if a black woman sits on a white woman chair then it is O.K??

    Maybe they should have a bunch of men sitting in woman chairs around a table then call it sexist.

  127. I am a black woman, and frankly we should be upset about the subjugation of ALL women, I would also be disgusted if this mannequin was white, asian, indian or any other race.

    We need to remember that we are women also… not just black. Yes the picture is downright racist, but just stopping at the skin tone and not the subjugation of women is problematic.

  128. Dear politically correct Americans,

    You got a fellow in the White House now making unmanned drone attacks around the world at his own will. He even got a Nobel Prize which makes Kissenger look like a boy scout!

    Just an observation: All you rage goes against a harmless piece of furniture. Have you completely lost your sense of humour and proportion? I think you have!

    I am waiting for the chair of a real OBESE American redneck transvestite – must be so much more comfy to sit on (especially post-op!)!

    Get a life, yanks!

  129. How can you ever possibly make a valid point about racism, emotions, offenses, RETRIBUTION, etc… when you all clearly lack the intelligence to correctly read an extremely short article containing very simple language.

    The “model” is a mannequin.

    MLK day is only an American holiday.

    These pieces of furniture come in various races.
    How can you scream equality when it would be acceptable to you for a white, oriental or hispanic women to be portrayed in these same derogatory positions?

    Please ladies, just attempt to think before you speak, or type, or do anything.

  130. There are white women chairs. This “outrage” is exactly why many of us can’t get jobs because no one wants to hire complainers. We should focus on business and using the power of the internet to do more than b*tch. If you are not happy about what you see then CREATE YOUR OWN CHAIRS! If you aren’t happy with the fashion industry, then start your own fashion industries. Tyler Perry has Black Hollywood going on in Atlanta. That’s a perfect example. And instead of getting mad at KANYE who TOLD Y’ALL that this stuff was happening….respect and support him in his attempts to break through the glass ceiling!
    This is shameful to be sitting around fussing on a DAILY basis and for websites to posts this stuff. And yes, the website did this for clicks and to make money. All media know good and well that black people will always show up to the lynching to cry and sing “swing low, sweet chariot!” Why would you even identify with this chair and the mentality that goes with it?

    I don’t identify with it because I would much rather seek out broth and sistas that can REDIRECT this passion and become PRODUCERS of more goods just like the Koreans have done. (brought them into it because it was being discussed)

    The Koreans contrary to what was said are not exempt from racial inequalities. If they don’t realize how they are talked about then they are doing EXACTLY what I am saying blacks should do….IGNORE IT and focus on production of goods and redirect white wealth into black hands!

  131. Dear lord get over yourselves. There is nothing going on here as you put it Claire!!! It’s a freaking photo and was meant to be art. I guess because the soles of my shoes are black I am walking on the black race daily? Seriously what a joke.

  132. What if the white woman sitting wouldve been a man= even more racist and super sexist. If the sitting person would’ve been a black man = only sexist. The person sitting would’ve been a black woman= this wouldn’t have been a big deal. If she would have been sitting on male a white stripper’s seat, we wouldn’t know about it. We are all human, I guess the people bitching about this should think a bit further.

  133. I would like buy this chair! I like it.
    And could you accuse the Google? Each time if I open Google Map I see the state Niger – it’s the pour RACISM!!!!

  134. I also believe that Dasha Dhukuva knew exactly what she was doing when she posed for that photo. At no time in history is such an image is unacceptable and with that knowledge why print such an image. Remember that white people were the instigators of hate and racism against black people from the beginning. The cruelty and humiliation has been immense and has lasted centuries and continues. It must a serve purpose for some racist white people to keep this going for so long to make themselves feel superior when it is clear we are all the same humanity. It is worse than any terrorism. So many people have suffered pain, injustice, humiliation, murdered etc etc. I was saddened and humiliated by this image as I have two lovely daughters and I hoped that they would grow up in a world better than I had to live in as a black woman. Shame on you Dasha Dhukuva and Buro for perpetuating this shame on white people.

  135. Americans will forever pontificate about black racism. I’m not sure you can blame them, but people look for stupid shit like this so they can scream about it.

  136. “You were aware of the day when to publish…”
    You Americans are hilarious. Do you seriously believe that people in Russia, or the rest of the world, know and care about your MLK or other “special days”?
    No, wrong question. First, are you aware of the existence of the rest of the world?
    There are no black people in Russia, there is no MLK day, Racism has never been a big problem there and this photo does not imply anything.
    This is just another reason for you to whine.

  137. Well, personnaly I don’t think this is about racism, but more about sexism. But on the other hand maybe the picture is here to make people debate, a woman that look like an ordinary women is sitting in a ordinary room, on a woman stripper like chair, it appears to me that it’s more like showing us the oversexualisation of women in our society and that ordinary women (like the one in the photography) might not even question it.

    Personnaly I don’t see it as racism, and I also do understand what the person said by “race issues” in different counry, because in france for example, race issues are seen maybe differently, I feel like American from the united states need to reprimand anything that could be connected to race, especially when it’s linked to african-american, but I also think it’s because of the US history.

    I personnaly don’t understand general United states Americans point of u about races (I personaly don’t beleive that “races” do exist), for exemple last time I was playing a french cards game call bonjour robert: you have to do something when a special card comes up, for exemple for the card that showed an american cow boy you have to raise your hand and say “hi”, for the card where there was an african guy you have to put your hand on your heart, for the cart where there was an Asian guy you have to nod with your head (like the japanese respect salute) so nothing really offensive, but my American friend was really offended, and did not understand why would someone would invent such a game because according to her it was making stereotypes about people. But All my other french friends who come from different countries and continent (I’m mixed: burkina faso and spanish and pied noir/french algerian; there was a girl that comes from africa…) so they and I were not offended at all by the game and never thought about it while playing.

    So yes there is different race issues point of view depending on where you are, and where you’re from, and this is not something that has to be connected to ingnorance it’s just that their are diffenrent point of view and that doesn’t mean that you’re racist.

    Anyway, if it was a caucasian women no one would have said that it is about racism, so I think that the problem is somewhere else, I think that it’s about the fact that there is a mannequin in a submersive position and being used as an everyday object (a chair, table…) so it’s about deshumanization and maybe that’s why that’s quite a shocking image.

    Once again this is only my point of view.

  138. Oh yes, I forgot how now pointing OUT racism means you’re the “real” racists to some of you. Your privilege is absolutely blinding. Not to mention those running up and down this post calling black people every name you can think of, while claiming that WE are the real racists. The irony just continues to prove our points.

  139. Oh and those of you pretending to be a person of color for the sake of making your argument seem more “legitimate” (I.e. stating “I am black, I’m black, I’m African American” 30 times), you aren’t fooling anybody.

  140. I suppose one can argue that going by the pictures alone, one message is that all women can now be degraded equally and equivalently. That’s a very bold statement. There’s also something sinister about that, a verisimilitude to the spirit of de Sade.

  141. Are you people completely oblivious to the world of S&M??? And before anyone starts an argument with me… there are plenty of black people in the fetish scene!

  142. Why didn’t they use the white one? Why? It just perplexing to me that they chose the black doll to sit on… Really bothers me….

  143. This is sheer ignorance at its finest, this shows how they are completely insensitive to the race issues whether they know or not, they knew that things in fashion travels near and far. This simply shows not only other Americans, because it was published there but it found its way to the states, that these people whom they look to for trends could not care less about the next person that they have to step on to get to where they want to be. That chair says that in itself. As a human I am disgusted, as a young African American young lady striving to be something more than what is expected, it terrifies me, in all honesty.

  144. More than 85% of people in India are also suffering worse than RACE in the name of “CASTE”. the people of other countries can not understand our Caste problem.

    Race your voice against the Caste system in India.

    We expect your support and solidarity to finish this caste system in India

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  146. If this offends you, you’re an idiot.
    Seriously, you offer nothing to the world.
    Rethink your life.

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