Today we have a third time Bombshell!
Though she’s changed locations (from Atlanta to Dallas, and now to San Francisco), her style is hard to forget. Take a look at Chastity’s latest snaps:
Fashion Bombshell of The Day-043013
She writes, “I take chances, but love classic styles and pieces.”
00 Chastity from Dallas
“I take inspiration from architecture, inspirational women, and just my surrounding environment.”

Chastity from Dallas 123
” One day I could be inspired by industrial design, the next day Cher could be in my head, or I just might really be attracted to a certain color.”

Chastity from Dallas 0
” I approach boundaries by seeing how I can tear them down and making the extreme work for me, but in a polished way.”

Chastity from Dallas 1
” I know that some feel that plus size and stylish are two terms that don’t belong in the same sentence…”

Chastity from Dallas 4
“… but I almost feel my sole purpose is to dispel that myth and [show] that style is democratic..”

Chastity from Dallas 5
“… all inclusive…”

Chastity from Dallas 8
“… and there for the taking…if you want it.”

Chastity from Dallas
Preach, sister! Your style has always been and will continue to be absolutely fabulous!
See Chastity’s past entries here and here, and check out her blog for more snaps.
What say you?

Fashion Bombshell of the Day is a feature showcasing the singular style of Fashion Bomb Readers. Send your name, location, a description of your style, and 6-8 clear, head-to-toe pictures to Images submitted may be featured on Facebook or Twitter. Comments can be harsh, so bring your A game!

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199 thoughts on “Fashion Bombshell of the Day: Chastity from San Francisco”

  1. I like her pieces. And as with any bombshell her confidence is through the roof.

  2. I love Chastity! She’s one of the best fashion bloggers out there. She inspires me to dress better.

  3. I can’t find anything wrong with her if I tried! Love her! I’m waiting on haters to begin posting & lets see if your style lives up to hers! #doubtit S/n: it’s not all about being thin! Work with what you have! BE CONFIDENT!

  4. A-making. Can’t see nothing wrong with her. She knows her body and definitely knows how to dress it.

  5. This is the first time I have been moved to comment. Chastity you just brought me right out of a deep blue funk. You look fantastic!

  6. She looks beautiful I love that crop top and skirt look. I love mostly all the looks go girl!!!

  7. Girl, you did that! And…your waistline!!!! Plus size does not mean no shape. Trabaja!

  8. Great style And your confidence is admirable. Please take charge of your health though hun. You are too fabulous to die prematurely of diabetes, stroke or heart disease.

  9. Now her style I like!

    @Okkk, there’s nothing to say about her weight. Her weight is completely irrelevant. This particular plus-sized sista has great style and That is what shines through more than anything else. Some others have missed the mark in the past, but Chastity is spot on. Every one of her looks can be worn by anyone of any size. The STYLE is what resonates. I can see myself wearing any one of these styles.

    Great style Chastity! Love it! (I want those blue shoes BTW) *SMILES*

  10. With your waist being so defined and those hips!! You look best in your a line skirts. If you shed 40 pounds maybe your fashion would be that much better and more versatile…but go you!!!

  11. Ms. Thang is doing it….. y’all haters gone learn today !
    She is super cute and her pieces are put together quite nicely …. BOMBSHELL !!! is it me or does her confidence jump off the monitor and slap the mess outta you…. a round of applauase please !!!!

  12. This lady is definitely stylish, but I’m harsh, so I couldn’t go full bombshell with that jumpsuit and the polka dot skirt look involved.

  13. I just dont feel comfortable saying that shes fashionable.her size bothers me. Shes too big. She won’t live to c 40 if she keeps it up. How does she keep herself clean?what man really wants to be seen with a woman that out of shape. Get some cute workout outfits and live in the gym. Being obese will never looking good with or without clothing.

  14. For plus size these outfits are the bomb but I was wondering if she wanted to loose some weight because of health issues that might occur its no doubt she’s comfortable with her weight as I can see but health wise I know her weight does not match her height if she likes it I LOVE it but health is befor FASHION but she’s defiantly fashion bomb

  15. This is called fashion bomb, not Health Bomb. Most of you are preaching about health are the same ones that have unprotected sex and are the in McDonalds drive thru everyday. I actually read her blog and she talks about her health, her eating habits, and her exercise regiments. She is more proactive in her health than some of you skinny couch potatoes. Miss Boston, she should have inspired you to work on your spelling. Thank you Chastity for being an inspiration in style, fashion, and health.

  16. I love, love, love this bobmshells style but I can’t help but to notice significant weight gain which worries me! Plus-sized and style indeed belong in the same sentence just as love and health do! Sure we love Chastity ‘s style but if we love Chastity we would not totally ignore this mere fact. Chastity, if you are reading this, please do not take offense. As a woman who has struggled with weight all my life, as many of us have, I am in support of you, the best you! Losing the weight is not about style, it is about health! On Chastitys fourth post as a Bombshell (because I hope she is sure to return) I’d like to see not just her classic style but her progress in being the healthiest Chastity there has ever been! Nothing but love…Kei

  17. I love Chastity’s style! Her style is amazing. She is just as sweet as she is fashionable. For those mentioning her weight, if you took the time to check out her blog or YouTube, you would know that she in fact is well aware of her weight and is on a quest to change that for health reasons. Comments on weight aren’t always needed. People know where they are health wise and encouragement instead of criticism is always best. Go girl!

  18. @OOK ummm Her weight is relevant. I am one to believe that your body does play a role in the garments you select to wear. NEVERTHELESS!!! This is an example of what PLUS-SIZE SHOULD LOOK LIKE… Not a pack of sausage rolls fighting in a BodyCon Dress or leggings. Yes, she is morbidly obese but all her looks are executed with perfection … for her Size!!! Well done Chasity … trollies over to your blog now.

  19. WOW!! I wish I had the effortless style and confidence you exude. All the styles are distinct, even when you reuse certain items. I live for the two piece black and white print, with the cropped bralette!! Where did you find that fit? Please reveal. Claire…maybe a site link?

  20. Now I know a couple of weeks ago I was very vocal about a certain plus size bombshell but you my lady are fabulous! Every one of your looks inspired me! Loved, loved, loved it!

  21. This girl is on fire! I love her style its VERY classy and chic <3 keep up the good work

  22. Lmao at how she stay clean? That is the most ignorant comment I have ever read on here seriously? Yall are to invested in others health, i’m sure she looks in the mirror everyday she does not need a reminder.. When she feels it needs to change she will sheesh… Anywho love her style bombshell completely..

  23. Not a fan of the harem jumpsuit because it’s not a flattering silhouette for her. Any pic involving a b/w skirt, I liked better. If possible, body shapers would be a good investment for bodycon-inspired outfits. Love how she plays with her hair.

  24. F*ck the bs…She served it, hot and ready! She has great silouhettes, she changed up her look, she showing some skin..Best in awhile. And that white jumper?! Girl great job, amazing execution.

  25. YESSSSS!!! GORG! This is properly dressing for your body type…so what if shes overweight? That has nothing to do with her style, and she seems to love the skin shes in so WERK Chasity! You are killing it!

  26. I am so sick and tired of the “health” comments made when a plus size bombshell is featured. I rarely comment however today took that cake. Clearly she is comfortable at the weight that she is at right now. If you visit her blog (as someone previously stated) you will see that she does talk about her weight & eating habits. THIS IS A FASHION BLOG!!! If you don’t like her style then that’s cool, but to say that she won’t live to see 40 or that she may die prematurely of diabetes is taking it to far. You don’t know her health history. You cannot say these things to or about people and think that it is ok. You cannot look at 8 photos and make those kind of determinations. That’s just not cool!! @dkny….since you want to put it out there, what business is it of yours how she cleans herself. Why on earth do you care? She is married & I am pretty sure that her husband loves every bit of her!! @Ashley….Her outfits are bomb (as you say) period. Not just because they are plus size.

    Now with that out of the way….I love the all of the outfits except the jumpsuit but that’s because I have never been into the harem pant thing.

    P.S. I’m 6’2 & 177lbs so don’t think that I’m plus size going on a rant!

  27. I live for the black & white horizontal striped skirt and that white jumpsuit. I voted some hits and misses though, not because of her size but because of the poor fit of the bodycon skirts

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