Today’s Bombshell is Jennifer from Washington, D.C.:
Fashion Bombshell of The Day-042913
The blogger for writes, “ At the moment, because it always changes, I would describe my style as tomboy chic for the most part.”
fashion bombshell of the day jennifer from d.c. red-h-m-pants-white-american-apparel-top_400
“I mostly wear mens clothes…”

fashion bombshell of the day jennifer from d.c. red-plaid-h-m-jeans-gray-h-m-t-shirt_400
“…but I’m girly at the same time.”

fashion bombshell of the day jennifer from d.c.white-asos-t-shirt-olive-green-forever-21-pants-black-zara-sandals_400

” I love crop tops and high waisted garments…”
fashion bombshell of the day jennifer from d.c. asos-pants-american-apparel-top_400

“but I also love baggy jeans and oversize shirts.”

fashion bombshell of the day jennifer from d.c.
“A pair of heels are always a must! ”

fashion bombshell of the day jennifer from d.c. black-thrifted-thrifted-shorts-black-velvet-american-apparel-top_400
Boom! You’re a Bombshell! I’m getting a bit of Rihanna vibe with the pixie cut, but you work it in your own way. And I love that Zara skort. You sold it!
See more of Jennifer’s style at or on Instagram @FurBananas.
What do you think?

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87 thoughts on “Fashion Bombshell of the Day: Jennifer from D.C.”

  1. I guess I see one or two men’s pieces but okay. She is giving me Rihanna/I want to model but I got turned down by every agency I went to.

  2. Finally somebody noteworthy:) She is very on trend which could be considered boring, but her overall look with the short hair & striking face puts in a new element. Werk.

  3. @Stephanie,jealous much?Cos the shade is unnecessary and misplaced. She’s a bombshell,her looks work for her,very cute.

  4. Bambi’s Closet or whatever has the very same look. It’s not for me but she wears it well.

  5. She has a very obvious look but if it works for you do it. At this point in the game no one is really “original”.

  6. I have mixed emotions about her style. I just feel like its missing something in each outfit.

  7. Stephanie sounds jealous as hell. Again with the rihanna comments. i guess everybody is trying to look like her.
    The girl is a bombshell, BOOM!

  8. Pretty woman & her body is everything.
    Cute style…Love the white & clear heels in the last pic (reminds me of the pumps seen on the Spring 2013 runways).

  9. Cute style I just hate that I can look at all her pieces and no where she got them from. You see the same H&m, Zara, F21 pieces all the time :/ Not her fault just saying….

    Stay beautiful congrats on feature

  10. At first glance I thought it was Rihanna, but then looked closely.
    Tomboy chic works for her and she werqs it.

  11. Her style is average at best, I totally agree with the ladies who see Rhianna here. I think its her body that takes the outfits to another level, on another shape I would definitely not see a bombshell.

  12. Love it! She has a new follower! She looks like someone I would want to be friends with.

  13. So it appears that, anyone who chooses to display a juxtaposition of masculine & feminine touches within their style is a Rihanna clone? I highly disagree.

  14. To hell with her style! Look at her body. It’s sick and I mean that in the best way possible.

  15. Her shoes are cute, but I really need to find out where
    I can get those ABS! #momproblems

  16. I love it! When I’m inspired I consider that a Bombshell for sure. The only outfit I didn’t like was the all black with white heels…but I’m so feeling her steeze!

  17. ROTFL Rihanna is not even sporting her short hair cut instead she is wearing a heavy azz lopsided weave and this Bombshell is copying Rihanna – LHM folks are so celebutized…Rihanna did not come to mind when I saw this but then again Im not a Rihanna fan!

  18. @Nicole right! people act like Rihanna was the first person to start dressing like this. Rihanna wasn’t the first and she won’t be the last. I love Rih but y’all give her way too much credit when it comes to fashion.

  19. Totally agree with Nicole on that one, that femme tomboy look has been “in” for the longest.

    OAN, I do like her, she has a simple and clean look.

  20. Whether she looks like Rihanna or not, whether she’s wearing a lot of trends or not, she is a BOMBSHELL. Period. I like her looks plus she submitted high quality photos. It’s about the overall look ;)

  21. Yes bombshell! She is gorgeous and wears her style well. Not seeing the Rihanna references- ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    And that first commenter, Stephanie, all that extraness in your comment was so tacky and unnecessary. Ladies lets keep it cute with constructive criticism. Dag.

  22. Yes yes yesss! This is what we needed, a real bombshell! You’re absolutely gorgeous and you really rock your style, I love the way you make even the most simple outfits shine. Loved it!

  23. For the record, I didn’t say she reminded me of Rihanna as a diss. I think Rihanna looks her chicest with a pixie cut. And with the inspiration…I’ve been recording Rih’s looks since 2006, and everything from this Bombshell’s crop tops to the single strap Manolo Blahnik Chaos sandals screams Rih to me (not everything–a few looks). But that’s ok…Rihanna is gorgeous and so is Jennifer! xoxo

  24. WOW. I never view the comments on the personal style section (even though i view this blog daily! LOVE IT) but it;s so strange how we break down a person’s style. i think she looks modern, feminine, but edgy. Great look. It’s hilarious the most negative comments don’t have photos to go with them….(side eye…)

  25. WOW shes GORRRRGEOUS *-*
    luv everything here… her style, as everyone already said before, gives me so much 8 a Rihanna`s vibe…definitely a bombshell for me!
    I just bookmarked her blog on my favorites

  26. Very Rihanna inspired, but she does it well. There are a number of women who are trying to pull this look off and do not do it well so kudos to her. And she is wearing the hell out of that red lipstick. I see you brown gyal! Tek dat A$AP!

  27. Awesome. This one is Bombshell.

    It’s only natural for anyone who follows rihanna’s style to see Rihanna in this girl’s style, and it’s in no way a diss. For instance that first outfit, is very similar to Rihanna’s light blue sleeveless cropped turtle neck and beige baggy pants that she sported a few years ago. Then there’s the strappy sandals that Rihanna loves so much, that plaid pants that Rihanna wore recently with her

  28. Awesome. This one is Bombshell.

    People are reminded of Rihanna not simply because of the Tomboy Style or the haircut, but that these outfits are very similar to outfits that Rihanna has worn in the past. It’s obvious to anyone who follows Rihanna’s style, and its in no way a diss.

  29. :)) A billion thank you’s!! Especially to all of my defenders. I am a fan of Rihanna and her “style” but I do find it unfortunate that it is assumed that I get my style inspiration from her. If anything her and her STYLIST get style inspiration from bloggers and street style. It’s not fair that she gets SO much credit. Any look that she rocks that has been done many times before she wore it, is automatically stamped as HER style. That’s unfortunate and not true. I actually get my style inspiration from Karla of Karla’s closet, my style gawd! Also, from many other street style bloggers. Mostly, my style simply comes from what I think looks good on my body type. I’m tall and skinny. I don’t like the way tight clothes look on me for the most part, so I go for the tomboy look. I am dressing quite trendy at the moment but I’m also not trying to be original or different. I I don’t TRY at all. I effortlessly get dressed. Let’s keep in mind it’s only 6 photos up. I know what I like and I know my body. I want to wear what makes me feel good, happy and confident. And everyone one always should! Be beautiful and do what makes you happy, not different. Once again, a billion thank you’s and remember WOMEN empower!!

  30. I agree 100% with Nicole. I am a Rihanna fan, and Rihanna did not cross my mind not once after viewing the photos… It’s interesting how people are quick to call out the celebrity that comes to mind the fastest when they see different styles. It really gets on my nerves, and It’s actually quite telling…

    This girl is a “bombshell”. The photos look great, the clothes look good on her, and her body is SICKNING.
    THE END.

  31. @stephanie There’s only SIX photos up from which I did not choose. They happen to be of me not wearing the men’s clothes that I sport daily. Modeling comment, uncalled for. Nothing to do with the matter at hand.

  32. I’m seeing the girl from the 90’s group zhane with a 2013 twist. I love it! Bombshell

  33. l love jennifer’s style, been following her for a while now first through tumblr and her style’s definitely evolved but she’s always had the boyish style aspects in her clothes, and she’s always had short hair whether its relaxed or short.

  34. Nice!!

    Just a little weird that I can tell where all her clothes come from…

  35. dope! knows what works for her body type….doesn’t matter that you can tell where she purchased the items from, what matters is how she rocked them and she rocked it. the sexy pixie, the bold lip…you look great!

  36. shes copying all of rihannas pieces and style this style isnt even her own shes just stealing someone elses FAIL put a true bombshell up i cant believe she copied the hair and lipstick too be yourself rihanna is already taken

  37. WTF is up with all the Rihanna references?! I would have sworn ya’ll are being paid for that ish. Sheesh, that is getting so annoying. She was not the first to sport a pixie cut, tomboy chic style, or red f*ckin lipstick, nor will she be the last. Cut it tf out sheesh!!

    Now, her hair is cute & she definitely has style.


  39. She’s a cutie pie and I love her looks. Karla’s Closet is one of the few blogs I follow and I definitely see the influences.


  41. Again enough with the Rihanna trendsetter bs, this girl is Hawt, know what works for her body and wears it damn well,effortlessly,kudos to het

  42. Represented D.C very well her style is very on point! Love how she collaborate all piece together to get the perfect outfit every time! Gourg ♥

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