We’re ending this week with a bang! Prepare your chic palate for today’s Bombshell, Zeinabou from Miami:

She says, “I don’t really know how I would describe my style!”

I do believe my influence comes from places I’ve traveled to as well as attending school in London, Swaziland, and Senegal.”

” I am always trying to find a way to express myself creatively mostly through cooking, music, and fashion which I like to share on my blog www.theshoegawker.com.”

” I enjoy dressing up for myself even if it’s to the grocery store, that is what I grew up seeing with my mother and grandmother.”

I loved seeing women in Senegal that would dress in their most expensive clothes just go to the market or to a friend’s house, that’s the Africa people neglect to show…”

” I’m no good at talking about myself so in an attempt to not write a boring essay I’ll stop while ahead…”

“I hope you can showcase my style and see what your lovely readers think!”

“You can check me out on www.followgram.me/theshoegawker ( Instagram), (Twitter) www.twitter.com/theshoegawker and (Facebook) www.facebook.com/theshoegawker.”

Consider me a new follower! LOVE your shoes, your hair, your all around style! I can’t pick a favorite outfit, they all were lovely. Work it mamma, you did that!
What do you think of Zeinabou?

Fashion Bombshell of the Day is a feature showcasing the singular style of Fashion Bomb Readers. Send your name, location, a description of your style, and 6-8 picture(s) to th************@gm***.com. Images submitted may be featured on Facebook or Twitter. Comments can be harsh, so bring your A game!

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179 thoughts on “Fashion Bombshell of the Day: Zeinabou from Miami”

  1. I’ve been following her blog for a while now I LOVEEEE her. She is FAB from head to toe.

  2. YEEEEEEEEEEEEEES!!!! I love this girl. Been following her blog for a while – almost as long as fashion bomb. Momma got style and body for days.


  3. Amber rose wants her hair back. The outfits are okay,but the black dress with the red belt and leopard print shies are bomb. Its best to rock a bra for better support.

  4. I LOVE HER!!! Everything just worked!! FB please don’t hate because anything negative toward this woman WILL be considered HATE!! She has done nothing wrong from these pics so please give her her props!!!

  5. that white dress with the patterned bottom and that grey skirt in the second pic is everything! I love it Zeinabou!

    FBD is definitely making up for the week, cus idk what was going on.


  6. You are definitely a Bombshell!! Every outfit was fly and well coordinated. Your confidence shows and I love it! Very inspiring. That is all :)

  7. BAM SLAM THANK YOU MAM!!! Everyone else can go home now cos Ms thing over her SHUT IT DOWN!!!!

  8. LOVE her shoe game! There are some items I’ve never seen before… #Bombshell !!

  9. I had to comment a second time. I just went to her blog and she made two boyfriend shirts into a dress. This chick is BAD!

  10. Yessssss! You have truly gave me inspiration for pieces in my wardrobe!

    All your looks are fab!

  11. Now this is effortless style. Her clothes look like they love her as much as she loves them.

  12. Yesssss! I love it! I love every outfit! Can anyone tell me where the gold heels and white skirt is from?? I need them

  13. Yessss, work it girl! Fabulous! I love everything & I would wear every single outfit!

  14. I love her style! She used some of the same pieces [shoes and necklace] but it still looked great; that women has skills!

  15. lol at the one girl who had something negative to say about this bombshell’s effortless swag :-P. WerK!

  16. Amazing. From her hair to her shoes…everything is put together very well. This is also a refresher from the Bomber that was just posted. I would’ve been mad like a MF if today’s Bombshell was equally tragic.

  17. pleasantly surprised. i always try to guess based on where the Bombshell is from lol. Use of color is not surprising bc she is from Miami. She looks at ease with herself and her clothing. some people look so contrived. FBS of the week!

    maybe that’s what you should do claire–have a bombsell of the week–then the month–and whoever wins the month is a contender for bombshell of the year.

  18. LOVE LOVE LOVE… LMAO at the Amber Rose comment from @heythere ummm i’m pretty sure short blond hair cuts existed before we all even knew there was an Amber Rose so let’s get over that… Great style, Effortless def peepin her blog!

  19. I am speechless! She should definitely be in the running for bombshell of the year

  20. SHE IS FLY!!!!! another African sister putting it down!! by far, she is my fave!!!! BOMBSHELL of the MONTH!

  21. i have been following her for a while now dont always agree with her choices but she usually kills it and i guess everyone agrees 98%

  22. A yes, yes ya’ll. You better werk!!! Thank you Claire because this is how you cap off a week for Fashion Bombshell. Now deuces while I go ravage her blog, lol…Happy Friday!!!

  23. Possibly one of the best Bombshells ever!! The most well balanced fashionista I’ve ever seen.

  24. Thanks for ending my long as hell week on a grand note. Bombshell of all bombshells *done*! Jazzy, chic and exquisite wrapped in one.

  25. Amazing, I am just as in love w/ her as everyone else seems to be. I def think she is 1 of the best bombshells ever.

  26. She looks great. Style is on point!! And I’m being biased cuz we rock the same exact hair cut & hair color. Werk!

  27. Just checked out the boyfriend shirts/dress. OMG so creative!!! I will be adding her blog to my favs. Thank you.

  28. am in love with the clothes, shoes, bags, heck the hair, …the whole damn swag is just oozing. BOMB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. very sexy. i love the whole masculine/feminine cohesion. Only certain people can pull that off, and really make it look fly… and she does that.

  30. I want to call my daughter (if I would have one) Zainabou. And I almost cried of all this beauty (silly but true!) , EVERYTHING IS SO PERFECT.

  31. I wouldn’t give her fashion bomb of the year,but she is a contestant. I love thats shes african without the typical bad weaves and tribal print dresses. Good for her.

  32. See now this is style….reminds me of going to night clubs in South Africa and being put to shame by the lovely ladies….as Rihi would say, “gurl you are the shit.”

  33. This girl is the true definition of SWAG, i just love her style… The person who dares to say something negative about this girl is just jealous…

  34. one of the best bombshells EVER!!!! can she please tell us where that pencil skirt came from?

  35. The only thing that can make up for that god awful bomber from today and the equally god awful bomber from yesterday is this girl here. Her style is amazing. This is what I want to see on the Fashion Bomb.

  36. I never post a comment but she deserves one. Beautiful style, great body, and gorgeous woman.

  37. it’s been been a while since we’ve had a bombshell that was so worthy of the throne and title…#Loveit

  38. She really looks beautiful and stylish. And she isn’t doing TOO much. Her style somehow looks simple but not.

  39. IMO, Senegal is home to the most beautiful women on the planet. Love her style, and I must know where she got those nude sandals with the medallion on the strap!

  40. That is a bad a** bi**h ni disrespect I couldn’t think of any thing to say. Bangin body, style on point WOW! New follower/ stalker lol

  41. SHE IS DOPE!! you need more people like this. you be slippin’ 75% of the time.

  42. PERFECTION!!!…I believe this is the best bombshell Ive seen! Perfect balance of edge & elegance…nice lines, use of color and genuinely awesome pieces. Im inspired!!!!

  43. FLAWLESS!!! everything from her shoes to her color choices to her accessories! and what ties it all together is her overall confidence that shines through. it seems effortless for her. you go girl! definitely in the running for bombshell of the year!

  44. LOVE THIS she is sooo gorgeous! I’ve been stalking her instagram all damn day… She is FLY!!!!

  45. LOVE LOVE LOVE… a woman after my own heart. and she reps Africa! need to find a woman like this.

  46. OMG You are so bad. The way you’ve managed to master every look, there is a God.

  47. this is one of the few times that i’ve LOVED every look on a potential fashion bombshell. her look was so authentic to her…not forced at all. she is definitely a fly girl. her styles are giving me life right now. must start following her blog.

  48. Currently obsessed! After seeing her submission I’ve been stuck on her blog. Good gracious this woman is B-A-D!

  49. She is the BOMBSHELL, no compete she is Amazing!!!!!
    I’m from paris, you can believe me she understood everything about fashion…


  51. Each outfit is impeccable. Beautiful woman. Definitely a bombshell!! She’s super DOPE!!

  52. SHOW EM HOW ITS DONE !!!!!!!
    This lady right here is THE BIZNESS —-she has great style and it really looks so effortless.

  53. Best bombshell I have ever seen. No doubt she killed it ten times (10X) over..she da best.

  54. I love her. I’ve been following her blog for a good lil minute. Werkkk it honey. How could one dislike her style? Just gorgeous.

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