Today’s Fashion Bomber is Julius from Philadelphia:

He didn’t say much, so we’ll have to let his pictures speak for themselves.

He did offer, “My style is free…”



“… and classy in one. “

Well, you certainly love your sunglasses, don’t you? Your looks are solid. And is that Solange in your pic?
What do you think of Sir Julius?

Fashion Bomber of the Day is a feature showcasing the singular style of male Fashion Bomb Readers. Send your name, location, a description of your style, and 2-6 picture(s) to th************@gm***.com. Images submitted may be featured on Facebook or Twitter. Comments can be harsh, so bring your A game!

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37 thoughts on “Fashion Bomber of the Day: Julius from Philly”

  1. OooOoh Chiiiiild, dis gun be guuuuuuud

    *brings popcorn*

    Don’t disappoint me Fashion bomb daily readers, do not disappoint me.

  2. Also, the majority of these pics look like they were taken at night so I’m confused as to why he has shades on.

  3. I’m a nice girl. i really am, but let’s start off by BURNING THEM DAMN GLASSES. Dude..who wears glasses at NIGHT? AT NIGHT?? And that outfit with the red bowtie? That’s that mess you wear in junior high for assembly, when you don’t have a blazer. Now, I love fashion but as a woman, men’s fashion is what gets me wet. I subscribe to Esquire for my husband but partly for me. A well dressed man is like fashion porn. This right here…is amateur porn. A little hit, big misses. Don’t disrespect fashion like that again. And Solange doesn’t help.

    Only once have I left a comment that disliked the fashion. you don’t need a 10k suit to be fashionable but…right now I’m about to open up the latest Esquire just to erase this.

  4. Another day, another awful bomber. I can’t stand the way his pants fit. He doesn’t have to have them super tight but a little more fitted would be nice. Because those baggy bottoms are super un-flattering.

  5. Unless his eyes don’t agree, I see no reason for sunglasses all the time. Ok, I am done. Time to check out the blog for the real Bombshell, that gorgeous young lady from Miami. Wooh! She left me speechless.

  6. Lola…for real? I stated my opinion, made a few jokes and kept it moving. Relax. If you don’t get my humor, that’s fine. You don’t have to.

  7. I’m starting to miss the days when dudes wore some pressed jeans and a nice button down. He looks like Dr Dre in his eyeshadow years. Hmmmm Im say this……I can respect a dude putting a look together that requires buttoning a shirt…. and a tie. However when your face is full, you end up looking like your head is about to pop off.

  8. Claire, you know when a Bomber or Bombshell is left wide open to attack. You knew the readership was going to go in. I commend you for using this sight as a platform to showcase their style.

    There were some really good Bombers since last Friday. Today was kind of blah.

  9. @lola, why say “pops popcorn” like your waiting to read the bad comments but tell simone its not that serious.

    to be honest tho, i know the comments can be harsh. I was a bomber before so ive had bad comments come my way, so i will say that i like the dressed up look, other then that its lookin a bit childish. those pants with the glitter edges, retire those seriously. the looks arent horrible. it just looks like he doesnt have that much to choose from and hes working with what he has. i do feel if he had more clothes he would be able to put better outfits together.

  10. Julius just knew he was doing it! Epic fail. He looks like a sloppy waiter in the red polka dot bow tie pic.

  11. “However when your face is full, you end up looking like your head is about to pop off.”

    “Epic fail. He looks like a sloppy waiter in the red polka dot bow tie pic.”

    LMAO I’m too through!!

  12. Wow I can’t believe he submitted that. Can I have my 5 mins back for even looking at your poses.

  13. That Birdman hand rub and red bow tie is not sitting well with my soul. Handsome fella though.

  14. what is with the sunglasses? he must be hiding a lazy eye, lol… anyway about the fashion- I have notihng to say.

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