Today’s Bombshell, Linda from Miami, opened her e-mail to us by saying she was, “A Fashion Bombshell for any shape, color, or size.”

She continued, “My style is… fun and flattering. It varies with my mood or even depending on the music I’m listening to.”

“… I like to think I am not just a well dressed FAT girl.”

“…I was reading one of your previous Bombshell’s comments and someone said the one line I HATE: ‘She dresses nice for a fat girl.’ I would like to think my style can relate to any woman who simply wants to be cute, sexy, and classy.”

” Due to my job in law enforcement it is hard going from one end of a spectrum to another. I find any free time is fashion time.”

“For so long I was under the impression that fashion was not for the FAT. “

“…I just want my fashion to be an inspiration!”

” I grew up not being able to afford the finer things. There was no place for fashion in my home growing up, so I would look at Vogue magazines and dream.”

“…Fashion is my life, my love, and my passion.”

” i currently have a blog Let me know what you think of it.”

Cute looks and confidence for days. I love it, especially the animal print dress. Will be checking out your blog in two shakes!

Fashion Bombshell of the Day is a feature showcasing the singular style of Fashion Bomb Readers. Send your name, location, a description of your style, and your picture(s) to th************@gm***.com.

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205 thoughts on “Fashion Bombshell of the Day: Linda from Miami”

  1. i love the simplicity and togetherness of the outfits. i especially l ike the all white, the shimmery dress and the jeans with the open cardi. the dresses are so flattering!


    love ever outfit, hair is on point, shoes are on point!


  3. This girl is P.H.A.T not FAT! I love hr style, confidence, and ability to go from the after-work social to the club to church without missing a fashion beat! I am definetly loving that black sequince (sorry about spwelling), the dress is a banger and flattering. Keep doing you, sista girl!

  4. Linda is awesome! I definitely enjoyed her comments on her fashion and why she submitted herself as a Bombshell candidate.

  5. She is beautiful and I LOVE her hair!!!! I am on the heavier end of the spectrum and her pictures inspire me! Her outfits are well put together and she looks very classy. I will definitely be checking out her blog.

  6. Excuse you Linda! But you dress well for any size! You look beautiful. I love every look. Your size sure hasn’t affected your fashion sense.

  7. Very cute! Love those sexy long sleeve dresses, ESPECIALLY that leopard print one! Hot.

  8. Why do all the bigger bombshells bring it? She looks fabuleux the only thing I can add is work on the fit a tad more but yes she is giving me everything and the shoes are something else.


  10. Her awesome personality and positive attitude outshines any outfit she could ever put on, keep it up!

  11. This girls style is average at best. Yal are so funny. Whenever theres a skinny bombshell she gets slayed by the comments smh… lets be real.

  12. @asimone not true. Skinny girls get WAY more love than big ‘uns. The overweight ones get the “she dresses well even though she’s big” remarks.

  13. Girl stop calling yourself Fat!!! Your style is cute and your clothes fit you great. Great style and how your clothes fit has nothing to do with size but the ability to know what works for your body. Your are curvy and fabulous. And I want that leopard print dress!!!!! And @asimone the same applies to girls that are not plus size. It all about your point of view.

  14. Beautiful girl and I love her confidence . However stylish some of these pieces are unflattering do to fit otherwise she freaking fab.

  15. Coming from a fellow big girl…..this is EVERYthing. yeessss. Gorgeous! Work honey! :)

  16. Excuse my french, but B****h you better work these outfits!!!! Fierce mama!!!! 10’s across the board!

  17. I appreciate most of her looks here. I like that she accesorizes well, and her hair is nice. She looks very well put together, but I don’t think the pink dress is a good look for her, at least not without proper shapewear….it’s just not flattering on her body type.

  18. WORK!!! A woman that embraces her curves, her flaws, her beauty and her confidence, is an unstoppable woman!!!!! LOVE the confidence that you exude!

  19. Started reading her blog a few weeks ago. She definitely slays. Love her sense of style and that she’s found things that work for her.

  20. I love it all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Like everyone else said that animal print dress is doing wonders for your figure! go Linda go Linda!

  21. Very cute young lady. I like the dresses, but the style is very simple. The only outfit that truly required some styling was the one with the denim while everything else is basically a dress, shoes, and bold accessories. Not quite what I imagine a fashion bombshell is supposed to be. I think Ms. Cutie Pie is being graded on a curve here.

  22. Love the black dress! You make what you have work for you! Definitely felt inspired. People will always talk, you def doing something right.

  23. Those outfits are ultra cute their so feminine which I just love! keep it up girl and good work on your blog.

  24. I agree with everyone else… the warmth of your personality and your confidence outshine all of your clothes… but that leopard dress is bada## and I love the white on white!! two thumbs up



  26. Amazing style! I love that she wears clothes that fit her. Yes, the pink dress may have not been a good fit for her, but she all of her other outfits feature pieces that fit her. I am tired of people assuming that because we (plus size women) are curvy or may have belly fat that we have to wear tunics and leggings or tunics and jeans, or tunics and bandage skirts all the time. Wake up world! Curves are in and as long as you accentuate the great aspects, any style of clothing should be able to be purchased. That animal print dress is the bomb for real! I am in need of one so bad. Girl, I am definitely going to be following your blog. Truly inspirational and you are have true personal style, which is so much better than being fashionable. You have your look and you are killin’ em!

  27. Beautiful lady, but just a bunch of club dresses. I’m definitely going to check out her blog; I’m interested to see what other looks she has.

  28. I love a woman who pays just as much attention to clothes she puts on as she does her hair, face, and nails.

    Every look is so sexy, but classy. I love that you keep it simple, but interesting.

    LOVE IT!!

  29. Well I love it! It looks like it fits her and her personality to a Tee! But tell me she aint the popo!

  30. I think she killed each and every outfit! Simplicity, sophisticated and fun. A bombshell indeed!

  31. I am a size 6, and I think she is GORGEOUS. She knows how to work her clothes. Size doesn’t matter when you have great style!!!

  32. @Court…..

    really????? sooo much hypocrisy! So you can say she killin skinny girls but let it be the other way around. You can’t have it both ways. Why did you have to bring size into it. So I take it you have SKINNY PHOBIA?

  33. You are adorable. it’s always so nice to see a woman accept her body and be comfortable in her own skin. brava sister!

  34. She might be the best so far. She got it right on every look and that hair…i just puked…sickening!!!! This is a BOMBSHELL! Some of yall stay mad but she definitely brightened my day with her fashion, hair and swag thru the roof!!!

  35. You look great lil sis AND…I say as long as your happy with what you have on when you look in the mirror wither it’s CLUB dresses or Lawyer suits as long as you like IT….. Keep it begin U ;-)

  36. @fatshionistachic i really try not to use SHAPE WEAR as far i will go is spanx and that’s far and in between what you see is my natural shape. you guys are the best. @bigsis omg thanks a bunches for that i wish i could dress up more but doing 16 hrs shifts at times in this uniform with mace,guns,cuffs etc makes you want to dress down every chance you get. I <3 YOU ALL!

  37. You look great lil sis AND…I say as long as your happy with what you have on when you look in the mirror wither it’s CLUB dresses or Lawyer suits as long as you like IT….. Keep begin U ;-)

  38. she is preety her style is great. i thing its funny and hypocritical when people say the body has nothing to do with fashion. unless if you from under the rock then u know damn right the body has everything to do with fashion,. The body is the canvas of fashion. When you dress according to ur body then you look well. in this case with the bombshell, she dresses her body well. her clothes are not baggy but not to tight to be flattering. So people body has everything to do with fashion. so lets stop this nonsence about body has nothing to do with fashion. Go ahead and lie to yourself if you want to.

  39. @asimone, I completely agree! Whenever the girl is obese, ppl walk around on egg shells. Obesity is neither healthy nor attractive. Some of her outfits are nice but not in the least bit flattering, i.e the protruding gut- fitted vs too tight. The cleavage is a tad much in the pic w/the jean vest. Just b/c they make it in your size, doesn’t mean you should buy it.

  40. I like her style a lot but her hair is BOMB! Love everything though and she is really pretty!! <3

  41. @grace no one espeically me is asking you to beat around the bush. i encourage you to educate your self on health and undestand a smaller frame doesn’t gurantee you are healthy. I am currently on that journey now and I must say it is very educational. now your sound some what angry….if my fashion offends you is it harming you hurting you disrespecting you? ultimately that answer is NO so let me live and you do the same. i except your criticisim and it’s respectfully noted. now when you become a fashion bomb or every link a picture of yourself. i may take your comments to have many can be a critic few can take being critcized. love you anyway.

  42. she is gorgeous.! and i honestly didnt care about your size. girl honey child rep for the WOMEN out there who love themselves, no matter what size ;)

  43. @ grace you are everything except your name. A simple not my cup of tea would be sufficient.

  44. I love the outfits she has on..not much fashion tho..just club dresses..I am a curvy size 6 and refuse to wear anything if my gut is hanging out…But hey she has the confidence..I applaud that!

    Btw…I had made a “she dresses nice for a big girl comment and stated my reason…Some of the big girls I see wear tight clothing with cellulite and stretch mark showing..and the fashion bombshell did not have on that type of typical..

    As for that “big is healthy/unhealthy comment..I see a lot of those celebs preach about loving yourself big and all but they are the same ones that have trimmed down to smaller sizes..For example, Toccarra and J Hudson..Hmmmm..

  45. Hmmm…her style is average at best, nothing to call home about but I guess for a big girl it’s bombshell worthy? Anywho she looks ok in most outfits but that pink dress is a no no, your gut should never look like it’s about to fall out. Not cute at all. She needs to invest in a girdle other than that cute girl.

  46. The outfit, shoes and hair are all cute. BUT, the fit is horrible. No one needs to see rolls of fat. I am not saying she needs to be skinnier, she could be the same size she is but have better tone in her body.


  48. without critics you will likely have no success……today is the best day of the week! thanks to all who commented and those who understand my style you guys rock!

  49. I notice when its a larger bombshell the standard they’re being judged by is either substantially higher or lower.
    I think today’s bomb is GORGEOUS, but let’s be honest, some pieces are ill-fitting. That being said, her style is basic i.e. tight dresses, jeans, heels, & cardigans; however, I do think she puts herself together beautifully. You have a great shape (I wouldn’t call you fat at all!) but I would suggest staying away from certain cuts & materials that cling to less flattering areas of your body.

  50. @boombiom
    There is confidence and there are delusion. Not realizing she looks pregnant in some of the outfit doesn’t mean I am hating it means shes delusional.

  51. @comeon now who said i’m delusional? when you add your pic or sign up for fashionbomb then i will truly take your comments to heart. it’s a difference with criticising and trying to put someone down. lucky for you i have alligator skin. out of a 100 only 5 have been negaitive so my ration is great if you ask me. thanks tho!

  52. An although she is wearing tight fitted clothing..that shows everything..She still dresses nice for a big..Don’t see any harm in that comment so I’m going to keep saying it!..

    Btw..Love your hair!!!!

  53. U look haute mama!! U repping Miami well:) what kinda of hair and inch is that?? Love it…..


  55. @ayana it’s usually bobbi boss indian remy 18 and 16 inch ocean wave for the ladies who don’t see themselves spending $300 on a hair extension zury ultra twin is wonder it’s usually about $170 for three packs @empress the she dress big for a big comment will never fade and i have to just accept it

  56. I know Linda personally and Let me state this I am a curvy size 8 everytime I SEE her she makes a statement. I have had fb friends be like damn who is she who she with and how can i meet her. what you see in the pics are just the tip of the iceberg. you five cunts are sleep….she reped that for the 305!!!!!!! datt!

  57. Fashion knows no dress size.

    Anytime a person submits pictures WITHOUT LEGGINGS & WITHOUT CUTOFF DENIM SHORTS, I COSIGN!!!

  58. Love her style! She’s gorgeous and knows how to pull together fashionable looks. As @SparkleCupCake said, “fashion knows no dress size,” and beauty is universal!

  59. I usually don’t comment on Fashion Bombshell of the Day, but I have to comment on this one. I just want to say that I absolutely LOVE and appreciate your style and CONFIDENCE. One of my older sisters is plus size and she’s always down on her self for her size or complaining that it’s hard to find clothes that fit/flatter her. It takes courage, especially, to stand up to those that have ignorant comments and I truly respect you for that. I looked at your blog and I hope all your dreams come true!

  60. I love all of the looks. I can see myself wearing them and I’m not a “fat” girl. You definitely have style for any size. Get it girl!

  61. My friend gets upset when they say “she’s pretty for a dark skin girl”…but I don’t see a problem with it.Idk maybe it’s just me..I don’t let little things get to me!

    Also,..Bobbi Boss Remy is the ish..I love that hair and Bohemian..You have in ocean wave?..Is that the real color or did u dye it?..

  62. @ Empress I think the comment has the connotation that, while a compliment, implies that this subject of people (fat, dark, light, etc) are not normally pretty of don’t normally dress nice. Like if you are a northerner, and someone says- you carry yourself quite nicely…. for a northerner- meaning all northerners are rude, brash, etc- but you are the exception. Or your teeth look nice for a southerner- that brings up mental pics of people with no teeth or rotten teeth and so on. It’s like saying you are the best of the worst. That’s why I think some people would just rather say “you are pretty” and leave the for a ……. off. just my two cents.

  63. Also the biggest one that I get that I LOATHE with a passion….you speak well for a black person…..ooooh that burns me


  65. I have the biggest lesbian crush i am a butch and linda i would love to take you out i live in miami you have WHATEVER however. i see ya facebook she you like women can i please check your inbox onfb

  66. wow girl you working it, she is so right don;t matter ur shape, colour, or size anyone can easily wear what she’s wearing. bravo!! And looking at your hair is making me really miss that creamy crack.

  67. So fly, this is definitely one of the best pick’s I’ve seen in awhile. I think she does a great job working with her size! Your beautiful mama <3

  68. represent for the thick girl. she is work every single outfit,.. im loving everyone esp. the animal print. girl where to she shop.. GREAT GREAT GREAT bombshell for the day. Pretty hair to. Work it girl. BRAVO

  69. As a former Fashionbomb I cosign the majority…girl you’re killing them! Your style is cute, but your confidence takes you over the top!

  70. i agree with grace black community take this big is beautiful to the extreme and yes i have noticed that evrytime there is a big fashionbomb, people walk on egg shells and post patronizing comments like she is cute. cute is for babies lets get real. If she was a skinny girl people would have slammed her because as cute her style is, nothing new, club wear and just club wear. and people lets stop this B.S about just because i am big , i can be healthier than a skinny chick. sometimes its true but you got to be a reasonable size to be healthy as you know gut fat is the most dangerous fat a person can carry healthy wise. so lets promote healthy and stop this stupidity. The whole idea of fashion is to accentuate your body and not point out your flaws when you do not you fail. This bombshell her clothes are to tight for her body and points to her gut and making her looker big and unattactive than what she is. I looked at the pics my eyes where drawn to the big stomach instead of her preety face, or hair amazing hair.

    Seeing that I’m a resident physician, my knowledge of medicine/health is quite adequate. Thanks for your concern however. I never said/implied that thin = healthy but you can almost guarantee that obese = unhealthy, even in asymptomatic cases….

  72. I am a dietician and i am glad to hear that you are on a healthy journey. I am a big advocate for the black community to get healthy. The problem is people are very defensive about their weight in our community. I applaud your pant outfit choices. I like the fact that they look classy and adorable on you , as for you dress choices they leave a lot to be desired. Black community lets move and be aware of the dangers of being obese and fat. Its not healthy.

  73. I liked most of it. As a fellow big girl I say this in love- please wear some spanx/shapewear with that leopard dress. It will look better . Other than that , you have a nice style

  74. i am a size 6 on a good day a size 4 but i dont even wear clothes that show case my stomach. Any clothes thats too tight on my stomach is totally out , so i dont get how most pluz size fashion bombs show cased here want to prance around with clothes that showcase their big guts , the most unattractive feature on a women( big or small), like what somebody said isnt fashion supposed to hightlight the good parts of you. I agree everybody keeps saying confidence, is it , or is it that part of being delusional . You are a very beautiful women my sister, you do not need the tight clothing that doesnt do anything for your body. All i will remember after seeing this is your gut. I am sure you are better than these ill fitting clothes, sexy doesnt necessarrily mean tight, and short. Yes its true, a womans protruding gut is the most unttractive thing there is ever, especially when you make it the focal point with those tight clothes.

  75. I think the young woman has a great sense of style; does some of it look flattering on her? No not necessarily. I agree with what one poster said on this page in that what gets me with her dress is that as a heavier set woman some of the clothes don’t fit all the nicely at all… particularly the one’s where she’s wearing jeans, the leopard print dress, and the tight pink dress. What draws my attention and takes away from the look is the stomach area; the clothes gather around that area and don’t look flattering one bit. All in all I think she’s a pretty girl, with great style, but I do believe in dressing for your body type. Yes big girls can dress as the smaller one’s do, but do it in such a way that fits with your body type.

  76. what she has on can be worn on anyone i just looked at several other fashionbombs and she is the best in a long time why focus your attention one thing do you guys know her personally? i would rock anyone of her outfits ANY DAY and im a slim 6/7 you ppl kill me…… she could do this and do that damn from what i see and her the chick bad POINT____________PERIOD!

  77. first and foremost i am no longer the fashion bomb of the day dang! can i get a repeat day? lol now to the meat of it. i <3 me that is first and the most important. fashion is supposed to inspire not dictate it has no boundaries nor hold no grudges my choices are just that MY CHOICES. now when a woman is fat everyone is concerned for my health. so when a model anorexic dyin from complications of eating dis orders and feeding our youth and even older that this is what's right. are you concerned for them? are you writing vouge and elle and gucci, lv or any fashion house for that matter. boycotting them? judging them? you are hypocrites to say the least if my fat offends you sorry. out of 130+ about 15 of you mananged to talk about weight and shape wear I'M NOT WEARING IT CAUSE THIS MY SHAPE i will not pretend to make you feel better about fashion NEWSFLASH: I AM FASHION AND FAT GET WITH OR YOU HAVE MY PERMISSION TO GET LEFT BEHIND. the other 115 comments ty and it's not that i can't take criticisim cause i do very well however i can't take ignorance and the misinformed.

    afatgirl named linda

  78. Far more Black women will die from complications associated with obesity than anorexia or bulimia, so that argument is almost baseless in our community. I think people touched on an important issue. Our culture embracing of fuller shapes is a wonderful thing, but it has also become dangerous. This “happy to be fat” attitude is dangerous. Like another poster said its a facade. Look at all the overweight women who come into the industry happy to be heavy, but can’t weight two seconds to get a personal trainer and shed the pounds. I’m not saying you have to be stick thin to be healthy, but let’s not be irresponsible by promoting bad behavior or either end. I have plenty of plus size women in my family. And while they’re all confident, beautiful women if you ask any of them if they would like to lose the weight they would say yes immediately or they’re already in the process. Our generation’s life expectancy is already lower than our parents. Let’s live happy, healthy, and long lives.

  79. @ Apples&Oranges Let it go already and give her props on looking fashionable and cute. The average american woman is a size 12. We all know about the health issues that plague this country.

    Linda you look great girl. At your size now and whatever size you’re working down to. I’m pretty sure you don’t get any complaints from anyone but people who don’t understand that this world is not just one type. We are ALL different shapes, sizes, and colors. Lets learn to say positive things rather than always putting up some stats. We’ve all heard it all before!!!!!!!!!! GIVE IT A REST!


  81. can we date? like i don’t give a damm YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL but i bet you already knew that! i love fashion bomb for this one!

  82. apples & oranges… ugh, go seat in the corner!
    i guess i’ll be one of the “Black women will die from complications associated with obesity”. According to the BMI, i was “obese class 1”. lost 20 lbs but i’m “over weight”.

    Linda girl, you look great… cute outside & ahh, i love your face! lol

  83. People she’s a cop….. I don’t think she would be able to do her job if she were not healthy.k?

  84. I just looked at her blog. I saw some looks that I thought offered much more versatility than those basic club dresses. I like

  85. Linda, Cute looks that leopard dress is just too cute. One question…What combo did you use for the colors in your hair, I have been trying to get that color combo for a while!!

  86. It is very important for a girl her size to wear appropriote clothing! She looks amazing in everything!!! LOVE the animal print dress and her hair color with the blonde on top! SHE BETTA WORK!!!

  87. One of the best Bombshell’s of the Day that I have seen in a while. I love her style!!!! Her clothes flatter her body shape so well which is what I love…not to mention her clothers are FIERCE. She looks very classy and overall, well put together. I will def be checking out her blog for some fashion tips! Ohh…and the hair?!! HAUTE!!!!

  88. FYAHHHHHH. You look amazing, juicylicious and beautiful, dont let anyone tell you different. Plus Size but working it with swaga n style.
    So happy to see you representing. Keep doing what your doing, its an amazing look Hunny x

  89. She looks amazing…I think beauty comes in all shapes, sizes and colors…and I love everything about her style…the color parings, the themes. I think I enjoyed it because its so similar to what I wear on a daily basis. This post trully made my day…she worked it…keep the hottness alive Mama, you are an inspiration. :)

  90. You can’t even come from place of sincerity on this blog. @ Linda my grandmother, sister, and I all work out together believe me we’re all the train. My comment was more so directed all the people condoning bad behavior. I read your post so clearly it wasn’t for, but since you take offense I know your weight must be a real issue for u. And saying the average American woman is a size 12 is the exact problem I’m talking about. If the average American women is obese is that ok also? Yall go ahead & live that life. I’ll be trim and slim & fitting into my clothes properly.

  91. love her but as a curvy girl i can tell u that spanks would do wonders for u, just throwing that out there

  92. First if all, Linda you are so cute and very fly. i like the simplicity of your outfits, you choose clothes that speak for themselves and arent fussy with accessories. Now as far as the comments on her weight, ppl on here need to sit the hell down. this is the “fashion bomb” not the “body bomb” or “health bomb” we are to critique her fashion. if you dont like how the clothes look on her because of here weight then fine, say that and leave it at that. nobody asked for unsolicited facts and opinions about this girls weight and health. really who are you as a stranger on the internet? dont act like you care cuz you dont even know the girl. fat hate is a disgusting form of bigotry. And no i’m not a fat girl, i went from 250 to 160 but i cant stand the fat hate that people display.

  93. Somebody said she’s a cop so she’s healthy 0___0 ooooook. Cops shoot first investigate later in Miami…not that physically demanding.

    Everyone’s quite delusional. She looks good, but would look better minus being stuffed into some of her pieces. Clothes must fit correctly people!

  94. @T ummmm this little ‘Leave A Response” section and open forum is an invite for our unsolicited opinion. Why are big folk so snippy?? Like someone else said in fashion “the body is the canvas” I can’t critique the fashion bc I can’t get pass look at her midsection hanging. Just like if I saw a super skinny model with bones sticking out everyone I would be too distracted bc its not a pleasant canvas to display anything on!

  95. I LOVE HER!!!! GO LINDA!!!!! You are beautiful inside and out!!!! Love it!
    You def inspired me!!!

  96. Wowwww! She’s hot. I liked everything except the black sparkly-sparkly dress. My fave outfit was the jeans outfit with the nude peeptoes. Love that. And i love the fact that she likes to wear white / cream colours. Here in the Netherlands ppl tend to say curvy girls should wear black because they look slimmer in black. I always disagreed with that anyway!

  97. Wow @the comments! i didn’t read everyone cause it was getting exhausting but real talk i think she is a very pretty girl and most of the her clothes compliment her and her hair is FAB!

    The only fits i don’t lik is the pink or red dress and leopard. Being from the 305 u don’t c alot of bigger chicks looking this fly so i appreciate her flava and courage 2 submit pics..

  98. people stop, please shut up. seriously what has body or weight got to do with fashion everything. You must be plus size to say that. Body and weight have everything are you kidding me. i also agree that if this weight was not an issue to linda she would not be so defensive. As for being healthy = cop ladies please. I dont think she is going to get healthy soon with that defensive attitude. And you wonder why balck men run to white chicks ssssssssssssh

  99. Most of the folks who commented thinks she looks good because according to statistics 64% of Americans are now overweight or obese. hmmmm possibly why they’re trying to convince themselves & us that carrying that extra weight is beautiful or normal.

  100. @Margaret you probably will be one of the Black women to die from weight related issues unfortunately. The higher percentage of body fat raises your chances of cancer, being misdiagnosed for many health issues, and receiving inadequate care. All effects of being overweight. Some things are just unavoidable, fortunately weight is something u can take charge of to reduce this risk. Good day.

  101. @305Yuppie yes you’re right being overweight is unhealthy and you are stating correct facts, but for you to call everyone who said she looks nice “delusional”, that’s fucked up. So she shouldn’t love herself, and people shouldn’t love her because of that? Get over yourself.
    Anyway, I wish she would’ve put more diverse looks on here instead of just club dresses, but the cheetah dress is hot!

  102. Absolutely love her! She’s my favorite by far. She’s not a size 4 but she exudes confident far past anyone I’ve ever met! Can you be my stylist?

  103. thanks you guys and on the offense? maybe yo haven’t read my post after hearing the same statement repeated and ppl giving me thieir occupational statuses like it’s to much. my question is can you see yourself wearing something i have one? if that answer is yes then my FASHION has related to you if you happen to be plus size it has encouraged many if you happen to be smaller maybe it has shown you a different side of a plus size woman then you’ve been exposed to previously.

  104. APples and Oranges Please STFU! I’m far from what you’re spewing on this board but you sound like a true HATER! You’re not God, and can’t predict when and from what a person will die from. This board is about fashion not health. If you want to spew your HATE (because you’re not giving a positive message) please feel free to go the the Dr. Oz board. Did a plus size woman piss in your OJ or steal your man or something? You need to give your props and STFU!

    Linda, you’re a fly girl just like I commented earlier. You have style and flair. Good luck on your plight!

  105. Wow, Linda you do look adorable. Some of the clothing choices are a little tight, but you are a beautiful well put together sista. Continue on your healthy journey and BE BLESSED!!! :-)

  106. she looks so cute!!!! some of the dresses appear to be tight but they are probably not…speaking from a big girl pov stretch fabrics cling and make the garment look tight when they are not… anyhoo, She is faboulous!!!!!!!! love her, she looks like my sister

  107. despite being overweight, she is fly as hell! she’s pretty, makeup & hair is on point, her clothes fit well & look nice on her (even the tight ones). she looks cuter than some of the smaller girls who looked a bit costume-y.

  108. I think she’s very pretty and has a nice sense of style. Her outfits are undersized; she would look sharper if she went a size up.

  109. The fact that Linda & MoxyFit’s post come within such close proximity is mighty suspect, but funny. Maybe MoxyFit is Linda’s alter-ego LOL.

  110. PS….what’s hateful about cold hard facts? Chiiiile hate the medical community who says @Apples&Oranges is right!

  111. “…I was reading one of your previous Bombshell’s comments and someone said the one line I HATE: ‘She dresses nice for a fat girl.’ I would like to think my style can relate to any woman who simply wants to be cute, sexy, and classy.” < Love this! *high fives Linda* cute hair too

  112. @really… size was already brought in it in the article if you read it. She said she didnt want to hear she’s fly for a fat girl…she’s flyer than most of these thin, smaller “bombshells” we have seen on here. I am 5’2 and 108lbs I am small so I have no problem with small and I was just giving her some props.

  113. You go girl! I think you have great style, big girl or not. Love the leopard and black/white print dresses and the jeans/top combos. Your hair is gorgeous and your shoe game is nice too. The only thing I would suggest is to be aware of fit like the pink dress. Spanx is a girl’s best friend no matter what size you are. Some styles/fabrics require certain undergarments to give a more smooth silhouette. Otherwise, keep doing your thing!

  114. she’s gorgeous, she’s obviously confident and she takes definite pride in her appearance. i like the fact that her clothing fits well. what i’d suggest to her is definitely try to lose some weight as it’s mainly belly fat that causes health issues. other than that, she’s a beautiful woman with a style all her own. work it girl.

  115. MAN! She is amazing! The one thing that makes her look so look GREAT is the fact that it is SO polished, put together, and clean. I love her style. Definitely a fan =].

  116. See Nicki fans at that damn concert not wearing size appropriate clothes need to take notes from Big Sexy Mama right here cuz Baaaby ( in my N.O. voice) she is working it all. She looks so pretty and she seems very confident which is key no matter what size you are!

  117. your hair caught my eye before your clothes did….love it!! and your style is too cute. that sparkle dress did it for me. you must share on where it came from! :)

  118. I swear if she was skinny yall would say she was avg. Its cute but not out of the box..just sayin.

  119. Her outits are cute and trendy, hair and makeup..amazing!
    But I can’t figure out how we as black women can put in hours of time and effort in making sure our hair, nails, makeup, clothes are on point and let our bodies go to pot. But like she said, she is no longer bombshell of the day, i’m way oh well.

  120. WERK! I usually dont comment BUT I just had too. Her hair gives me life .. beautiful face and hunni worked that leopard dress. Get it girl.. size does NOT matter.

  121. love love love…had to add u as a friend on facebook to check out the rest of your style but u truly r an inspiration!!! i love every dress and the jeans with the pink!!!!! u dont need spanx to be curvy u got it girl!!! keep doin yo thing!! let these other birds wait while u shit on’em!!! xoxoxoxox- 4rm a thiCC girl!!! hahahaha


  123. Hey chic!! Love your style…where are some of the place you shop?? LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!!!

  124. Im going to Miami for spring break and I need ideas of places to purchase cute outfits to go out in for plus size girls . For Liv on Sunday event and the Monday party .. Any help ?

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