It’s been a little while since we’ve had a male Fashion Bomber, so I thought I’d bring it back with Adrian from Indianapolis, Indiana:

He says, “My style is not something a lot of guys (especially guys my age) are really into, which is what I like most about it–It’s a one-of-a-kind look.”

“… I don’t really shop for labels. I’m more into the quality of the garment and how it will complement my wardrobe.”

“… My fave pieces are my jewelry and my bow tie collection. I’m a huge advocate of men implementing both into their wardrobes.”

“… As a 20-year-old college student I feel the way that someone dresses should be an outward manifestation of an individual’s personality and a story of their progression from boyhood to manhood, not what everyone says is the hottest trend.”

Go ahead and put that college degree to use! Very cute. Photography could be better, but ‘fits are on point. Follow Adrian at @LastKingTrae.

Fashion Bomber of the Day is a feature showcasing the singular style of male Fashion Bomb Readers. Send your name, location, a description of your style, and your picture(s) to th************@gm***.com.

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56 thoughts on “Fashion Bomber of the Day: Adrian from Indiana”

  1. YES, YES, and more YES! I like this guys swag! The pile of clothes/shoes were distracting me, but I am feelin this guy’s DEFINITE style!

  2. I enjoy his looks, wish he owned them more. Some seem like he’s just a hypebeast going with whats popular, handsome nontheless

  3. I give him an A. I’m going to my boys. I guess I missed all the other male fb, we will take o look back. Most of the time they are inspired by Kanye,or D Wade. Thank for this post. If any one knows of good blogs for male fashion let me know, my oldest son will begin high school in a few weeks he would like some ideas.

  4. The crimson bow tie has KAP written all over it! “Yo baby yo baby yo!” LOL Very on point with the trends amongst young men right.

  5. I appreciate the versatility of styles that he submitted. His looks are neat-unlike that room ;-) and masculine. It’s nice to finally see a fashion-bomber that doesn’t wear the same clothes that I do! (Not that there’s anything wrong with that,change is good)

  6. Nice. Handsome and well dressed. I don’t know about that dirty room. Lol. Trickster.

  7. I like his style. I’m not gonna pay attention to the clothes and shoes because he is a 20 year old male. A lot of young men don’t step out and do something a little different.

  8. I love his looks ! He’s a cutie! LMAO at every wardrobe piece in his pics are on the floor shortly afterwards!

  9. Hes a cutie and he knows how to dress if hes a gentlemen he’d be the ultimate catch!

  10. Wondering If these are real outfits..or if he just got dressed for pictures..(clothes in background)..LOL..Handsome guy..Love his style..that khaki outfit..Love it…Gotta find something similar for the boo!

  11. he’s adorable!! love the khaki vest/slacks look…and the bowtie… as for the room, he’s a 20 year old college student, I’ve definitely seen worse

  12. cute guy. fly style. i get so tired of the unoriginality in guys urban wear of overly baggy, sagging, sloppy clothes. adrian’s look IS a good look. wish more guys cared about what they looked like.
    oh, why do people ALWAYS post pictures of themselves in dirty ass rooms! o_0

  13. Love when guys are neat and well-dressed; it’s SO RARE that when you finally see one he’s a breath of fresh air. Definitely feeling that suit with the checkered shirt, and dude is fahn too.

  14. Wow, I am seriously impressed and it’s only made better by the fact that he’s only 20 and also that he’s so well spoken.

  15. I laughed at his messy room and the fact he obviously took pictures just to be a bombshell. Then I laughed because of the way he described his style like he was writing a dissertation.

    After that, I realized his style is pretty good. Cute

  16. the last picturee is ” No NO ” !!! DONT EVERY DO THAT AGAIN~
    andd commonn maann you’ree grownnn maann wassup with all that mess bro?


  17. Love his style!!!! Diversity in all his looks..good one! I want him to clean his room next time or at least crop the mess out…

  18. Almost ALL of the bombs stage their photos; get off his case just because he was more obvious about it! Anywho I think he looks trendy. Very Chris Brown/Big Sean influenced. I like this shift in men’s urban fashion.

  19. LOL honestly i was in the process of moving back to school and doing a garage sale while holding down an internship i do really dress like this ask anyone who knows me. I am not a Kappa but appreciate the love and compliments =)

  20. ” posted by Coldplayer-
    I laughed at his messy room and the fact he obviously took pictures just to be a bombshell. Then I laughed because of the way he described his style like he was writing a dissertation.”

    …he is a 20 year old college kid, lol. An intelligent and cute one at that.
    Well done young man.

  21. Its obviously known he took these pincs in the same day, cuz those pile of shoes never moved lol.. ANYWAYS he look fly.. dont remember the last time i seen a male bombshell. happy to see one. great job.. “HOT represent for the men”

  22. There is absolutely NOTHING unique or “one of a kind” about his style. His looks seem to be very inspired by trends and popular culture which is ok because most everyone draws inspiration from others. It would be nice to see him put together the outfits in a way that shows off his personal style a bit more. He seems to have somewhat of a good foundation to start building off of.

  23. I firsthand know how men dress in Indy, and props to him for being well dressed and not having a damn white tee on, or a goofy ass v-neck. He is trying, and looks good. Esp for looking so good so young. He is going to be killing the game in a few years…Wait til he gets his hands on some international mags!! (Is that a grill?)

  24. I like his style.
    He is neat
    He takes pride in how he looks
    At least he does not have a long white t and his pants on the ground

  25. goodness… some of you can’t give a compliment without first being negative. the brother wasn’t showcasing his room, he was showcasing his style. i actually thought it was pretty funny that he had the pile in the corner like he was just ripping through it to decide what to wear, lol. I actually love his style. for a young brother, he’s well put together and looks like he take pride in his appearance which is always a good thing. kudos to him.

  26. nothing here seems that original…definitely inspired by celebs he sees on TV… i.e. drake, chris, maybe a trey songz. but he’s a cute guy…probably the best dressed guy in Indiana but thats not saying much.

  27. Rep Nap young man. I resent that last post…there are plenty of well dressed men in Indiana. You must remember that a lot of young black professionals do come back home to Indiana after going to school in other places. No, it’s not everyday that you see a YOUNG man walking around Indianapolis streets dressed like this, but if he’s in his mid 20s-60s and is somewhat gainfully employed, you can believe he’s trying to impress! My family members are enough evidence for me.

  28. Average style. Good to see he’s stepping out of the box. I just turned his age, I definitely advocate style over fashion; my crew and I are a testament to this. This is fashion, nothing too fantastic going on. I like the vest and dress pants, the fitted and military shorts need to go. Good job!

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