Though yesterday’s Bomber was super fun, we’re bringing it back to the ladies with Vega from ATL:

She says, “My style is more of something old than new. I’m addicted to vintage clothing and revamping 20+ year old pieces and wearing them with a modern twist.”

“… I’m currently an art major, so I guess I’m just a creative person and fashion is an art form. To me, getting dressed is like grabbing a paintbrush and picking out what masterpiece you’re about to create.”

” I was never in a position where I could afford to go shopping for new clothes all of the time, so thrifting became a way of life.”

“… While other girls spend most of their time at the mall, I spend most of my shopping hours in Goodwill.”

“… Vintage shopping and thrifting may be a little more difficult and take a little bit more time, but you’ll be a unique individual while a bunch of others look exactly like the store mannequin.”

Cute! Wish I could thrift like the best of them. You look great! See Vega’s blog at

Fashion Bombshell of the Day is a feature showcasing the singular style of Fashion Bomb Readers. Send your name, location, a description of your style, and your picture(s) to th************@gm***.com.

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67 thoughts on “Fashion Bombshell of the Day: Vega from Atlanta”

  1. Something about this doesn’t seem wearable to me. Like the 2nd dress kind of looks like the length of a tunic but she has amazing legs soo.. I dunno. Good for her and finding her style though.

  2. I like the use of vibrant colors and I do like most of the dresses. There’s just something I don’t like about it that I can’t put my finger on. Overall I like it. Well everything besides the blazer and swim suit(?)/ body suit (?). I wonder where she wears that. Great legs btw!

  3. Great legs. Her name matches her style. Can’t say I would wear any of these, but more power to her.

  4. Honestly I’m not really feeling her style. It’s not enough to simply put on a vintage piece. You have to style said vintage pieces and she has not done so in these pics. But she is a very pretty young woman. BTW…what’s with the swimsuit under the blazer? A spin on the cover up perhaps.

  5. Ummm so I figured those black and white oxfords are Jeffrey Campbell, but where the heck can I get them?!? LOVE LOVE LOVE…

    Cute girl!

  6. i agree w/fashionlovesher. she’s not styled at all. again, just some chick looking more costume-y than fashionably eclectic

  7. Nothing is accessorized. I’m not sure if I like that or not, but it stuck out to me. Usually the bombs are over-accessorized; I wonder if it was intentional.

  8. Ummm, ok! I think most people at the moment are into vintage pieces. This is definitely not new to me,but she does look good wearing it.

  9. Something about when you can tell someone did a photoshoot of the cute clothes they have to then just send in for this isn’t so…. stylish. It should be less… I don’t know, forced? a Bombshell should come across effortless… just my take. Cute girl nonetheless…

  10. My vote was somewhere in between the Pow! and Cute options. I like the colorful circle dress and the oxford wedges, but something is missing.

  11. I must say I like the fashion bombs better when they are actually out in public and not just having a photoshoot in their living room. Fashion isnt just clothes its the total package (makeup, jewelry and hair included) and I just dont get that here.

  12. Just discovered the art of thrifting; bought a tartan blazer for $8 yesterday! LOVE these looks, especially the bodysuit with the green blazer and coral lips! And those Oxfords are to die for!!

  13. This new fad w everyone thinks its so hip and cool to go to the thrift store and pick up pieces is killing me. Now 5 years ago when I was spotted at the salvation army to grab a peacoat, everyone thought I was poor lol..Cute stuff, not realistic though..don’t see her goin out and kicking it w a bodysuit and blazer..But it she does Rock On homegirl!

  14. nah. she probably doesnt dress like this everyday. she just wore her most “unique” pieces and took pics in them. i’m not even seeing any cute shoes or accessories or bags or anything. and theres no way she wears a freaking swimming suit out of her house. real fashion bombshells are the ones who you can tell dress stylishly 24/7. next please

  15. i like the fact that she has found her OWN style. the hair is the bomb….is her wear reasonable to the masses probably not but i’m sure ppl can appreciate it. those jefferey campbell oxfords are hot!

  16. Smh, you all are some serious haters.
    Vega is the homie and for all of you saying she picked some of her most unique pieces just for the shoot, you’re wrong.
    She wears bomb shit like this out in public almost all the time.

    I love what she’s done and I’m proud of her for finding a way to share her style with the world.

    There’s always room for improvement, but she’s done smashing to start.

  17. Can someone explain what vintage is? I’ve read conflicting definitions and I’m a little confused. Is it ANY old clothes or clothes for a certain eras? I know the movement is becoming more & more popular I’d like to know what I should be looking for while thrifting. Claire I would love a post explaining vintage/retro clothing! Thanks.

  18. SOOOO glad to be featured :)
    Thanks for the love guys!
    To be honest, I usually don’t wear accessories even though I have a million, I try not to carry bags so i don’t get mugged, and I totally wear jackets & bathing suits. Why not? lol

    <3 <3 <3 – Vega

  19. I thought vintage is classic pieces from a certain era. Like a classic men’s tweed blazer from the early 20th century by Abercrombie, or a Halston dress from the 70’s..Something that’s quality.

  20. One thing I learned reading here for so long is that you really cant listen to these comments!

    Do YOUR thang, girl! #stylinprofilin’

  21. I thought vintage was classic pieces from a certain era. Such as a menswear tweed blazer from A&F 20th century, or a Halston dress from the 70’s..Good staples that hardly go out of style, but if they do they soon come back.

  22. She looks cute!!!! I checked out her blog and I liked what I saw. Some of the pieces are short in this submission but ….hey….it’s HER STYLE!!!! I am not going to critique her photo locations etc…….she has a style that I like seeing

  23. Fierrrce legs, loves the name, and I’m a big fan of the colors going on.
    To add to the talk about vintage, Karla’s Closet blogspot is a great example of how to style vintage and not just shop vintage (which I DO have to say is “the new black” = Not as unique a look as we’d like to think).

  24. Every piece you wear does not have to be accessorized, that’s where most of you make mistakes. Why bog down your arms, neck, and fingers with jewelry and other items that are gonna take away from your clothing.

    This girl has some BOMB vintage pieces, and with legs like that….why would you wear pants?

  25. Where’s the style? To me, putting a dress and a pair of heels doesn’t equate to good style. If she took off any of the pieces she has on, put them on a rack, and Jane Doe could walk pass put them on and look the exact same with no effort. How is that unique?

  26. She’s cute, not my style but if it works for her I’m all for it.

    I think I know what’s off about the pics though, it’s that wig slapped on top her head. It isn’t sitting right or something

  27. Nice pieces, but what disturbs me is that some of these dresses look like they don’t fit her very well (the denim dress, red dress, etc). To be expected when you go thrift-shopping. I think a few alterations would truly do her and her style justice!

  28. While I do love the blazer, I’m not a fan of her overall style.

    Gorgeous complexion though! ;)

    I agree with @areatha. Karla from Karla’s closet is excellent inspiration for vintage styling.

  29. Cute girl..not my style..and I agree with @Confused..Claire, can you do a post on vintage clothing?…Seems to be the new fad..Smh..

  30. I actually like her style. she rocks it well. i don’t love all the pieces but i don’t hate them either. the blazer with the bathing suit was a bit extra but hell, she wasn’t walking down the street in it… she’s got great legs and looks comfortable in her style which is what matters.

  31. Nice. She wears her stuff well. I wont wear these items, but if she loves wearin ’em, kudos to her :)

  32. Wow! Some of you are really giving her a hard time. Not everyone’s style has to be identical…she’s found her own style. Coming from a thrifty shopper who sometimes wear’s the big NATURAL hair…

    Fashion is about making anything look STYLISH…even WITHOUT the accessories =)

  33. Nice legs/pretty face/smile
    Bad weave/dressing, the darker area of your behind & inner thighs should never be on public display.

    I am not a hater/not giving her a hard time..just thinking for myself just like she does & everyone else does when they say yay or nay based on their own mind, thoughts, feelings and inclinations.

  34. To me this looks like stuff you would find in editorials, no where would be okay to rock a blazer with a bathing suit, but you can find that in a mag when they are styling models thats just my opinion. But I do like her style though, she looks like she isn’t afraid to wear what she wants. I think it’s much different in the terms what of has made through the pipeline of the Bombshell of the day this is the type of stuff that i like to see. So i’m giving her the best vote for this, and I love her hair.

  35. Wearing a swimsuit with a blazer and heels in public is what’s hot in the streets? Okay…

  36. A lot of you have pointed out the fact that all the pix are in the same place. I don’t know about y’all but I take very few pictures outside of my home because when I’m out and about, a camera is not on my mind. Most of my pix are taken before I leave.
    As for Vega, I commend her on her uniqueness. I don’t think I’d wear any of these pieces, though.
    And the bathing suit with the blazer? I just can’t…

  37. None of it looks put together cleanly, and the bathing suit and blazer is extremely confusing to me. However, I think she has some creativity there, its just not quite there yet, if that makes sense LOL…*shrugs*….Needs a little more work

  38. Sooo yall mad everybofy going to the thrift store?? It hard tines n i like it because we dnt look like we all stepped out of forever 21. I hated that

  39. I agree that everyone is jumping on the bandwagon and going thrifting. Please. Go back to your CitiTrends, Macys and wherever else they sell Baby Phat ! LMAO. Just because you are buying things at the thrift store do not make them vintage! Most things are just used! Textile recyclers seperate vintage from used and sell to thrift stores. Vintage costs more and you wouldn’t get vintage for $1 people!

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