Our Bombshells hail from just about anywhere, and today’s lucky lady is Aibina from Astana, Kazakhstan:
Fashion Bombshell of The Day-050113
The blogger for Aibinasblog.com writes, “I don’t keep a certain style.
0 albina from Kazakhstan
“I like the variety and experiments in clothes.”

0 albina from Kazakhstan 41

0 albina from Kazakhstan 4

“… and good mood is the main criterion in creating the outfit.”

0 albina from Kazakhstan 1
” I like very much democratic clothing brands, for their convenience and comfort.”

0 albina from Kazakhstan 0
OK! Your looks are clean, polished, and effortless. I love ’em all, but adore your bright blazer and floral pants combo.
See more of her looks at Aibinasblog.com.
What do you think?

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58 thoughts on “Fashion Bombshell of the Day: Aibina from Kazakhstan”

  1. Honey this is not it! Her primary problem is she doesn’t know how to dress for her body type. Now you had 400lb girl on here yesterday. She was clearly fashion forward. Now you have this 90lb chick who doesn’t have a clue. Babe your first look is like The Gap on the top and NastyGal below the knee. I don’t hate the yellow jacket but let’s just say you didn’t knock it out the park. The black and white is on trend but girl it is bore. The last look… Sigh nice top and necklace but honey the look is not complete. I would encourage you to wear more tailored pieces that will give you an illusion of curves. It would also be nice if you could express your style personality. I have not idea what image you are attempting to portray. Don’t give up, there are thousands of fashion blogs that give style and beauty tips for free.

  2. I honestly like her style. It’s simple and to the point, the way I like it. Not everyone is a trendy dresser, which is better because you will be able to wear your outfits longer, rather then waiting for it to go out of style. As for dressing for her body type, she does.

  3. Everyone is so quick to use boring when when bombshells arent over the top and I cant understand why. She looks well put together thats a bombshell in my book!

  4. I don’t know what @fashionistachic is talking about. These looks are adorable, simple, and fashionable. You don’t have to wear something skintight to have to suit your shape. This girl has a perfect shape, and she dresses very well for it. I love the black and white sweater, and the red sweater on red shorts. love!

  5. Her look is more European than American to be honest when I see some American bombshells I tend to think there’s just too much going on – clean lines , simple , effortless elegance – we call it understated chic – Olivia – whatever her name is – the New York fashionista does it well! Kisses x

  6. She’s very pretty and I like that her style is simple but with some flair.

  7. @Fashionistachic Being catty for the sake of it? Don’t shade this girls weight in an attempt to support yesterday’s bombshell. It’s lame and hypercritical.

  8. @thefashionistachic – r u serious??
    She dresses her figure PERFECTLY! I agree with Clair – ” Clean, polished, effortless”. The yellow jacket is cute!

  9. Fashion does not have to be over the top. Fashion does not have to emulate what’s in today, and if it does, there is nothing wrong with making it a personal expression.

    I am a business woman, I enjoy fashionistas that rep that style BUT I am fully aware that there are different levels of style, taste, etc. That said…I like her, a lot. Her style is clean, well cut, and effortless. There is a certainly chic about her style that portrays what’s in yet is very personal with a touch of sophistication on it’s level.

    Beautiful girl, great style.


    ..um, okay.

  10. I voted Bombshell. I enjoyed her outfits and her overall look. It’s great to see international bombshells!

  11. Was I the only one that was excited at Kazakhstan?? that’s where Borat is from :) I agree her looks are very clean and European looking simple and chic iLike.

  12. I love the yellow top and black skinnies, great black boots too. The red and white jumper and red shorts is a great combo too. Pretty girl with a nice sense of effortless style.

  13. lol Claire trying to start trouble… mmmhmmm I see you.

    A serious contrast between yesterday and today. Nevertheless very clean, unlike most Fasionbombers THIS IS REALISTIC… everyday fashion!!! Most of you Fake Ana Wintour “ballin on a budget” can afford/achieve this.

  14. It’s clean cut and save, but i’m kinda bored. That boombox bag is killing me softly! lol!

  15. I LOVE her!! I agree with the first commenter, she truly had me at boombox lol!

  16. @TheFashionistaChic, I don’t know if we’re looking at the same girl, but her looks are tailored. Being fashion forward or a bombshell doesn’t always mean wearing crazy prints, trendy pieces or over the top accessories. I think her look is clean cut and fresh and I think she’s a bombshell for real.

  17. @thefashionistachic u mad huh??
    She is well put together, polished, and beautiful, bombshell for sure

  18. Love her looks. Very simple. Effortlessly chic. This is a bombshell, some of the ones that have been featured lately have been horrendous. She is a breath of fresh air.

  19. @Thefashionistachic has a right to state her opinion.. Just as those fat bashing on the previous bombshell post did… I however think she is a pretty girl and her style is very simple, but cute and it works for her..

  20. @thefashionistachic

    1. There is NOTHING wrong with the way this girl is dressing.
    2. You don’t have to be wearing mint jeans with a neon blouse to be stylish
    3. Her looks are chic and streamlined and her monochrome outfit looks great
    4. She has got clean lines and a cohesive element about her look
    5. How is her last look not complete? Because she isn’t wearing a Fake Celine Id Tag necklace? Because she’s not wearing spiked fake heel-less wedges? Her last outfit is simple yet chic, and effortless
    6. The chicest women in the world wear TONS of black and look effortless, case in point- Elin Kling, Christine Centenera, any off duty model.
    7. Your suggestion about wearing more “tailored pieces” is irrelevant. Have you seen the way skinnier girls look amazing in slouchy pieces? Elin Kling is a genius and chooses to wear loose fitting blouses with leather pants vs bodycon dresses and Jeffrey Campbell Litas
    8. Don’t knock girls because they don’t fit your mold of what fashion should be.
    9. Fashion is not and I repeat is not about portraying an image, you can be bohemian, downtown chic, grungy, preppy, hipster, and anything else you feel like WHENEVER you feel like.

  21. Wow, from Kazakhstan! I like her look and especially love the look with the yellow coat.

  22. I’m SOOOO confused..how does she not dress her body type? how is she boring? Her style is clean and effortless ! “Not bombshell material” can someone PLEASE explain to me what is considered “bombshell materia” because the comments I see on these post sometime are irritating smh…

  23. The boombox bowling bag is everything. I would love some details on that – Popsugar returned nothing. I think she’s super cute and lots of clean lines.

  24. I had a feeling the The FashionistaChic would be fat based on her statement about today and yesterdays bombshells. I went to her blog and I was right. womp

  25. @ yes maan I don’t think the problem is that her opinion differs, at least not to me. The problem lies in the fact that she chose to build the bombshell from yesterday up by trying to bring this girl down. There was no reason for her to comment on the girls weight and she did so anyway. It came off as a wee bit insulting to be honest.

  26. Gorgeous girl. Love her clothes. Some of these bombshells should be models.

  27. Her looks are clean, polished, and portray HER sense of style. She is a pretty girl who understands who she is and it reflects very tastefully through her style. @thefashionistachic clearly you have been overruled on this verdict. Have several seats shady boots. No one cares about all your negativity. Aibina you did that.

  28. Some of the people that comment on here really make me laugh. Like any Americans have a clue about how to dress. Too funny.

  29. @Therrealfashionista
    It was no need for the comments about the woman weight from the previous fashion bombshell post either, but it was so….
    I agree her comment was rude, but I read worst comments on the post from yesterday and the majority were in agreement. So like I said everyone has a right to state their opinion, until it is a rule against rude comments on this site. I don’t agree but I can’t sway her opinion whether it be bias or not… Good day.. :)

  30. You know Americans, if it is tight, tacky and twenty shades of neon colours with some rihanna knock off edgy look and fifty pounds of cheap yaki, then it is not “fashionable.” This chick is pretty much the epitome of chic and polished, something a lot of fashion bomb readers know nothing about.

  31. @yes ma’am, that wasn’t right of those posters yesterday either. But as you said, people are entitled to their opinions, and I’m not against anyone sharing theirs. Just the execution. You have a good sis/brother :)

  32. Thefashionistachic wrote a whole lot of nothing. I think her looks are super cute.

  33. Chick up top is clearly a nutcase. I figured that out a long time ago…


    Aibina has great style, and she’s super cute! Loves.

  34. People need to stop hating on this beautiful women. She looks amazing in her outfits. Who cares what other people think about her. Her weight does not define her beauty inside and out. I believe that the world would be a better place without you negative people. Fashion is for everyone. You don’t have to be a certain weight to look good. You haters will come and go, and then fall off the face of the earth as usual.

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