Since it’s a holiday, I decided to give you a Bomber and Bombshell! First up is Oliver from Wichita, Kansas:

He was submitted by his friend Liz, who writes, “He has a men’s lifestyle blog at

“… To describe his style is simple- he’s stylish but if you ask him he would disagree.”

“… When shopping for other people he [can imagine them in all types of outfits], but when it comes to him… nothing.”

“…He thinks to have style you have to have an aesthetic whether it’s street, preppy, urban or dressy.”

“… As for him, he just puts on whatever [he likes]. As long as it’s a nice color, fits well, and is appropriate for where he’s going.”

Loving everything about these photos, from the poses to the backdrops! Very stylish, indeed.
What do you think?

Fashion Bomber of the Day is a feature showcasing the singular style of male Fashion Bomb Readers. Send your name, location, a description of your style, and 5-8 picture(s) to th************@gm***.com. Images submitted may be featured on Facebook or Twitter. Comments can be harsh, so bring your A game!

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34 thoughts on “Fashion Bomber of the Day: Oliver from Kansas”

  1. Love!
    The last look was meh but I can overlook that because everything else was great. And those were some interesting poses :)

  2. I studied abroad in Wichita. Girl, that city is a
    Cute boy, cute looks but I agree with Savage. He looks staged and not effortless.

  3. lOVED….until last pic but still a BOMB love him and his style hope to meet someone like that where Ilve!!

  4. @Iola…You studied abroad…in Wichita?? But why, lol??? No offense, but I’m from Kansas, and studying abroad here just strikes me as…odd.

  5. that pose with the bent knee against the wall…. those suede mocosins….those rolled up shorts & boots…… I CAN’T !!!!

  6. Lol @DIVA’s comment…homeboy’s been watching way too many ANTM episodes!! lol

  7. Omg your style is soo funky and retro. Love everything except the last look.. that kinda threw me off. But yeah, keep it up!

  8. He’s so cute and when I saw his name I thought “awwww Oliver”…I love his look…the Bermudas no comment.

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