As our country experiences its great awakening, we are here to help you along your path, stylishly outlining 100+ Black Designers and Black Owned Brands You Should Know! Fashion Bomb Daily has been a resource for Black Designers since 2006, so the list below is a compilation of designers we have covered over the years under our Black Designers tab, along with designers we have featured on some of our various Instagram pages including @FashionBombDaily and @FashionBombMen.

Sensing a lack of diversity and support in the fashion industry for Designers of Color, we also created a marketplace called! So we’ll kick it off with a few players from the home team, but please note that this list is far from complete. Who knows, we might need a book to contain all this talent!

Luxury Brands

  1. Sai Sankoh

Sierra Leone born, Dallas based Sai Sankoh is the creator of fabulous printed dresses, kaftans, and coverups for her eponymous brand. She says, “A lot of my prints are inspired by where I am from, where I have lived, and my previous travel destinations. I have lived a colorful, glamorous and exciting jet setter lifestyle, and that translates in my designs. I love the Zen nature of Bali, the vibrancy of Ghana, and the extravagance of Dubai, and I try to blend all of those vibes into creating a print or a piece.”

Shop Sai Sankoh here.

2. Oyemwen

Nigerian American Oyemwen wasn’t always in the world of fashion. She got a degree in Biology from Atlanta Metropolitan, and was on the pre-med track! She said, “Even with a B.S in Biology pre-med, for me a fashion journey was inevitable. Growing up, my parents were merchants. They imported and exported textiles. So I’ve been immersed in textiles and the fashion world all my life.” With a brand she identifies simply as, “From tomboy to princess,” Oyemwen stocks everything from chic suits to ruffled tops to bell bottom jeans and of course, tutus!

Shop Oyemwen pieces here.

3. Rayar Jeans

Rayar Jeans kickstarted the chain jeans revolution with their distressed, slim fit denim, given a boost with the addition of customizable chains that don’t rust, don’t turn colors, and can fit various sizes. Often imitated, but rarely duplicated, Rayar Jeans are in a class of their own. The chains are sourced from an exclusive retailer in the Middle East, ensuring high quality and lasting shine. It also means that all the ‘look-a-likes’ out there don’t stand a chance.

Get your pair at

4. JBD Apparel by Saudia Islam

 Philadelphia born Saudia Islam is the designer behind JBD Apparel, a luxury knitwear brand that is taking a creative, modern approach to a traditional concept. Islam adds, “We are black owned and proud of it as well!” She burst onto the scene as a beloved, featured designer of Kim Kardashian, who has worn the brand’s pink Zenith set and their blue corset style top.

Shop some of her pieces here.

5. Hanifa

Since its inception in 2011, Hanifa has been steadily gaining lots of attention especially with stars like Ciara, Kylie Jenner, and Karrueche Tran. Hanifa is a ready-to-wear brand operated by Anifa Mvuemba that offers contemporary pieces for the modern-day woman. The label offers a breathe of fresh air through 21st century design elements and delicate fabrics. 

Shop at

6. Laquan Smith

Based in NYC, Laquan Smith is a luxury womenswear designer that creates bold, edgy pieces with a feel of which he deems as “unapologetically glamorous.” As spotted on Rihanna, Kendall Jenner, Kim Kardashian, and more, his ultra feminine collections accentuate the female form through the use of enchanting fabrics and sexy detailing such as slits or high cuts.

Accessories Brands

7. Nroda

Nroda sunglasses designer Samantha Smikle says, “Nroda is luxe and innovative hand designed eyewear featuring 24k gold plated elements and crystals for the unapologetically confident and stylish. Nroda eyewear is for the people by the people. I aim to serve my multicultural brothers and sisters. I look to what we have worn (Aaliyah, Lil Kim, Tupac and Lisa Bonet are some of my constant inspirations), what we are wearing now and where I envision the trends will be tomorrow in order to conceptualize what I design today. “

Shop Nroda here.

12 . Brother Vellies

8.Fe Noel


Fe Noel is more than just fashion…it is a lifestyle. In fact, the brand even identifies as a lifestyle brand for women who carry the philosophy of “eat well, travel often, and dress to inspire.” Founded by Felisha Noel, Fe Noel combines glam and sensuality through the use of graceful fabrics, bold prints, and playful colors. Noel grew up around powerful women and was heavily influenced by them and her Grenadian heritage. To show her admiration for her inspirations, she created Fe Noel to encourage women to celebrate their femininity and look great while on-the-go. 

Shop Beyonce’s dress here.

9. Fenty

 Fenty is a luxury fashion house that is headed by singer and all-around entrepreneur, Rihanna. The brand captures the freedom, physique, and overall feminine nature of the woman. Many celebrities like Bella Hadid, Mary J. Blige, Tracee Ellis Ross, and Rico Nasty have been spotted rocking the certified Bomb brand.

10. Off White

Luxury streetwear brand Off-White is the creation of Virgil Abloh, who met Kanye West when they were both interns at Fendi in 2009. The two became fast friends and collaborators; he would eventually launch Off-White while Kanye pursued his own fashion ventures. Abloh’s unique ability to make simple separates hype with signature yellow hued construction style logo belts, quotes, and the occasional unexpected silhouette, has made him the toast of the fashion town. Virgil’s work led him to a position as the first American of African descent to be the Creative Director of a French Luxury House as the artistic director of Louis Vuitton menswear. His Milan based label Off White is a certified celeb favorite, with Bombshells like Rihanna, Bella Hadid, Ciara, Kelly Rowland, and Tracee Ellis Ross slipping into his pieces, which range from casually chic to frothy and fantastic.

11. Frances Grey

Frances Grey designer Debbie Lorenzo describes her brand as, “A luxury millinery brand born out of my love for hats, empowerment and family legacy. Each design embodies simplicity and a timeless sophistication. ” 

Shop select Frances Grey hats here.

Brother Vellies is an accessories brands that fosters the feel of African nature and culture. Founded by Aurora James, the brand creates footwear and accessories handmade on the Eastern and Southern coasts of Africa that uphold the ancestral notions of durability and spirit. The free-flowing aesthetic of Brother Vellies has attracted the likes of Solange and sister Beyonce, and makes frequent cameos on hit shows like Insecure.

Purchase Brother Vellies here.

13. Milano Di Rouge

Milano di Rouge’s speciality is simple sportswear with a luxurious feel. Each piece sports the brand logo, stamping jumpsuits, dresses, and tees, with the designer’s sensibility of sophisticated American athleisure. Shop at

14. Mah Jing Wong

A graduate of the Arts Institute of Philadelphia, Mah Jing Wong is known for his sportswear and innovative denim creations. In 2016, he appeared on Project Runway, and placed sixth overall. Learn more and shop at

15. Samantha Black

Samantha Black (formerly Sammy B) cut her teeth in New York as a designer before matriculating on Project Runway for Season 11. Though she did not win Project Runway, her designs are certainly winners with fans like Kelly Rowland, Beyonce, and Gabrielle Union.

Shop her designs here.

16. Midget Giraffe


Established in 2015, Midget Giraffe constructs Ankara fabrics in contemporary ways. According to their website, “Founder, Linda is a part of the Igbo ethnic group and grew up in Southern Nigeria. As a young girl she was inundated with beautiful local fabrics (name “Ankara”) and colorful local marketplaces populated with rich colors of food, fruits, and savvy business women selling prints for clothes-making. Linda’s creative mind was cultivated near her grandmothers feet where she would watch her sew beautiful designs using many of the fabrics she’d recall from the marketplace. “

Shop here.

17. Stella Jean

The Haitian-Italian Stella Jean’s designs showcase Afro-Caribbean prints and artscapes with European tailoring. Beyonce and Rihanna’s patronage helped make Stella Jean more of a household name.

Shop Stella Jean pieces here.

18. Romeo Hunte

Romeo Hunte’s collections manage to produce angular edginess for your not-so-average streetwear. Past showings include pieces stripped of any convention featuring a transformative edge to business attire, casual street wear and your everyday denim. Hunte offers cool insight on just how signature pieces, with the right amount of sweet patterning attached, can elevate a look effortlessly.

Shop at

19. Harx 4

Renee Hill is the designer of brand Harx 4, a line known for its futuristic, urban feel. While many are familiar with her from the latest season of Project Runway, we were introduced to Hill via this Versa coat, which can be worn a myriad of ways. On her website, she writes, “Renee Hill was born in Philadelphia. Growing up watching her mother create elaborate ball gowns and wedding dresses ignited a spark for design. Surrounded by bold fabrics and creative designs, it is hard to say she would have the same creative nature without those influences. While living in New York for several years, the adventures definitely helped build the creativity exhibited through her brand today. Having traveled around the world, Renee has encountered men from different cultures and gained an understanding of personal styles and men’s fashions specific to certain regions. Harx4 gives her the opportunity to give men and women an expression of style and confidence to stand the test of time.”

See more here.

20. High End Junkie

Chicago based brand High End Junkie was created by Q Hudson, who admits to being a Junkie for the High End things in life! While High End junkie carries branded apparel and face masks, they are best known for their artistic, paint splattered hats, some of which read, “This is Art, This is Fashion.”

1. Cushnie

Get yours at

Cushnie is a luxury womenswear brand that is designed by Carly Cushnie. The ready-to-wear brand constantly pushes for empowerment, diversity, and inclusion through its campaigns, runway shows, and even through its influential patrons like Rihanna, Michelle Obama, and Lala Anthony. Cushnie is known for creating fashion-forward pieces that feature unique tailoring in dazzling color ways and bold patterns that is meant to embody “a refined sense of cosmopolitan minimalism and femininity”. 

Shop Cushnie here.

22. La Vie by CK

La Vie by CK stands by “The Life by Claude Kameni,” named after the brand’s Cameroonian born designer. The high octave brand specializes in glamorous, make a statement gowns, frequently using Ankara print.

See more here.

23. Pyer Moss by Kerby Jean Raymond

Kerby Jean-Raymond of Pyer Moss uses his creations to spark discussion and comment on civil rights issues of the day. Though he has unveiled many runway shows (he specializes in luxurious, streamlined sportswear for mainly men though he recently delved into womenswear), he is most known for his revolutionary t-shirts like his “They Have Names” tee that enumerated the names of black men unjustly slain by law enforcement, and his “Juneteenth” tee, worn by Usher, to acknowledge the Juneteenth Holiday that commemorates the end of slavery in the U.S. He rose to fashion industry prominence when he won a CFDA award in 2018. Since then, he has been embraced by celebrities like Karrueche Tran, Joan Smalls, Jhene Aiko, Saweetie, Lala Anthony, and the list goes on.

Keep up to date and shop Pyer Moss at

24. Fear of God

Fear of GOD founder Jerry Lorenzo transferred his impeccable personal style into a brand that is beloved by fashion insiders: Kanye West, Big Sean, and even Janet Jackson count themselves as fans. Fear of GOD is known for effortless every day wear, including sweats, plaid shirts, and varsity jackets.

Shop at

25. Hideoki Bespoke

Dedrick Thomas is the owner of Hideoki Bespoke, a lifestyle and luxury brand that specializes in custom suits and tuxes for men (and women) who mean business.  You’ve assuredly seen the brand’s expert craftsmanship and made to measure pieces on the backs of fashionable men like T.I., Gucci Mane, Steve Harvey, and More. Dedrick Thomas is a graduate of the college of Engineering at Mississippi State University, and launched his brand because he, as an executive, couldn’t find the high quality and superior customer service he sought. He said, “Being an executive in an arena where image is everything, I found myself purchasing custom clothing as the result of the limited options and inadequate customer service of upscale and premium department stores. When even the experience of using a tailor did not live up to its promise, I went a step beyond to design clothes for myself. This was the birth of Hideoki Bespoke.”

Read more here and make an appointment at

26. Harlem Haberdashery/5001 Flavors

It’s a family affair over at Harlem Haberdashery which is the retail hub of 5001 Flavors, a brand that has been creating iconic looks for hip hop insiders since the 90’s. When Hip Hop Heavyweights like Heavy D, Notorious BIG, Diddy, Mase, DJ Khaled and more need custom suits, they look no further than 5001 Flavors and Harlem Haberdashery at 245 Malcom X Boulevard.


The brand is veritable bastion in the hip hop fashion industry. See more here.

27. Beeombi

With the tagline, “If I can measure it, I can make it!!” Atlanta based custom designer Beeombi is a favorite of young vixens looking to shut it down, and has been worn by Porsha Williams, Teyana Taylor, and many others.

Follow them for more on Instagram @Beoombi.

28. S. Denton Collection

Newark, New Jersey native and Atlanta resident Shanita Denton got her start because she would always get clothes made–until her garment designer encouraged her to learn how to sew herself! She said, “I’ve always loved putting looks together and sketching ideas for others designers to make for me personally. So all it took was for 1 woman to believe in me and teach me how to sew. Once I made my first garment it became an addiction and I found purpose in it.” She continues, “S. Denton Collection is every woman. It’s a lifestyle. S. Denton Collection is empowering fun flirty & sparkly yet sexy for woman of all shapes, sizes, and colors.”

Shop S. Denton Collection here.

29. House of Chapple

Another Atlanta import! Reco Chapple of Haus of Chapple

30. Sergio Hudson

Sergio Hudson is a designer you should know. Born in Ridgeway, South Carolina, the talented creator has dressed all of your favorites, including J.Lo, Janelle Monae, Kendall Jenner, Khloe Kardashian, Kourtney Kardashian, Serena Williams, and many more. Inspired by Gianni Versace, Dolce & Gabbana, and Oscar de la Renta, Hudson’s designs are chic, sophisticated, and bold.  Simple yet stunning, Hudson stands out due to bright colors, draping, and superior attention to detail.

Shop Select Sergio Hudson pieces at

31. Duckie Confetti

Duckie Confetti masters creative pieces, from furs to leopard, money and camouflage prints. He is one of the industry’s go to’s for custom pieces.

Shop at Check out our interview with Duckie here.

32. CD Greene

Copyright: © BRIAN FINKE

On his website, CD Greene writes, “Always fascinated with and inspired by art, CD Greene pursued painting, sculpture and graphic art at the prestigious Art Institute of Chicago.  His foundation in sculpting is evident throughout his designs as he focuses on form, asymmetrical balance and texture.  Signature designs sculpted with mirrors and crystal have made CD Greene a favorite amongst Hollywood royalty and music divas alike.” While Greene is a fashion industry veteran, he has found new light and love from fashion forward starlets like Tracee Ellis Ross, who has plucked his gowns to host awards shows and to star in movies.

See more here.

33. Byron Lars

A native of Oakland California, Byron Lars began designing for himself and friends, and trained later at the Brooks Fashion Institute in Long Beach and the Fashion Institute of Technology. Lars’ 1991 collection was hugely popular, earning him the title of “rookie of the year” by Women’s Wear Daily. His designs sold in Saks Fifth Avenue, Bloomingdales, and Henri Bendel. But after a licensing deal went wrong, he was forced to quit his design business. He came back in 1996, when Mattel asked him to design a collectible Barbie doll, complete with her own wardrobe. His Barbie designs proved so successful Mattel asked Lars in 1997 to develop an entire line of African American Barbie dolls, all dressed in designer clothes. Since then, he has made a comeback with his Byron Lars Beauty Mark Brand, which has been embraced by many including Naturi Naughton, MC Lyte, Kim Fields, and many others.

Purchase at

34. Tracy Reese

Tracy Reese’s whimsical, brightly colored, floral frocks have been famously worn by Sarah Jessica Parker, former First Lady Michelle Obama, Tracee Ellis Ross, and Taraji P. Henson (to name a few). The Parson’s School of Design Graduate and CFDA Member was frequently one of few black designers to consistently show at fashion week for several years.

Shop her most recent designs at

35. J. Bailey

Brooklyn born J. Bailey launched her line in 2006, a line she describes as, “a Street Couture Brand with a Cultivated Flare.” Her celebrity client list grows day by day.

Shop at

36. David Tlale

As we wrote here, South African fashion designer David Tlale’s work has been featured at Capetown Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week, and Paris Fashion Week. His collection incorporates simple tones and metallics: think white and black with punches of silver and gold.

37. Lisa Folawiyo of Jewel by Lisa

Nigerian Designer Lisa Folawiyo’s garments incorporate West African ankara print, uplifted by ornate adornments. Read more here and shop here.

38. Maki Oh

Lagos, Nigeria based designer Maki Oh deftly mixes textures and fabrications, playing with abstract prints and patterns. Their website states, “Founded by Maki Osakwe in 2010, the Maki Oh design ethos challenges prevailing notions of beauty and analyses cultural norms through a womanist lens. The brand is centred in a strong sense of identity and culture, creating narrative pieces that function as direct channels of communication. 

Learn more at

39. Thebe Magugu


South African contemporary womenswear designer Thebe Magugu was the recipient of the LVMH prize in 2019 (the first designer to receive the prize from Africa). Magugu’s clothing is bright, bold, and architectural.

See more at

40. Aisha McShaw

After spending 10 years in banking, Aisha McShaw discovered her passion for fashion and started in the industry as a stylist to celebrities, corporate figureheads, and other successful women. Through styling, she learned how to fit women and cater garments specifically to their bodies, helping her in the development of her made-to-order brand. Aisha McShaw describes her brand’s mission: “As a made-to-order brand, our goal is to help women feel their most confident self when wearing a piece from Aisha McShaw. Through communication with our clients, we can create a wardrobe of perfectly fitting timeless pieces for you to wear year after year as well as garments designed specifically just for you to wear to events.

Pre-order and explore Aisha McShaw’s collections here.

41. Korto Momolu

Liberian born Project Runway alum Korto Momolu offers fashion forward contemporary womenswear, inspired by her African roots. The graduate of L’Academies des Couturiers Design Institute in Ottawa, Ontario, Momolu is known for vibrant patterns and pieces cut for a diversity of body types.

See more here.

42. Dapper Dan

Dapper Dan was a legend in his time, an 80’s era street couturier who spoke to the sartorial tastes of rappers, drug dealers, and athletes who had a distinctive palette for luxury with a dash of cool. Dan was known as the man who could transform a trendy winter jacket into a logo laden piece, emblazoning it with the monograms of Italian and French fashion houses by screen printing their symbols onto leather using a fade resistant ink. Fendi, among others, ended up suing Dan for copyright infringement several times, until Dan had to shutter his doors. In the ultimate plot twist, Gucci ended up stealing something from Dan for their Cruise 2018 collection–the exact silhouette of his fabled puff sleeve jacket, originally equipped with Louis Vuitton fabric. This public foible led to a considerable outcry, and thus the resurgence of Dan’s brand, who emerged as an official partner for Gucci in 2017, creating capsule collections embraced by a new era of pop stars including DJ Khaled, Beyonce, Missy Elliott, Mary J. Blige, and more .

Read more about his story in his memoir.

43. Bruce & Glen

Twin brothers and designers Bruce & Glen have many talents. They are pastors at The Rock Church of Manhattan, effervescent hosts, and designers.

Shop their grenade bags at

44. Aliette

Celebrity stylist Jason Rembert, the creative mind behind Rita Ora, Issa Rae, and Marsai Martin’s show stopping style moments, has delved into design with his line, Aliette. The ready to wear collection features feminine pieces that are perfect for his core clientele: young beautiful women with a robust social schedule, who want to stand out and slay. 

See more here.

45. S by Serena Williams

Serena Williams is a fashion icon, known as much for her tennis game as she is known for her daring tennis outfits. Thus, it came naturally for her to delve into her own line, S by Serena, a self described, “Strong, Sexy, Sophisticated” line which offers a range of pieces, best suited for off the court. Aside from her own line, Williams has collaborated with Virgil Abloh and Nike. The sky is the limit for where and what she can do next.

Purchase S by Serena Williams here.

46. Muehleder

Designer Larissa Muehleder named her NY based brand Muehleder after her family name. Her line has no shortage of cute cocktails and mini frocks, perfect for spring weddings, date nights, or evenings on the town. What started off as a brand bubbling over with feminine ruffles, lace, and flirty high hems morphed into a neoprene heavy brand that blends athleisure with architectural sophistication.

See more at

47. Tongoro Studio

Started by former magazine editor Sarah Diouf, Senegalese brand Tongoro Studios offers sophisticated prints, beloved by Beyonce and many more. Fun Fact: Diouf created the Fashion Bomb Daily logo many many moons ago.

See more at

48. Lyfestyle

Kamau Harper is the co-founder of the street-wear brand “Lyfestyle,” a brand features comfortable clothing in bright hues like sweatsuits, hoodies, and t-shirts.

Shop here.

49. These Pink Lips

Iris Barbee Bonner of These Pink Lips creates jackets, dresses, and custom catsuits splashed with graffiti style writing and cartoons, sporting phrases like, “She’s the Boss!”P*ssy Not War,” and “P*ssy Power.”Her bold colors and unique designs have found fans in Mary J Blige, Alicia Keys, Cardi B, and more.

Shop a few of her pieces at

50. Rich Fresh

Talented tailor Patrick Henry, creator of the Rich Fresh brand, started sewing when he was only 13 years old. The young creative knew he was in love with fashion just a couple of years after he started learning how to sew. After working for Ermenegildo Zegna, Henry branched out to create his own line, “Rich Fresh.” Though he specializes in clean cut, custom pieces beloved by Lena Waithe, the Dwyane Wade, and Kevin Hart, he’s no stranger to dressing the full family in color coordinated looks:  

Follow on Instagram @RichFresh.

51. Levenity

Levenity is a contemporary women’s ready-to-wear sportswear brand from Dallas, Texas. While past collections include color block jackets, dresses, and crop top embellished with grommets and mesh, more recent wares are supremely feminine featuring ruffles and drool worthy prints.

Purchase at

52. Bishme Cromartie

Self taught designer Bishme Cromartie offers an artful take on gowns: think gathered sleeves and elongated hems.

Shop here.

53. Laurence Basse

 Before making an appearance on the design competition reality show Project Runway, designer Laurence Basse modeled for 15 years, working with brands such as Jean-Paul Gaultier and appearing in magazines like Cosmopolitan. Known for created sculptural outerwear, her designs were most recently spotted not once, but twice, on Insecure star Yvonne Orji.

See what else Laurence has on tap here.

54. Haus of Shea

Brooklyn based designer LaSheaya Diaz grew up around fashion–her mother was an administrator and VIP liaison at Tommy Hilfiger, and Diaz was surrounded by design from a young age. She interned at Hilfiger and learned the ropes before launching her eponymous brand. Haus of Shea specializes in everything from made to measure prom dresses to red carpet worthy frocks, with curvy Bombshells in mind.

Shop more at

55. Traci Couture

Oakland based Traci Couture is the Crochet Queen and taught herself the craft. She says, “I enjoy learning new things and am naturally very curious and imaginative. Couple that, with equal parts obsession… Traci Couture the brand is method to my madness. I took the leap into business in 2004, nudged by the birth of my first born. That experience really pushed me to examine and prioritize what is sacred to me. To create the life I want, doing what I love.”

56. Philthy Ragz

Inglewood, California designer Gaynelle Winston White of the brand Philthy Ragz started her brand, as she says, with a prayer. She says, ” I was in a situation where I was separating with my ex husband after 17 years. I was afraid. I did not want to go work for Target, Macys, or Walmart to get a 2nd income. My prayer was, ‘GOD, use my hands to make room for my life.'” What resulted was a brand of comfortable pieces that work for any age and any occasion. Watch more below:

Shop Philthy Ragz here.

57. Andrea Iyamah

Andrea Iyamah burst onto the scene with swimwear, but is now making her mark with monochromatic pieces boasting cut outs, pintucks, and flared hems.

Shop here.

58. TLZ L Femme

TLZ L’Femme is headed and designed by Aazhia Rhy who started the brand with no design experience but built it up into something beyond measures through trial and error. Now, the brand is particular favorite of celebrities like Kylie Jenner and fashionistas like our very own EIC Claire Sulmers. Through her avant garde-like designs, Aazhia celebrates women through her work and created the brand with them in mind to tell a story and overall make them feel good in what they wear. 

59.SybG by Sybille Guichard

Haitian American designer Sybille Guichard discovered her love for design while in the hospital, battling Crohn’s disease. She says, “I have Crohn’s disease. Been through life and death and back for 17 years now. I even finally opened my nutrition center last year, that closed down 3 days after my grand opening because I ended up in the hospital for 3 months with life threatening complications of Crohn’s. But God had another plan for me. I had been thinking hard a few years prior that after I open my center, I would really look into starting a shoe line. But I needed to focus on one goal at a time. So as I layed in my hospital bed my cousin bought me a sketch book, I drew so many different things but shoes was the main inspiration. I started drawing as if SybG was a real brand. So on my days I felt ok enough to be on my phone, I would search the web for information on how to produce a shoe from scratch. Before you know it I was writing my manufacturer and they said they can make my shoe. By the time I got out the hospital I had my first sample in production and on its way to my house. “

What an inspiring story! Purchase Sybille Guichard shoes here. Get 19% off this weekend only using the code Juneteenth.

60. CEO Luminee Official

61. Innocente Messy

62. K Mills Collection

63. Enagancio

See more here.

64. Azede Jean Pierre

Young prodigy Azede Jean-Pierre was born in Haiti, then matriculated to SCAD before launching her eponymous line (I always like to say that we were the first to write about her before Elle and Vogue caught wind). Her designs are art filled, expertly draped, and undeniably beautiful. Bombshells like Solange and even First Lady Michelle Obama are fans, and have worn Azede Jean-Pierre to red carpet events and on magazine covers.

See more here.

65. Awake

66. BBXClothing

BBX Clothing, formerly BBXMBAF, stocks tailored suits, dresses, and separates in bold colors, perfect for professional settings that require a bit of punch. Limited releases go fast. Shop here.

67. Frere

From Fashion Bomber of the Year to haberdasher? Yes, this all happened on Fashion Bomb Daily. Davidson Petit-Frere appeared on our screens in 2012 as a dapper real estate investor who preferred custom made suits over right off the rack. He clearly had skill (the response to him was overwhelming, so much so that he was crowed Fashion Bomber of the Year). Perhaps fueled by the reception, Frere partnered with Aleks Musika to create Musika Frere, a line of bespoke suits and tuxes. What started off as him suiting himself nicely for work mushroomed into a booming business with suits and blazers worn by Kevin Hart, Diggy Simmons, Mack Wilds, and More.

See more at

68. Victor Glemaud

69. Exclusive Game

The Modern Day Dapper Dan, Exclusive Game, specializes in taking authentic designer scarves, robes, and shirts, and remixing them with a hip hop flair. His costumers include every rapper with swag you can name, from Yo Gotti to Rick Ross, YFN Lucci, Money Bagg Yo, Meek Mill, and more.

Check out his creations at @ExclusiveGame.

70. Wales Bonner

British born designer Grace Wales Bonner originally started her line with menswear, but eventually expanded into womenswear, with pieces worn by Solange Knowles and Meghan Markle, who made her first appearance post birth in a Wales Bonner trench dress.

Shop pieces by Wales Bonner here.

71. Shane Justin

Shane Justin is known for skin clinging pieces, made for the younger, sassy set. With ‘It Girls’ like Jayda Cheaves and Ari the Don as Brand Ambassadors, Justin always has trouble keeping his cute pieces in stock.

Shop here.

72. Duro Olowu

Industry veteran Duro Olowu is known for his punchy mixed prints in bright colors. See more here.

73. Marquette 21

Marquette 21 is a Fashion Bomb favorite, known for creating curve conscious gowns and dresses for the girl who embraces unabated glamour. Marquette 21 famously designed the pieces I wore on my book cover for The Bomb Life. Follow him on Instagram @Marquette21.

74. Shop Sarleamah

Bombshell turned designer?

75. Undra Celeste

She said, “My family came from Guyana, worked really hard, doing a lot of domestic jobs. On the weekends, I have about 100 cousins. We would go to my grandmother’s house and we would put on music and we would transform into Diana Ross. Coming to this country, dealing with hardship, working in a domestic capacity, clothe were their armor. [They wore lots of bright colors], a lot of gold lamé, and big hair. They’re my inspiration.” See more at

76. Kimberly Goldson

Kimberly Goldson once told FBD, “We’re known for our suits. We want be to suits what Diane von Furstenberg is to the wrap dress. “We’re doing casual suits, relaxed, soft crepes, and we also have tuxedo inspired suits for evening. We’re showing you how to dress it up and down.” Purchase at

77. Walker Wear by April Walker

78. Ese Azenabor

79. Baby Phat

80. Sean John

81. Telfar

“It’s not for you — it’s for everyone.” Established in 2005, Telfar is unisex brand founded by Telfar Clemons that unwillingly makes it known that it makes clothes for everyone through gender-fluidity in its runway shows and campaigns. As a winner of the CFDA Fashion Fund, Clemons is known for pushing the envelope through progressive and thought-provoking clothing and accessories. 

82. Yeezy by Kanye West


83. Karl Kani

Check out our interview with designer Karl Kani below:

84. Shan Latris

85. Brooklyn Circus

86. Aminah Jillil

87. Silver and Riley

the bomb

88. Nichole Lynel

89. Byond Measure by Kelsey Ashley

90. Olivier Rousteing of Balmain

91. Denim Tears

92. Just Don

Everyone in the Kanye West crew has a clothing line, and longtime manager Don C is no exception! His Just Don line is firmly rooted in athletic wear, and features socks, tees, boxing shorts, and leather jackets with sports motifs.

Shop here.

93. Southern Gent

94. The Brand Label

95. From Grayscale

L.A.-based clothing brand Grayscale became popular thanks to their viral vinyl Underbust Corset skirt. Since then, they have expanded to bold silhouettes using unusual fabrics and bright hues. See more here.

96. Fashionn Junkiee

The mother and daughter team behind Fashion Junkiee design custom handmade clothing. They are popular for taking rock band tees, and cutting and remaking them into sets, mermaid style dresses, and pencil skirts. Celebs like Tamia, Nene Leakes, and Juju are fans.

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97. Chocolate Clothes SGH

98. Okera Banks

Stylist Okera Banks created her eponymous line for girls on the go. Fashioned out of stretched jersey, the line comprises halter neck and strapless harem jumpsuits, loose fit cardigans, and fun dresses that are perfect for leisure, travel, and more.

Shop here.

99. Orange Culture NG

100. Fubu

No list of 100 black designer would be complete with FUBU, the brand that stands for For Us, By Us. Created by tktkt, FUBU set the stage for many brands today, showing that black design can be unique, profitable, and also globally embraced.

Every designer featured stands on the shoulders of the guys of FUBU, and also on the shoulders of our Black Fashion History Legends, Elizabeth Keckley, Patrick Kelley, Ann Lowe, Willi Smith, Jeffrey Banks, Stephen Burrows, and so many more. Not familiar with those names? Read about them in our Black History Month archive.

As you can see from my photos wearing several designers, support black designers is not a trend, it’s a lifestyle.

Wearing Evolution of J. Bailey

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Happy Juneteenth!

*The list is comprised of designers who create original pieces, not boutiques.

**It was actually quite difficult to keep this list to 100. If anyone ever says they can’t find a black designer, they are making excuses. The choices are infinite.

***This list is growing day by day! If you believe we overlooked your brand, email th************@gm***.com.