The results are in, and Fashion Bombers have spoken!
2009’s Fashionista and Fashionable Man are Rihanna and Kanye West. Kanye smoked his counterparts with 40% of the vote, and Rihanna barely edged ahead of Solange with 44% of the votes. Are you surprised?
This year saw them steaming past their contemporaries both musically and stylistically, even coming together to collaborate on the following hits and videos:

We love ’em.
What do you think of this year’s winners?

11 thoughts on “And the Winners Are… Rihanna and Kanye for Fashionista and Fashionable Man of 2009!”

  1. i think that you guys hit it right on the head!!! I totally agree~~ they have thier own style and swag to get them noticed. hands down!

  2. Agrees with Birdie. I like Rihanna but I dont think she’s the most fashionable or original from the selections. I voted for Solange. I dont like everything she wears but I like how she wears it.

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