December 17th, 2009
Best of 2009, Celebrity Style, Solange Knowles
Best of 2009 : Fashionista of the Year
By Claire

A look back at the Best of 2009 wouldn’t be complete without a peep at the fly fashionistas who made reading The Fashion Bomb so much fun!

This year’s contenders made the cut thanks to a combination of the following factors: the amount of times they appeared on the blog, the number of Mail Bomb questions focused on them, AND the number of votes they received via Twitter.
Of course the final vote is up to you guys!
First, let’s take a look at some of the chicest stylistas of 2009:

1. Solange Knowles:


This year Solange stepped firmly out of her sister’s shadow, expressing her own, quirky takes on beauty and style. She reigned as the cool accessories queen, rocking liquid Chanel earrings, neon platform pumps, and vintage jackets with pinache and singular flair.

Solange Shoes Mercedez Benz Fashion Week

While she made major inroads in fashion, she made the biggest splash in July when she boldy chopped off her long locks and emerged with an inch long cut. While the blogosphere went crazy commenting on her latest beauty move, she shook off the controversy, chatted with Oprah, then put on some poppin lashes to accent her new look. Fly!

2. Zoe Saldana:


What a year it’s been for Zoe! Plum movie roles in Avatar and Star Trek have translated into frequent red carpet cameos, premieres, and party appearances.
Designers have taken note, outfitting the young Dominican beauty in Marchesa, Andrew GN, Louis Vuitton, and Calvin Klein.


Thankfully she has the attitude to pull off most anything, and looks ravishing at every camera flash.

3. Cassie

Cassie-Rick-Owens-RodarteSure, her vocal skills are questionable, but Cassie’s fashion acumen is indisputable. The soft voiced songstress excels in red carpet wear and can even make a half shorn head of hair and holy t-shirt look hot.

This year Bombshells fell over their Louboutins for Cassie’s Rodarte knee high boots, Brian Reyes off shoulder dresses, and leopard print Giuseppe Zanotti’s.

4. Kerry Washington


Silent killer Kerry Washington literally sizzled this year in poufy, pretty dresses and vibrant sequin lined frocks. With the seasoned eye of a style aficionado, she was one of the first to adopt the strong shoulder silhouette that dominated magazine pages and runways.


A devotee to Chanel, Marc, and Louis Vuitton, Kerry has gone toe to toe with fashion’s foremost faces…


…yet still holds her own, emerging as an almost untouchable, timelessly sophisticated style force.

5. Keri Hilson


ATLien Keri Hilson breathed a bit of fresh air into the scene, joining the fashionable ranks in ’09 thanks to her sharp haircut and laid back swagger. While she shined on the red carpet, Bombshells clamoured for her cool Melody Ehsani accessories, chic leather vests, and daring separates.

Keri Hilson Yellow Pants

6. Rihanna


Say what you want about Rihanna. Say she’s overexposed, overhyped, and overstyled. Whatever your thoughts about the fashion phenomenon (yes phenomenon) that is Rih, you can’t deny bish if FIERCE. After her highly publicized run in with ex boyfriend Chris Brown, the diva bounced back, quietly at first, hitting clubs in Missoni silk jumpsuits, Louboutin silver slingbacks, and Balmain studded leather numbers that had stylistas drooling at every turn of her red bottomed heels.
While her outings in NYC witnessed a good share of unparalleled fabulosity, Rih truly blew us away when she popped into Parisian fashion shows wearing Hussein Chalayan, Jean Paul Gaultier, and Givenchy like a true diva.


Whether in Gareth Pugh or a doily hat, Rihanna pulls it off effortlessly 90% of the time, meriting her the title of Fashionista of the Year 2007 and 2008. Will she win the crown again for 2009?

It’s up to you folks! Vote below:


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61 Responses to “Best of 2009 : Fashionista of the Year”

  1. JOY says:

    Rih definitely did it in 2009. Showing resilience through fashion! And yes Claire, that BISH IS FIERCE !!!

  2. jul says:

    Rihanna FTW

  3. Aja says:

    Keri Hilson hands down that girl’s swag is crazy. She is diverse with her fashion sense I love her!


    Rihanna no doubt I’m sorry but the girl’s name along is fashion.. I mean the Paris fashion shows. Fashion is an art and I think she wears it well.

  5. sun.kissed says:

    Rihanna hands down!

  6. Eliza says:

    I think Solange or Cassie should defiantly be fashionista of the year; Cassie actually wears alot of the same things that Rihanna wears, but she manages to make it look cooler, relaxed and less overdone, wheras Rihanna is too in your face, the award shouldn’t be going to Rihanna, but to Mariel Haenn since she’s the one who puts all her outfits together. I know the other people on the lists have stylists as well, but with them, it’s much harder to know when they are or are not being styled as it flows and seems to fit their personality; wheras with Rihanna you can obviously tell when she’s had Mariel’s help and when she hasn’t.

  7. birdie says:

    Zoe! She mixes sexy and chic. Rih is trashy and the other girls are just ok.

  8. Kat says:

    Though Rihanna is in a class by herself, she has paved the way for others to follow in her fashion footsteps and deserves recognition. However I think it’s time we gave another artist a chance this year…

    I love Keri Hilson overall as a person as well as her fashion sense, but I will base my vote strictly on style. That being said, I am torn between Zoe and Cassie.



  10. Kerry Washington is just too cute. I heart her relaxed looks too. I guess I voted for Kerry cause we have similiar styles.

  11. Ambrose says:

    My vote is for Solange!!!

  12. UndercoverFashionista says:

    I never noticed hot muh of a fashionista Zoe Saldana was until now! i definitely give her my vote!

  13. Alissa says:

    I think Rihanna killed it for 2009. She had every girl in the world trying to copy her style (Including me). What made her style so great was that it kept evolving. One minute she’s punk rock and the next she’s a sex kitten. Her sho game was tight. It was unmatched. No need to even speak about the hair. Rihanna definitely made herself stand out. Her style almost made you say Beyonce who? Rihanna has my vote for 2009.

  14. chicky says:

    Hey Fashionbomb!!! I visit quite often but have never commented before. This list is great and its going to be so hard to choose just one. These ladies killed it in 2009. Can’t wait to see what the new year holds!

  15. Rih all the way!…Go GIRL!

  16. VaunTV says:

    1. Rihanna (I mean honestly, from Vogue Magazine to Sidewalks HOT!!)
    2. Zoe
    3. Solange & Cassie (Tie)
    4. Kerry Washington
    5. IT SHOULD BE CIARA Lol Keri Hilson cant really dress IMO.

  17. Sam says:

    I say Solange, as you mentionned she really stepped up her game this past yr in terms of her style and her career… Really dig her overall flyness

  18. Mina says:

    Rihanna. That pic in the middle with the lace, blazer, and harem pants… i mean that killed every other look u had up. Rihanna killed the game with a plethora of looks this year, talk done.

  19. Jasmine says:

    Boo Rhiannna. Its to the point where she is almost just trashy. Really a fashion phenom a little early in the game to me.

  20. Katrina says:

    Ohhh this is hard to many good ones to choose from. What about Michelle Obama she should have defintely been put on the list. She took the fashion to the next level. She could replace Zoe Saldana.

  21. Will D. says:

    This is a tough one. Although these fashionistas have stylists, I’m sure their fashion is also based on what their personality is.

  22. Rockie Road says:

    I’m going w/ Ms. Saldana this year because I went w/ Ms. Fenty last year AND though, of course Rihanna has been doing her thing all year long… Zoe has been putting in work this year and very nicely might I add. If one was to go through her catalog of red carpet looks and public appearances this year, they’d see that she has been killin it in the style game. She has always had an impeccable fashion sense but more have taken notice this year and I believe she deserves the title for 2009. :)

  23. stefanie says:

    Obviously Rihanna. Her style is the best and she is not afraid to try something new!!

  24. Susy says:

    Solange takes risks but her style is really contrived and gimmicky, bordering on costume-y. I would love it if it seemed like she wasn’t different for the sake of being different. Rihanna’s style is honest, risky, and feminine.

  25. design says:

    I think rihanna style can become to cliche. I love her style in the end though, but has always been a fan of the way kerry washington dresses. She’s such a natural beauty and clothes just look so well on her silhouette. She’s a great style icon for me.

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  27. divasoul says:

    Rih-Rih hands DOWN!

  28. Fenique says:

    I think Michelle Obama or Amber Rose should be on this list. Amber Rose killed it! Chick is fierce no matter wat she wears n she doesn’t have to be naked all the time either although she dresses really sexy! Luv her n Michelle too. Michelle is definitely CLASSY! Rihanna is cute and all bt its time to be on to the next one…cuz being half naked isn’t for everyone bt classy and/or sexy is!

  29. Mz. Cookie says:

    I see the overwhelming favorite in Rihanna. I agree that she is quite the fashion plate, but I gave my vote to Solange. I think Rihanna gets ALOT of help with stylists. Solange takes huge risks that are sometimes hit or miss and the best part about it…she doesn’t give a damn whether you like what she’s wearing or not. My kind of fashionista!

  30. Cee says:

    Rihanna. That girl is beyond fly. And the best thing about her is that she has the attitude to go along with it. She seems risque yet completely powerful in her own skin. She’s just too awesome.

  31. Asha says:

    Rhianna! With Cassie coming in a close 2nd place. Over exposure or not, Rhi’s style game is sick!

  32. AD says:

    Rihanna CAN’T be stopped! Solange comes in a close second.

  33. Shanitahz says:

    Rih has a stylist…remember her first video? While ALL of these ladies are off the chart with their chic choices…it aint hard to tell who are the paper dolls and who actually has a sense for fashion. That being said….SOLANGE. The Silenty Slept-On Stylista!

  34. Lexyb says:

    I heart Rihanna but I think there should be someone different.

    Solange is a good contender. She has distanced herself from being Beyonce sister and made a unique style her own.

    Zoe was red carpet but in day to day? Not really

    Cassie knows what to wear and how to merge in with her personal life.

    Kerry W uhhhhh not impressed

    Keri H- she had too many ‘no days’ for me. Shes a work in progress


    MY VOTE::::::

  35. Mony says:

    RIRI was definitely doing it this year with the fashion, From head to toe!


    Shanitahz–most of them have stylist do you really think a designer will loan them the clothes they are wearing.. Kerry’s stylist is the same as Rihanna’s I think Zoe gets styled by Rachel Zoe ..but you know what I take back my vote I already know Rihanna is a style Icon I think I would go with Kerry…

  37. Naseya says:

    OHHH such a hard choice…all these ladies have been looking fierce but hands down Rihanna for consistency or wait maybe Solange…are shoes are always on point ! Plus I love that she doesn’t care what other people think…she takes risks. The other ladies are at a disadvantage because most of the pics are taken at red carpet events…they have to look their best then so Rihanna wins in my book even tho she can’t sing LOL! her style overrides her talent!

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  39. Re says:

    I think Rih does have the best style of the bunch but Zoe has been killin this year. I never like it when people win every year. Someone else needs a chance. I picked Zoe.

  40. LoudPen says:

    Come on y’all Rihanna is hot but she won the last two years! I hate to be the Buzz-Kill that says pick someone new but come on! She’s not the only chick with style. I gave my vote to Solange although, Zoe definitely caught my eye. Solange does her own thing whether ppl. like it or not.

  41. SMILES says:

    Every single one of these artist has been inspired by Solange. She is the main source of every single one of these other ladies fashion. Solange was the first, but has not received the credit she deserves!

  42. TrinaBina says:

    Solange wears the crown

  43. Anonymous says:

    rihanna is irrelevant! solange all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  45. BelleMuse says:

    Although all the ladies looked good in 2009. RHI rocked it!!!!! She deserves the 2009 award without a doubt!

  46. [...] The Fashion Bomb takes a look at The Top Five Fashionistas of 2009. [...]

  47. Susan says:

    RIhanna all the way, she is daring, and almost everything she wear looks good on her. The girl is bad. All others just imitate her, jus’ saying :)

  48. pinapple says:

    Keri Hilson is NO.1!her fashion is uniqe but always original n cool.shw knows what suit on her!thas y!

  49. Nicole says:

    Even tho she isn’t on the list, I would say either Amber Rose or Rihanna. Amber hasn’t been out that long, but her style packs such a punch, that we all had to take notice.

    And Rihanna, always a showstopper. It kinda wouldn’t be fair if she won 3rd year in a row (LOL), but if the shoe fits!

    Regardless if you have a stylist or not, part of having style is bringing your ensemble to life… and not letting the clothes wear YOU. She was a teenager when she first came out, you can’t keep comparing her to those days when she was still a child!

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