Not much went down this past weekend with our Favorite Bombshells. Inclement weather mixed with planning for festivities most likely kept them indoors, but those who managed to bring themselves out into the limelight showed and proved.

chris tucker & sheree whitfield

It’s been a while since we’ve seen Chris Tucker out and about, but he attended the 26th Annual UNCF Masked Mayor’s Ball in Atlanta looking quite dapper, as per usual.  One of our fave Atlanta Housewives, Sheree, was there as well, stepping up her glam game in a strapless gown with a red sash. When coupled with the red lip, her look is hot! I wonder if that’s She by Sheree she’s wearing?

Brandy was spotted singing at the Hard Rock Cafe in Hollywood donning a gray vest, gray tank top and black trousers. While the outfit is cute enough, what really caught my eye were her suspenders! Snaps to Brandy for dressing outside the conventional box. While some may say the suspenders were a little too much, I think they were just enough to pull the look together. Hot!

Lastly, Rihanna performed last Friday Night rocking an entire Alexandre Vauthier Couture runway look to pieces. Yes, the girl loves her strong shoulders, but you can’t deny how hot she looks here. I wonder how much higher her fashion game can go up since she seems to have done it all in such a short time.

Who was your fave this weekend?

13 thoughts on “Hot! or Hmm…: Sheree, Brandy, and Rihanna!”

  1. I am sorry, but the white church shoes need to go. That’s what those particular styleof white shoes remind me of. Otherwise her outfit is noce, but those shoes were a no-go for me.

  2. Rhi is my style star right now, but I think this dress is wearing her–not the other way around. Still, nobody can touch her.

  3. Sheree is wearing BCBG by Max Azria. I have the cocktail version of that dress in champagne that I wore to my prom three years ago. I’ve been itching to wear it again!

  4. ok lemmie break it down 4 yall….
    Sheree….WACK!!! everything about her is womp womp to me!!! u think with all this money she soppose to have she’d hire a stylist!!!

    Brandy… not bad but nuffn to tlk about!!

    && my boo Rihanna…. that chick right there… omg she KILLS it every single time!! NO one can touch her!! NO ONE!!!

  5. Rihanna’s dress is beautiful and sexy but her overall look hair, makeup and shoes don’t wow me! I think that dress needed a medium/long flowing hair. The blonde hair is whack and played, black is differently her color. I never liked white heels regardless of price tag or designer, white heels just SCREAM cheap!!

    Brandy was laid back. She had a chill perform but she was cute, nice hair.

    Sheree has NO STYLE!!!

  6. Brandi’s outfit is cute and Rih rhi’s 80’s throwback is a hit for me (although I would have passed on the white shoes, I hate white shoes).

    Tsk tsk. Sheree, Sheree, Sheree….I dunno why but something is ALWAYS just a little off! I don’t like it!

  7. I love, love, love Rihanna’s style! I could look at pics of her all day.
    As for Brandy, she’s kind of blah.
    Like shere’s dress…there is something that is off thoug…maybe its her back?? she’s starting to look a tad too buffed.

  8. Sheree’s upper body (mainly her shoulders and arms) are little to manish. Everything that she wears that exposes that area never looks good on her. She just doesn’t have that sofy look in feminine dresses.

    Brandy’s outfit looks cheap to me. PerioD!

    Rhi looks cute but I agree that her hair didn’t set it off. Sometimes she can be backward; sher jazzes her hair up for T-shirt and jeans. Maybe that’s her way of switching it up. I’m not a fan of the shoulder pads….never have been.

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