December 19th, 2011
Best of 2011, Celebrity Style, Rihanna, Solange Knowles
Best of 2011: Fashionista of the Year
By Claire

So we’re beginning our end of the year festivities on the Fashion Bomb with what is always our most hotly contested feature:

Fashionista of the Year.

Though Rihanna has dominated the past few years, snatching the title in 2007, 2008, 2009, AND 2010, it seems this year she’s got just a little competition. Let’s see who you nominated–and who might steal her spotlight.


1. Solange Knowles

The singer/DJ has cemented her title as a Stylista in 2011 with a series of looks we would describe as Bohemian-Afro-Luxe.

Whether laid back in a Boxing Kitten button down or stuntastic in a marigold asymmetrical Acne dress, Solange manages to add her own dash of edginess while exuding unquestionable elegance. Her sartorial dexterity also tranlates to her tresses, where she plays with various natural textures and lengths, working anything from a cropped cut to long braids to an Afro or Diana Ross like curls.

Sure, she’s hot on the trends, but she also doesn’t seem afraid to be herself.

Inspiring and risk taking, Solange Knowles has become a welcome fixture on the Fashion Bomb–with good reason. She’s set our stylish hearts aflame with a mixture of straight-off-the-runway couture and casual cool.

2. Kelly Rowland

2011 was a big year for Ms. Rowland. In addition to releasing a new album, she also became a judge on the X Factor UK, and thus debuted a new, saucier image.

The girl next door we’d grown to love in Destiny’s Child was replaced with a downright fashionable diva, who set red carpets and stages on fire with looks by Versace, Falguni Shane Peacock, and even Topshop.

Though we weren’t always on board with some of Kelly’s more risqué looks, there’s no doubt that she kept us talking in 2011.

And isn’t fashion about taking risks?

3. Kerry Washington

When it came to red carpets in 2011, Kerry Washington always managed to shut it down.

Whether sizzling in mint green Armani Privé, smoldering in Ralph Lauren, or turning heads in an acid colored Michael Kors column dress, Ms. Washington showed she can rock a frock like nobody’s business.

Kerry knows what works for her–whether color, cut, silhouette, or accessory. She rarely has an ‘off’ moment thanks to a cocktail of seasonless looks, vibrant hues, and flawless makeup.

4. Jennifer Lopez

Jenny from the block keeps it chic at all times, whether low key in California, or twirling at an awards show.

Though the years, she’s managed to stay on our chic radar for one reason only: she very rarely gets it wrong.

In every outfit she celebrates her sophisticated femininity, working everything from green Emilio Pucci to flowered and slightly sheer Gucci:

All we can say is: bish better werq!

5. Rihanna

Rihanna continues to transform before our eyes as she continues to grow as an artist, style maven, and consummate trend setter. 2011 saw her tip-toeing away from 24/7 glam, and adopting a more relaxed repertoire of Vans sneakers, A.L.C maxi dresses, jeans, and roomy sweaters:

Gone are the days of our Rih-Rih walking the streets in a head-to-toe Marc Jacobs runway look. Sure, she’ll still whip out the YSL, a BCBG all white suit, a Christian Dior gown, or even a feathered Antonio Berardi look for certain occasions:

But you’re more likely to find her in a leather jacket, for example, with jeans from her capsule collection with Armani…

Or a in a simple Herve Leger club dress to kick it with her girls:

Whose looks wowed you the most in 2011?


To reminisce on Solange’s looks, click here. For Kelly Rowland, click here. For Kerry Washington, click here. For Jennifer Lopez, click here. And for Rihanna, click here.

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96 Responses to “Best of 2011: Fashionista of the Year”

  1. Dolostar says:

    I don’t think Rihanna was bringing it this year. Her style kind of fell off to me.

    Now Miss J Lo, Solange and Kerri are slaying sh*t left and right.

  2. Amiyah says:

    I really love rihanna’s style, but Solange dominated this year!

  3. Sam I Am says:

    JLo and Kerry Washington; I couldn’t choose one.

  4. Indigo says:

    I really think Kerri should take the lead…Solange<< IDK about this one.

  5. Although I think that Kerry was ultra fab this year I have to give it to Solange. The hair, quirky sense of style and finally coming into her own—she wins in my book!

  6. @bumiSAYS says:

    Solange hands down!!

  7. Ice says:

    JLo and Kerry Washington, both beautiful women with awesome style. Hard to choose between the two. I really liked Solange’s style as well but its a little to quirky for my taste but I still admire.

  8. Marie says:

    Are those seriously the best pics y’all had of Rihanna for 2011? I know she had better looks this year. Any who, I vote Kerry Washington.

  9. Afrikka! says:

    jlo cant sing cant act but she can dress…

  10. MonaLisa_310 says:

    This time last year I would have voted Rihanna without a second thought, however this year Riri clearly has some tough competition. J Lo always does it for me but I have to say that if I’m looking for inspiration lately Solange has been my go to girl. I love Solange’s style.

  11. gagirl87 says:

    Jeniffer and RiRi are my favorites :)

  12. Gotta go with Solange! Kerry was a close second but all of her looks were red carpet or dressed up. Solo looks great dressed up and down and seemingly has the most confidence of the ladies listed. Love her!

  13. Marie says:

    Kerry W and Rihanna

  14. Dee says:

    Jennifer it taking it this year…with Riri and Kerry as 1st runner-ups.

  15. endESQ says:

    Solange totally stepped into her own this year! She has an amazingly bold and fierce sense of style. And, Kerry Washington is always so impeccably dressed. I love Rihanna, but I wasn’t inspired by her looks this year like I have been in the past. Still, she DRESSED down this year, take into account the all white suit at the VMAs – Totally Gorgeous! It is hard for me to choose here. (I see everyone is giving it up for Solange & she completely deserves it – Good Show!)

  16. ladyluo says:

    Solange all the way. Though I love JLo, I do wish she would incorporate more looks besides tight, tight, tight. I loved Kerry too but Solange IS the 2011 fashionista. She had so many interesting looks that worked most of the time and even when they didn’t, it showed how willing she was to try different looks.

  17. Dobe says:

    Most definitely SOLANGE!

  18. Dameion says:

    I love and respect all these women but Solange should mos def for a fact win this because she has SERVED all year and its her time!

  19. Amber says:

    While I LOVE all of the other ladies looks, I think what makes Rihanna Fashionista of the Year is the fact that her looks make statements that other people want to duplicate. She is most often seen in Mail Bombs and her looks are most talked about. Solange is my super close second, but I think Rihanna is still the leader.

  20. LetyLuk says:

    Rihanna didn’t quite deliver this year, unfortunately. Kerry Washington and Jennifer Lopez always looks great on the red carpet, but Solo BROUGHT IT this year!!! It’s Solo hands down, without a doubt. Not only does she look great, she definitely takes risks and is versataille.

  21. Anonymous says:

    All these girls brought it this year. I’m a casual girl…so I love Rihanna’s style. Kelly stepped it up this year. JLo is looking so hot for her age. Kerry Washington looks good in everything that she puts on. But I loooove Solange’s style choices and it seems like she has a natural fashion eye. I give it to Solange.

  22. Madpet says:

    I’m sorry ya’ll, but this was an extremely hard one. All of those ladies look fantastic. So I went in alphabetical order and chose J Lo.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Solange hands down.

  24. Amber says:

    I love Kelly Rowland style this year she deserves it cause she never got the titles that she has deserved in the past. She showed up and showed out this year in many ways then one I expect more to come in 2012.

  25. It’s a tie breaker for me. Solo and Kerry did it for me this year.

  26. Liz says:

    all of these fashionistas!!! they are so fabulous. but i have to give it to solange. she’s so true to her style. rihanna is always hot, kerry is the bomb and jlo can do no wrong…but there’s something about solange that just speaks to me on a completely higher style level.

  27. But I did vote for Solange! Love her and her style to death.

  28. Dani says:

    Between Rih & JLo imo. I’ve nvr liked Solanges style… ever. Kerry looks amazing allll the time & Kelly?? Really??? Nah. She shouldnt have made the cut, sorry.

  29. A-Danielle says:


  30. Sticky-n-Sweet says:

    Kerry was lowkey serving it all year! Wow, not one look was miss!

  31. I love Kerry’s looks for sure, I do agree with you on that and Kelly Rowland also looks fab and I can see why she made your list. Overall, you have some great pics and they all look great! Thanks for the list!

  32. Bella says:

    SOLANGE! She is versatile and makes her style look so effortless. Wow @ Kelly Rowland even being a nominee :|

  33. SideEye Mimi says:

    I* was torn, but i really feel like Solange is effortless.

  34. Liz says:

    Estelle should have been on this over Kelly because Kelly gets it wrong more times than she gets it right (Sorry Joel but you’re styling is so hit and miss) Other than that, Solange all the way!

  35. Bella says:

    SOLANGE! She is versatile and makes her style look so effortless. Kerry for the runner up. Wow @ Kelly Rowland even being a nominee :|

  36. Tifani says:

    The always fab J.lo does it for me!

  37. Lena says:

    I love Rihanna but this year, she failed in the fashion category! I voted for Kelly Rowland. FYI, Solange does have a stylist, his name is Charles Wade…..rude Af tho……

  38. zimbabwechic says:

    Solo for the win

  39. bougiehippie says:

    Jlo duh! But I think if Solange come out with a clothing line she will outshine her sister!

  40. Miss Understood says:

    It was between Solo and Kerry for me. But Solange won out simply because I haven’t seen any of Kerry’s casual looks. She can work a red carpet, but what does she look like on a regular day?

  41. niksocool says:

    Solange can do no wrong in my book. Though I would have loved to see Blake Lively nominated mainly because she’s known get dressed without the aid of a stylist

  42. Valerie says:

    SOLANGE without a doubt!! She absolutely dominated in terms of being effortlessly chic this year. Confident, edgy, elegant, etc. – she has embraced every trend and even brought back trends that weren’t even relevant until she rocked it. Rihanna would definitely be runner-up because I’m personally a huge fan a grunge/edgy looks. I can’t believe that Kelly or J-Lo were placed on this list, both a pretty irrelevant in my opinion.

  43. Brandon says:

    I went with Jennifer Lopez and a Solange in a close second. I prefer glamour over personality LOL!

  44. wallflower says:

    Solange is closer to my personal style and I think she’s been deserving of the title for sometime, BUT Kerry Washington can do NO WRONG! It’s a tough choice!

  45. Solange was very inspirational this year, I voted for her x

  46. JuJu says:

    Solo no question!

  47. Tam says:

    For me, it’s either Solange or Kerry. But I will give it to Solange because she had more looks (as oppose to Kerry all dresses/gowns)!! And I love Solange’s use of color :)

  48. Jaida says:

    I think J. Lo could snatch this title easily. She’s always been pretty fashion forward and whether she’s out on the town or on the red carpet, her makeup is always flawless and her wardrobe is always on point! Solange and Kerry could definitely tie for first runner-up.

  49. Linda says:

    Solange, Jenny, then Kerry.

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