Missed seeing some of your favorite celebs at last night’s Met Gala?

Not to fret! Artificial Intelligence came to the rescue with realistic looks that adhered to the “Sleeping Beauties: Reawakening Fashion”, “The Garden of Time” themed Gala. The looks were so bomb that they started trending on Instagram–to the point where people thought they were real.

Take a look:

Rihanna was noticeably absent, but Rick Dick came to the rescue in a floral adorned gown. While fabulous, for some reason I think Rihanna would have shown up in something a tad bit more wow worthy. What do you think?

Rick Dick strikes again with an architectural gown for Lady Gaga. Fabulous! But how would she actually carry this creation?

They Beyhive have their own AI master, who imagined their Queen in dark horse like Cowboy feathers and a crown of flowers. Which look is more your taste?

Katy Perry’s avatar stepped through in a two garden inspired gowns.

Seeing this image made me miss seeing Kanye at these shindigs.

And while Dua Lipa was there, Rick Dick made a new grass gown made for her, equipped with a maze for a skirt. Chic!

Which look was your favorite?

And should their be an AI gala? Also, given that people thought some of the images were real, what does that portend for the future of AI in fashion?

Images: Rick Dick