So if you’re wondering why I was in Chicago, I came to watch the Oprah Winfrey Show:


To be honest, one of my goals this year was to meet Oprah. Why? She’s a tremendous inspiration and I hope to one day be a brilliant multimedia afficionado like her, juggling books, shows, and products. Thankfully I found a way to arrange for tickets to the show–little did I know my contact would seat me front row and center. Yes! I was literally two feet away from Lady O, close enough to oggle her hot Dior platform pumps!


I wish I could have taken pictures inside, but they took everything–writing materials, cameras, phones–away. With no snapping inside the studios, my hopes to get a pic with ‘The Boss’ were quickly dashed once we slid past security.

I’m glad for the experience and hope to meet her legit like at another time (I had thoughts of being a Stan and just running up to her, but didn’t feel like getting carted out by security!). I’d love for her to bestow a bit of knowledge on me–it would mean the world!
Until then I’m off to ATL to hang with the fam and friends.

*Tune into Oprah on Monday April 20th. You might catch a glimpse of me on TV!

6 thoughts on “The Fashion Bomb Goes to Oprah!”

  1. Glad you had the chance to see Lady O. I am from Chicago, from the South-Side to be exact, and I have been trying to get tickets to Oprah’s show forever. I admit that lately I have stopped calling the ticket hot line because all I ever got was a busy signal. You have just inspired me to keep trying! Hope it was a great experience for you!

  2. Farrah beat me to it, how do you do it? I’d really like to know. I’m an entrepreneur at heart trying to find her way.

    Also you look fab Claire!!! I appreciate the traditional tying of the scarf too.

  3. Honey, you should not have been watching from the audience. You should have been on stage sharing fashion advice with Oprah and the rest of the world. Next time, you must really step up to the plate.

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