Natasha over at the YBF pointed out that ex Danity Kane member Dawn Richard is a huge fan of recycling outfits:


The stylista chose to wear basically the same ensemble to the King Magazine Party on February 24th and a few days ago to the Day 26 Album Release party.

Look, I’m a recessionista, and have of course shopped my closet for many events.  If I can make an outfit or dress look markedly different by adding a belt, or changing a top or shoes, I do it–it’s silly and irresponsible to buy a new oufit for every occasion.

But in this case, Dawn seemed to lack any sort of imagination. Though she added a jacket and changed her shoes, her overall look is still the same. And I know that if she’s rocking $1,000 Louis V Spicy Sandals and Balenciaga Escarpin Booties, homegirl can splurge on a new dress!

What do you think?

29 thoughts on “Style Verdict: Would You Rock the Same Thing Twice?”

  1. In the age of the internet, this is a No! No! No! in the words of Amy Winehouse. If she wanted to be a recessionista she could have paired those shoes that cost a G with a fresh outfit or at least swap one of the items she had on. Adding a leather jacket does not make it fresh.

    I’m mad cuz Diddy would never let Cassie go out like that. Is this Dawn’s cry for help? Is this her way of shaving half her head? Cuz it sure looks like it.

  2. LOL! I agree to some extent but what if the girl just likes the way the dress looks on her?

  3. I agree! Why buy an Herve Leger skirt in that color and then rock it twice in the same year?!? If she knew it was going to be worn more than once maybe a black, brown, or navy blue would’ve been a better color to buy. This way a different shoe and shirt would have made her skirt look hella different.

    Dawn you need to try again!

  4. It’s one thing to wear the skirt again to a low key party where there will be no camera flashes. But to wear the same thing to two red carpet events almost looks like a publicity stunt. It is such a huge fashion no no I don’t know where to begin. If you’re getting your picture taken, please try to switch it up, at least wear it one year and wait a few years before wearing it again! She just looks sad.

  5. Wearing an article of clothing more than once is not a no-no. Wearing the EXACT SAME OUTFIT and thinking you’re fooling people by changing your shoes and wearing a jacket is not ok.

    But I will say that she improved the outfit a second time around though she should think of hiring a stylist because she looks a little ‘hmm’ in both pics.

  6. lol yes ladies I agree. Like I said when I first saw the repeat offense… I saw Dawn in New Orleans a few weeks ago and homegirl was shopping down in French Connection and Urban Outfitters. She got new clothes so I dont know why she didnt use them. I could have helped her pull together some nice get ups if she would have asked. I am still a fan, just wish she rep the N.O. a little better.

  7. Yes I would rock the same thing twice… But you are right about Dawn, she should have switched up the tank top or done her hair a bit different to clearly separate the two looks. And she should have waited a bit longer in between wears… I have done it on many occasions… We spend too much money on our outfits to only wear them once…

    Great topic!!

  8. I don’t think it’s a crime. Who cares. I commend her for making her own rules. She loves her skirt and she is going to wear it when she pleases. To buy something and wait years in between wearing it I think is ridiculous. In a few years those Herve skirts and dresses will be beyond played out.

    I say do you girl.

  9. I love the skirt and obviously she does as well…I just think that she should have put a little more imagination into making this skirt new again! Ladies lets face it we are in a recession she should have added some accessories, changed up the hair and defiantly wore a different shirt. If she had done those things then this post would have been about how much Dawn loves her skirt and would have given you tips on how to change up one of your favorite pieces.

  10. When I first saw the pic, I thought who cares….

    But you do make a valid point, Claire….she could have easily spent about 50 or 60 dollars on a Top Shop dress since she was already spending nearly 10 times that on some shoes…..that is very true.

  11. I don’t even like being pictured in the same outfit (or similar) on my FB page!! LOL She should’ve tried a leeetle bit harder…

  12. What was she thinking?!? I get that she’s in love with the skirt, it’s cute and we all know Herve Leger don’t come cheap, so pair it with something completely different. She could have tried a black top that went over the skirt, or a form fitting blouse that came down to the hips. I really don’t understand in this day and age how she thought it would go unnoticed that she was rocking the same office. What’s worse is she didn’t wear the same dress to a football game and then a night out…she wore it to two major parties, attended by, for the most part, the same people, barely weeks apart.

    Nope, I do NOT approve.

  13. I’ve seen her in the club twice once with this same leger skirt and the other time she was wearing it in orange. She def needs a stylist…

  14. I saw rock it. Rock it. Rock it. Rock it ’til it’s threadbare. It’s a recession, and I can’t even imagine how much that skirt costs. If she’s willing to invest in it, she must love it. And if she loves the way it makes her look and feel she should wear it whenever she feels like it. Both life and money are too short for folks to be buying expensive items only to wear them once or twice.

  15. Yes, i know the fashion industry doesnt like the word recession but times are hard.

    J luv = A real women with real bills.

  16. I see no problem with Dawn rocking the same skirt more than once, I have done it plenty of times, only I didn’t have paps snapping pictures of me.

  17. That skirt is HOT! I’d soo rock it twice. True, she should switch it up a bit more with at least a different colour and style of blouse and hairdo or something, especially if you’re a celebrity.

  18. Being that she is a celebrity, she should’ve let more time pass before she rocked the outfit again. Both looks were hot but, neither is very different or original.

  19. I happen to be an outfit repeater myself, so I don’t really mind seeing Dawn wearing that outfit twice. (You have to admit, she’s definitely rocking both outfits.) However, it would definitely not be as bad if it wasn’t as trendy and bold as an aqua Herve Leger skirt. Timeless, classic pieces that fly under the radar are safe for wearing more than one time. A skirt like that…not too safe, especially for a celebrity like herself. In the end, those skirts cost a lot and if anyone is willing to pay a pretty penny for it, they deserve to wear it more than once! =)

  20. Well Bombers, I am in agreement. However, I will say this; love the shirt, as I am sure she does…but maybe she should have bought several pieces at a lower price point, if indeed money is the issue.

    But this is what I really think!

    I think she is trying to “stir up the dust” by wearing this “same” outfit only days apart. She had to know she would be photograped…what better way than to wear the “same” outfit twice?

    After all we are talking about “her” aren’t we?

  21. Okay I agree in this day and age with the internet and all….REPEAT outfits is a NO NO…but she’s still is doing her thang…We all make mistakes sometimes, give her some slack yall…ha ha

  22. Outfit repeats for us regular folks is not a problem, but given her status (despite the fact that it’s fallen), it is a no no!!

  23. I think rocking the same thing more than once is okay.. However.. I think more effort should have been done to renew her look. It’s a pretty expensive skirt, so i can see why she would wanna wear it again. Hopefully she’ll get a stylist soon.. Noone’s perfect!!!

  24. I know i’m late but, I’m still gonna comment. I feel once you reach a certain status in the music idustry and you begin to attend press related events, you should be mindful of repeating your outfits. It’s ok for you to repeat a bag or a shoe, or a scarf on a day out shopping, but not at red carpet events, and certainly not to a labelmate’s album release party that your supposed beau is apart of. A no no, but I like her nonetheless.

  25. I applaud Dawn for being sensible and wearing the clothes she has in her closet. Everyone doesn’t have money to throw away on new clothes, however, wearing basically the same outfit to two premiere events is kinda wack…you live and you learn.

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