WWD credits blogs like Hypebeast and Kicksonfire for helping Kanye’s Air Yeezy’s sell out in stores:


They say, “When hip-hop star Kanye West released his limited edition Air Yeezy sneaker for Nike earlier this month, it ignited a wave of collective hysteria among sneakerheads –those guys with the ardor for branded footwear usually associated with Imelda Marcos or Carrie Bradshaw– that saw them camped out in front of stores overnight to get their hands on the rare designs. Needless to say, the sneakers have sold out and are now being offered on eBay for upward of $700.”


The article goes on to state that blogs are key with one off collections like these. They say, “There was a time when magazines would bring us up to date once a month, but nowadays everything moves 10 times as fast and blogs serve as the only means fast enough to keep us on point.”

Interesting. Read the rest here.

7 thoughts on “Blogs Helped Air Yeezy’s Sell Out In Days”

  1. I think the air yeezys r Hot. Dont know hot long it will take b4 they come out in the UK tho!

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