Celebs don’t always tag the brands they wear: that’s why you have us!
After @immaculate_e_ wrote, “I already know people have started to ask about this look, where is this from 😩😩😩, ” We were able to find that #kyliejenner enjoyed vacation in a Vashtie dress by #blackowned British brand @loudbrandstudios.

We even added them to our 2nd list: 100 more black designers you should know! But still #loudbrandstudios supporters wanted @kyliejenner to tag, and accused her of not supporting #blackownedbrands. They also accused her of deleting comments tagging the brand.

Our take: some celebs choose to tag, some are paid to tag, it is really their prerogative. A celebrity of Kylie Jenner’s status could be paid upwards of $1 million for a tag (remember, her sister, Kendall, was paid $250,000 for a Fyre Island Instagram post). Besides, if she paid for the dress, she doesn’t have to (though it would be nice if she did).

At any rate, if you have a question: we got y’all @fashionbombdaily!
What do you think?

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