Earlier today, Pyer Moss designer Kerby Jean-Raymond took to Instagram to clear the air regarding comparisons between the yellow Pyer Moss Sculpt sneakers and Kanye West’s Yeezy “Turrelliens”. On Saturday, Kanye West previewed several unreleased Yeezy sneakers including the “Turrelliens”. In an effort to get ahead of the “hypebeasts” comparing and accusing Pyer Moss of copying the Yeezy shoe, Kerby Jean-Raymond pulled out some receipts today to prevent rumors of “copying”.

Through his Instagram, Kerby shared files of the Pyer Moss Sculpt sneaker and its design process which dated back to as early as July of 2018. Not to mention, Kerby even wore the sneakers and previewed them at Paris Fashion Week in January of this year. Following comparison pictures and file dates, Kerby explains, “You know…for good measure…before the ‘kids’ start saying we copied something we designed over 2 years ago.”

Kerby Jean-Raymond found the whole situation to be quite laughable with no hard feelings stating ‘”I’m honestly just laughing on this side” and “all love to his team and him”. The purpose of sharing the images and dates was to simply educate people before the rumors of “copying” Yeezy began to circulate.

Thoughts on this situation?