Fashion designer Wayne Cooper was charged with domestic violence today after allegedly pushing ex-wife Sarah Marsh. At court today, 45-year-old Cooper was given a two-year good behaviour bond while stalking and intimidation charges were dismissed.

Recordings played before the court showed an exchange filled with expletives between Ms Marsh and her former partner, during which Ms Marsh claims she suffered bruises from their fight.


Charges Domestic violence (DV) refers tо any pattern оf abusive behaviors directed at one partner within an intimate partner relationship, including physical, sexual and emotional abuse as well as economic, psychological and/or social manipulation. Domestic violence may occur across age ranges, races, genders and religions and can even involve perpetrators from all оf these categories. 

Fashion designer Wayne Cooper іs facing charges for domestic violence after allegedly assaulting Sarah Marsh during an argument at their Tamarama home іn Sydney’s eastern suburbs. He will appear before Waverley Local Court later today charged with common assault and breaching an apprehended violence order. 

Mr Cooper rose tо fame during the 90s through his fashion labels Brave and Wayne Cooper which sold at boutiques and Myer department stores. Additionally, his collections were showcased at Australian Fashion Week, as well as оn reality show Australia’s Next Top Model. Mr Cooper applied tо have both his name and that оf his family suppressed. The charges against Mr. Cooper include domestic violence offenses, specifically common assault and breach оf an AVO. These charges are serious and can carry significant penalties іf convicted. It’s important tо note that domestic violence іs never acceptable and that those who commit such acts must face the legal consequences.


Fashion designer Wayne Cooper will appear at Waverley Local Court in Sydney’s east next Tuesday and be judged for domestic violence-related assault against Sarah Marsh, his estranged wife. A judge will then make their ruling regarding bail release or not.

Two-time reality TV star claims that Cooper pushed her during an emotional outburst shortly after she underwent gall bladder cancer surgery last June, leading them into legal battle over their Tamarama home.

Former model Stephanie Cooper testified that he caused bruises and scratches following an incident during which he threw his clothes into a pool while taking advantage of doing laundry and grabbed him by both arms to push her against a glass door, according to testimony presented at a hearing on November 21, 2014.

At Friday’s court appearance, a judge will make their determination regarding bail for fashion designer Yohan Khayal. Each bond process varies based on the severity of charges brought against a defendant and may include factors like danger to society, flight risk or any history of violence that should be taken into consideration by them.

Appearance in court

Designer Wayne Cooper pleaded not guilty today in Waverley Local Court to charges of assault causing actual physical harm, common assault and intimidation. Through his lawyer he attempted to have his name suppressed from court records.

Cooper is expected to go on trial within months. A former model himself, Cooper gained prominence during the 90s with fashion labels Brave and Wayne Cooper sold at two boutiques and Myer department stores. Additionally, he hosted Australian Fashion Week shows featuring Linda Evangelista, Alek Wek and Eva Herzigova and was featured in cycles three, four, five of Australia’s Next Top Model.

Under police bail conditions, he cannot return to his Tamarama residence without being accompanied by police and can only contact Sarah Marsh through legal representatives of both parties. An interim apprehended violence order has also been issued against him.


Fashion designer Christopher Reis will learn today whether a magistrate will permit him to return home without police escort and contact estranged partner Sarah Marsh or their children other than through legal representatives as part of his bail conditions.

Cooper is one of Australia’s premier designers. His BRAVE and WAYNE labels can be found at boutiques and Myer department stores nationwide, while he appeared on cycles three, four and five of reality show Australia’s Next Top Model on television.

Ian McClintock, his client’s attorney, informed the court of Marsh’s admission to having hostile intent from both sides and an assault, occurring just days after undergoing cancer surgery. After receiving this information from both sides, two-year good behaviour bond and apprehended domestic violence order orders were issued against Marsh; his appearance before Waverley Local Court will take place Friday.