Now, we don’t know about you all but at 9 years old, skincare and a beauty routine were the last things on our minds! That’s why it’s so refreshing to see rising TikTok star North West have fun with self care from an early age and normalizing healthy habits for kids on the platform.

In her latest reel gone viral, North walks us through her morning beauty regimen! She first goofs off in her holiday-themed PJs placing a make-up headband by The Vintage Cosmetics Company over her eyes before getting into each step.

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First she applies toner from her mom’s SKKN by Kim brand sparingly to her face.

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She then follows that up with a gentle, watermelon infused sheet mask by Vitamasques and styles her hair while she lets it sit.

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Next, the TikToker brushes her teeth with Kendall Jenner Rose Mint Whitening Toothpaste and gargles some mouth wash before applying a layer of lip balm, curling her lashes, styling her hair and putting on her outfit of the day! No details were given on how she acheived her hairstyle, but luckily Northie already gave us some details in another one of her TikTok’s from last month!

Chopped and sped up, the reel lasts less than 10 seconds, showing the kids – and the adults – that it doesn’t have to take long to squeeze in some much needed self care in the morning!

What say you?

Main Image: TikTok/Reproduction