Bonjour Bombers and Bombshells! This week’s Fashion Bomber highlight is from the fashion capital.

Based in Paris, Pascal Douglas is a visual artist, Editor-in-chief at PAUL.E magazine, and senior strategist at Fashion Snoops. Whether he’s sitting front row during fashion week or pushing repost-worthy content on social media, Douglas does so with impeccably style.

He’s a fashion fan who doesn’t limit himself and finds his style floating between various aesthetics. His skill in tailoring is reminiscent of a Ralph Lauren ad, while his pairing of leather over a patchwork frock leans on Marc Jacobs’ signature grunge. If you’re looking for range, you’ll find it in his catalog of looks.

If you’re interested in being our Bomber Of The Week, please DM @fashionbombmen a brief description of your personal style (plus name and city) and 5-10 different pictures of your best outfits.