North West is a bona fide beauty influencer, falling in the footsteps of her mogul mother! With a quick glance at their shared TikTok page @kimandnorth, you’ll already notice that young North steals most of the spotlight and, racked up over 50 million views on a recent hair tutorial gone viral!

In this sped up time lapse reel, the 9-year-old guru in the making carefully preps her hair by dampening it before parting it at the side and applying her go-to Eco Style Olive Oil Gel. Once brushed in and securely tied back, she also uses a decent amount of Baby Tress Edge Styler to lay down her baby hairs as the last step!

North is known for to being a stylista – you could say it runs in the family! A lot of her personal style is reflected in how she does her hair. One the most recognizable signature styles is her jumbo braid up or, at times, twist out!

Photo: Getty

She also rocks the space bun look very well, sometimes half up, half down!

Photo: IG/Reproduction @kimkardashian

North often does cornrow styles as well and isn’t afraid to add color to her tresses for maximal effect!

Photo: IG/Reproduction @kimkardashian

Cute, no? What do you think?