In honor of Mother’s Day, Fashion Bomb Daily is highlighting mom bosses and their boss babies. We know mom’s work non stop to provide the best life for their children. Check out these boss moms and hear how they are doing their part to ensure their child(ren) becomes a stellar member of the community.

Richon and Cai.

Richon is a full time model. She says, “I am creating generational wealth for my daughter by way of her own brand, Cai Strong. She uses her own strength and colorful energy to uplift and educate the sickle cell community and the community as a whole. We do #Wednesdayaffirmationswithcai and share facts about sickle cell disease. Also in the coming weeks she’ll be launching her own apparel. Aside from making her own money I believe generational wealth is knowledge too. So we have frequent conversations about saving and spending money wisely

Image by Steve White Films

Sierra Sante is an entrepreneur or mommypreneur as she would say, who has helped other moms launch their business while raising babies. She says, “Every day I’m teaching and showing my kids what it takes to run multiple businesses. They get to witness all my struggles and successes. My son has been working for one of my companies since 2015, so in 2020 he was promoted to COO. My daughter is the face and the President of @themommygalleria.” Sierra also has a real-estate business @momwhoflips , so there are lots of jobs to hand out.

Crystal and Chelsea Stotts

Momager, model and runway coach Crystal Stotts and her daughter Chelsea are a force in their community. Chelsea is the fashion designer behind the brand Moda Muneca, a couture gown and evening wear brand. From New York to Paris Fashion Weeks, this mommy and me duo are surely leaving their mark.

Images by: (left to right, top to bottom): Michael Tucker SD Photography

Ashley and Ava

Ava and I have been a team since birth ! Shortly after she was born her and my family motivated me to start my own business, and Ashley Marie photography was born . Ava was my forever model and feature for all of my ideas and still is to this day. She loves to come to work with me and now she even helps me try to make babies smile.”

During this last year we created Savannah soaps which is a hand soap business I had the idea to do something she liked which was arts and crafts and create an income for her as well . Many of my friends and clients support her business and she loves to drop off all the soaps and when we wear her logo tee!!  Family time and holidays are important to me so I’m always thinking of arts and crafts and a competition to make things fun at home. I’m big in to woman empowerment and raising girls has made my passion for that grow so much. Making sure she is strong not only physically but mentally as well and knowing she can accomplish any goals she sets her mind too !! 

Angela and Penny

Keca says, “I would like to submit this photo of @angeladavismusic and her daughter “Penny”. Angela is a single mom and an amazing vocalist and a teacher. She is such a beautiful person inside and out. Angela is a single mom and an amazing vocalist and a teacher. She is such a beautiful person inside and out.

Keca and Zuru

She also stated, “I want to also submit this photo of me and my daughter @little.mama._zuzu. She is my only daughter of 8 children and she is the last of my crew. I strive to nurture her to take over the world. She’s smart, caring, creative, helpful, and selfless.”

Yanae and Sire

Yanae says, “I am a mommy of one and my biggest career move was becoming a mom. I started a business out of being a mom with blogging and creating a safe space for moms with my mom social clubs. Through my entrepreneurial endeavors I hope to not only inspire other moms to chase their dreams but my son as well. I named him sire because it means “ a person of high regards” I instill in him daily values that will carry him through life. He attends most of my gigs with me because I know that it is important for him to see me in all capacities and know that whatever dreams he has I’ll be doing right by his side like he is for me.”


Tina runs and owns a home health care agency and trucking company. She says, ” I am breaking generational curses for my children by showing them a higher education is possible, ownership and entrepreneurship is possible, and financial stability is possible. I’ve been able to show them what creating passive income looks like, allowing them to see that everything in life is what you work for and nothing is given to you! Demonstrating the importance of having a great work ethic because faith without works is dead! Showing them with God anything is possible! I am creating generational wealth by creating companies that my children can take over, leaving a legacy by preparing them to take over and run our companies. Kids often mimic what you do and not what you tell them, leading by example is the best way I can provide this for my children.


Shanika is a full time mom and and health enthusiast. She includes her kids in everything she does from meal plans to workouts. She says, “Hello my name is Shanika McClain, Wellness Entrepreneur and owner of BeDriven Nutrition. I create wealth by doing what the 99% of people in the world won’t do. I break generational curses by controlling my life and not being controlled by building someone else’s business. The goal is freedom and allowing people to live off their highest potential starting with their health. ~ Conquer yourself before you conquer the day.


Courtney is a mother of two young children. She writes, “I’m creating generational wealth for my children by building a legacy with our own platform Momtitask, a podcast and motherhood community, where we support Mompreneurs and Mom Bosses and provide support and resources to moms and their children. While, momtitasking, we have started new traditions where we donate toys and essentials to families in need during the holidays. Especially during these times we make sure to make sure essentials are accessible to everyone especially new Mother’s.

“I hope one day my kids see all the things I’ve done with them and they learn how to impact the world by spreading love and good energy is worth more than anything. I’m just trying to be someone my kids can be proud of.

Happy Mother’s Day to all these wonderful moms and all the moms all over the world. It’s so important for children to see their parents living their dreams.