Poker offers tremendous evolution in fashion trends to dress stylishly for your game. From t-shirts, hoodies and cowboy hats to polos and walking billboards and baseball caps, there are lots of things related to a chequered style. 

If you are playing online sbobet mobile games, there is no need to worry about clothes. Before moving to a land-based casino or a casino party, you will need special attires. Here are some best options to make yours beautiful and stylish.

Popular Cowboy Hats

Dan Smith/ Photo Cred: Poker Central

In the list of cowboys of poker, you can’t ignore Amarillo Slim. These people started the trend of cowboy hats. You can wear these hats if you need a cowboy look. In the 1900s, Hold’em of Texas became popular in the Lone Star. 

Dan Smith/ Photo Cred: Poker Central

If you want to play a game, you must have a stake of money, a cowboy hat and active eyes. Nowadays, you can find several cowboy hat styles, such as rhinestone-clad and fine straws fashion style. To complete your look, you will need perfect western belt buckle, cowboy hats and cowboy boots.

Sports Jersey

Elite Sports USA

With this jersey, you can show effect to your favorite team. In the poker world, it is famous for wearing a sports jersey. These baggy outfits look cool during the game. You can find stylish sports jersey from the market. 

If you favor a particular poker team, you can buy a jersey with their logo and name. A sports jersey is a comfortable and chic trend for poker players.

Fighting T-shirt

Fighting shirts were introduced in the 2000s, but gained mainstream fame by 2006. You can find these shirts in different colors and styles. Nowadays, every team has its fighting shirts. For this reason, you can buy a t-shirt from your favorite team.

Several brands, such as TapOut, Ed Hardy and Affliction, are designing garish and loud t-shirts. These shirts are dominating poker rooms. You can pull off a poker look from your favorite player. Feel free to buy a v-neck plain-looking t-shirt for a comfortable and casual look.

Classy Scarf

Dario Minieri at World Series of Poker

Scarves are essential outdoor accessories to maintain warmth in cold climates. Nowadays, scarves are becoming famous for poker rooms. This trend becomes renowned in the mid of 2000s. 

Dario Minieri (Italian high roller) was the leading trendsetter. Nowadays, poker rooms in the USA are becoming chilly. For this reason, a scarf can be an excellent option to wear on a poker table. Moreover, a scarf will help you to hide your physical condition.

Poker Billboard

Sponsorship is necessary for every game; therefore, casinos prepare hats, jackets and shirts with different logos for players. After wearing these shirts, poker players can enjoy various freebies. It is becoming a valuable marketing tool to promote a casino or big tournaments.

Stylish Hoodies

For a classic look at casino tables, you can wear hoodies. The current breed of poker players likes to wear hoodies on poker tables to hide their face. This clothing item is comfortable and classy to cover your face from other players.  ​