Let’s admit that not only little girls adore pink. The pink hair trend has already a big fan base, which is diverse and ever-changing. This season, Hollywood celebrities demonstrate the same love to pastel pink. The most beautiful women and even men are dyeing their hair shades like Barbie doll or flamingo.

Most hair specialists agree that this hair color is a great solution for those who want to start experimenting with their hair or are set for a big change-up. According to psychologists, people that give preference to pink are playful, vivacious, a little bit childish, and craving attention. Don’t you think dying your hair pink is the surest way to show your partner that you’re up for something new or maybe naughty? If you haven’t found your significant other yet, you should also set your sights on pastel pink. This color will help you lighten up, discover new dimensions inherent in your personality, feel more confident and unique. Exactly what a person searching for a relationship needs! Moreover, experts emphasize that people gravitating to extravagant, unconventional hair colors tend to enter into new romantic relationships faster and more naturally than their counterparts sticking to more traditional colors. Still, if you want to learn more about building successful relationships, check out Ashley Madison truthful reviews and go hunt for your ideal match! And to do it more successfully, don’t forget to familiarize yourself with some fresh hair color ideas from Hollywood stars who definitely know how to remain in the spotlight of world attention.  

# 1 Jaden Smith with his iconic pink hairstyle 

You will be amazed to see Jaden Smith with his iconic hair design. This is a perfect look for a spring season. It is time to switch things up a bit and dye your bleach-blonde hair a shade of pink.

# 2 Behati Prinsloo with her bright fuchsia ends

Even such models as Behati Prinsloo, who never experiments with hair dye so dramatically, could not resist pastel pink as she enter into spring. This is a great debut of bright fuchsia ends.

# 3 Hailey Bieber with her romantic rosy hue

Hailey Bieber has got married to Justin Bieber, and this motivated to completely change her look. Having chopped her hair into a short bob, and she opted for a romantic rosy hue. Quite stylish, don’t you think?

# 4 Khloeé Kardashian with platinum hair and pink highlights 

Khloeé Kardashian follows the footsteps of her sister Kylie Jenner and adds light pink highlights throughout her platinum locks. Many fans love this hairstyle a lot!

# 5 Justin Marjan with her cotton-candy pink

Justin Marjan follows the latest hair trends and dyed her blonde bob a shade of deep, cotton-candy pink. She loves to experiment with pink and this time she rocks!

Hair accessories

If you do not want to color your hair but just to change the look a bit, consider using hair accessories. This season they are in big demand. Stylish hair accessories will contrast the color of the hair. Do not be afraid to use bright accessories. For example, brunettes can use yellow or blonde bobby pins. Red-headed women should pay attention to greens and blues to really make their red color pop.

A word of warning

That having been said, there are several important things to keep in mind if you plan to change your look this season. Pink is not a shade any person can be flaunting. According to one of the most experienced colorists Lewis Pallett, brunettes and dark blondes will have a different shade of pink comparing to those who have light or bleached blonde, while dark brown has all the chances not to see any difference at all. If you have darker hair, it will be much easier to achieve a brighter, bolder pink as opposed to a pastel. Do not expect to get exactly the shade you dream. Always pay attention to how long you keep that dye on. In fact, when you work with a pink color, there is no fixed time for how long to keep it on your hair. Chris Appleton recommends to watch it, wipe some off your hair to check what is going on underneath. Continue to check until you get the desired color. If you want frosted colors, less is always more.

Finally, to keep your pink shade as vibrant as possible, all the specialists recommend using a shampoo without sulfate. If you carefully follow these tips, you will undoubtedly achieve a hair color that makes you look chic and beautiful. 

By the way, lots of celebrities refuse to abandon the pink hair trend of 2019. So, the odds are good it will head in the coming year and remain as popular as it’s now.