Casino themed parties are equally famous, like Christmas and corporate parties. These types of parties require you to dress accordingly. You will get a chance to play different cards and poker games in these parties. For this reason, you should hone your skills with situs poker. Online casino games allow you to learn the basics of each game without spending your fortune. 

In numerous cases, you will get a dress code from the guest to choose your dressing and other accessories. If you are clueless about what to wear in a casino-themed party, here are some ideas for you. 

Party Dress for Ladies

Check your wardrobe to make a casino theme dress. A black dress with silver or gold embellishments can be the best choice. To glam up your personality, wear a skirt or floor-length dress.

Dress on Fashion Bomb Daily Shop

It is not necessary to wear a black dress because gold and red are equally trending for casino-themed parties. Pair your dress with high heels and black pantyhose for supreme effect. If you have a dress code, you have to follow this to choose your dress.


After selecting your dress, you have to add serious bling to it with the selection of accessories. Pick big, glittery, bold pieces for ears, neck and wrists. There is no need to purchase expensive pieces. 

Costume jewelry is available at an affordable price. You can buy some rhinestone pieces from a dollar store or thrift store. Avoid overdoing it because you have to look classy and glamorous. 

Makeup and Hair

For a casino night out, your makeup must be Smokey and dark as compared to other days. Red lipstick, liquid eyeliner and bright blush are essential. Feel free to wear false eyelashes. 

Fashion Bomb Beauty

If you want the best hairstyle, pin up your hair in an elegant and classy chignon. For a chic and sexy look, you can leave loose locks. Spray your locks with glitter to get an authentic casino look. These things will make you a perfect darling.

Gentlemen Dressing for Casino-themed Party

Men often think about James Bond before going to a casino-themed party. If you have a tuxedo, you can impress other people with your dressing. Black bow tie, pleated shirt, suspenders and cufflinks will give an elegant touch to your personality.

If you don’t want to buy a tuxedo, feel free to rent it from a costume shop. If you need inspiration for your casino dress, choose puttin on the ritz. A white scarf, top hat, a cane and shiny loafers can be great for a casino-themed party.


Get some monopoly money to show off. You will look classy with visibly sticking notes out of your pockets. Buy a colorful dice to carry with you to enhance your style. Feel free to keep some aces up your sleeve and walk around with a high-value chip in hand.

If you have fake euros, you can carry them instead of monopoly money. Remember, these things are easily available from dollar stores.