After tallying the votes, the results are in! Here’s part two of the remaining winners for each category from our Best of 2019 series. Let’s read on:

Fashionista of the Year: Monica 

Atlanta is known for the phenomenal fashions in the black community, including the bomb hair, and music. So it comes as no surprise to anyone that one of our famous ATL-iens and R&B legends Monica fit the bill as our Fashionista of the Year! Monica has range within her style to keep it chic, sexy and cool always. Especially with her vivacious cuts and versatile hairstyles. We love it! 

Fashionable Kid of the Year: Taylen Biggs. 

Taylen Biggs, a little fashion cutie from Fort Lauderdale, is seriously so adorable we can’t take it! From sitting front row for Fashion Week with Hennessy Carolina, Cardi B and Miss Jay plus more, she’s the youngest fashion critic with the amazing style to match. We just adore our little fashionistas that’s taking the fashion world by storm! 

Fashion Bomber of the Year: Dexter from Texas

Dexter is a fly guy that’s suave and sophisticated! We love how bold he is with his style and wardrobe that’s colorful, crisp and swaggy. From his sneaker choices, down to his modish slacks and patterns he’s a certified Bomber for sure! 

Most Fashionable Couple of the Year: Karrueche Tran and Victor Cruz 

You know what they say: A couple that slays together, stays together. Karrueche is already one of our favorite celebrity fashionistas on the scene, so to add her stylish beaux to the mix, we’re left with a wicked combination! We love how Victor keeps his looks crisp to match his lady’s fly, and vice versa. Did we mention how adorable and stunning they are? We simply can’t get enough of this Bomb couple! 

Makeup Artist of the Year: Erika La Pearl 

 As sickening as Cardi B is with her looks on any given day, her beauty is enhanced by none other than Erika La Pearl. She serves a beat so flawless, it’s hard not to get into Cardi B’s glow. From vibrant eyeshadow techniques, effortless soft glam and sultry looks, we love them all!

Most Fashionable Man of the Year: Michael B. Jordan 

We rave over his amazing performances in impactful films like the Creed franchise and Black Panther to name a few, but whether on screen or off, not to mention the red carpet, Michael B. Jordan has impeccable style. He can rock a mean suit like no other, and doesn’t shy away from bold colors, textures and stellar detailing to elevate his looks with the help of stylist Ade Samuel. He oozes confidence and charm with every look that his win is a no brainer! 

Hairstylist of the Year:  Dionte Gray, better known as ‘Arrogant Tae’ 

He’s our favorite influencers and celebrities treasured hair slayer, and it’s hard not to rave over the amazing styles he does on them! From Nicki Minaj’s rainbow weaves, SZA’s neon green ‘do, and his baddie bestie Ariana Fletcher’s change of styles, and Dream Doll’s lavish styles they’re all well done because of his killer technique. It’s safe to say he’s ‘arrogant’ for a reason. A master at his skills, he has the ability to melt a lace, define baby hairs and distinguish his clients with his signature touch of elegance and beauty. Well done, Tae! 

Well that wraps up our Best of 2019 categories and our winners! By voters choice, I’ll speak for us all when I say it was a tough call with there being so many strong contenders. Until next year!