One of the most interesting events in the fashion world is a biannual men’s fashion exhibition Pitti Uomo. The exhibition is an inspiration for strong sexes, those who want to follow the latest fashion trends. Pitti Uomo is the event where the newest trends in street style are presented to the public. This season’s exhibition is no exception: we can see the growing popularity of sports accents and elegant casual clothing. Many curious trends that are worth paying attention to have been observed this year. We have prepared for you an overview of the most interesting fashion trends for the winter season. If you are looking for a way to refill your wardrobe, or if you are interested in what to wear on a cool autumn day, we recommend you to look at our review of fashion trends presented at Pitti Uomo.

#1. Sports overtones

Gentlemen are now dressed not only in stylish suits and classic accessories but in sportswear too. As a result, we have amazing ensembles – an incredible combination of sophisticated taste and an independent spirit of sport. You can try out such a combination by yourself – think over a set of those things that are typical for official style and casual style, for example, for pants of strict cut, and try to put on a coat with a hoodie and sneakers.

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#2. Stylish duo

If you want to stand out from the crowd and strike a chord, then dress up with your friend or girlfriend in a matching outfit. Paired images are the trick of the coming season. It’s a very unusual way to draw the attention of the crowd so that you don’t have to wear floral clothes and bold prints to have their heads turned after you – just think through your paired outfit. Give preference to discreet colors and elegant design. 

#3. A new life for a denim shirt

Unexpectedly, this season’s trend is the denim shirt. Stylists have taken a different look at this detail of the wardrobe. It turns out that such a shirt can be easily combined with more stringent style things.

 Denim shirt looks great with various ties, trousers, blazers, and coats. The image is not so strict and somewhat more practical. 

#4. A fresh look at driver’s gloves

Trendy modern fashionistas are again attracted to driver’s gloves. This accessory can be seen on many exhibitors and guests of the event. Features of these gloves include numerous holes, knuckles, shortened cuffs, and a buckle with a back button. All these details have been specially designed for comfortable driving. However, these gloves can be worn not only by those who spend hours driving a car but also by anyone who follows the latest fashion trends.

#5. Unusual rings

Particular interest at Pitti Uomo is aroused by men’s costume jewelry: these are bracelets, chains, and earrings, but the most favorite accessory of this season is massive rings. The rings are worn on every finger to create an eye-catching image. To be as bright as the iconic faces of this Florentine event, four rings should be worn on one hand at a time, all of which are different but still in the same style.

#6. Hats. Who says it’s old-fashioned?

Another popular accessory is hats. The trend is still for soft felt hats, the so-called “fedora,” and hats with wide margins. Do not be afraid to look old-fashioned, the main thing is to find a hat for your coat or jacket. In fact, you can create a quite elegant look with the help of a good old hat. 

#7. From grandmother’s stocks. A patchwork coat

Patchwork is one of the most fashionable trends and not a new one. Such unusual styles of outerwear undoubtedly attract attention with their originality. Here, it is necessary to specify one nuance – if you wish to put on a similar coat, then other subjects of your image should be selected accordingly. 

#8. Camel color

Somebody might find camel color endlessly boring, but actually, its wealth of shades varies from warm camel to tender caramel color. 

#9. Large bags: a practical accessory

More and more men are choosing to change their look wearing handbags. This season, this eternal male problem is solved where-to-put-all-the-essentials is solved – just take a large bag with you. The so-called shopper bag has become a favorite of many guests of the Pitti Uomo Fashion Festival. So choose a spacious bag and experience all its charms – now you always know where to put all the essentials.

#10. Great duo: jacket + turtleneck

Poor weather conditions are no reason to be upset if one knows what to wear when the weather is bad. A jacket and a comfortable turtleneck with a high gate will save you from the rain. A casual turtleneck can perfectly match a classical jacket. You feel the comfort and convenience and look fashionable at the same time.