There are the rich and then there are billionaires. This minority is envied both for their loaded bank accounts and their fashion sense.

The rest of humanity can only afford to admire from afar. According to the Wealth-X Billionaire Census 2019, there are only 2,604 billionaires in the world.

However, you don’t have to be a billionaire to look like a billion bucks every time you walk out the door. You can never go wrong with the following tips.

Be Comfortable with What You are Wearing

This is a golden rule in fashion. If you love what you are wearing you will look fantastic. It defeats the purpose if you feel uncomfortable in your clothing.For example, choose a small lightweight smartwatch that has good quality and looks classy. 

It doesn’t matter the brand or the price tag. Think of the fashion icons and celebrities you admire, they ooze confidence all the time. That is because they feel “like themselves” in their attire. You should endeavor to do the same.

Ensure it Fits/Get a good Tailor

The secret to making it to any “best-dressed list” is wearing clothes that fit. A good tailor can do wonders for you. Even a very expensive piece of clothing can look tacky if the fitting is wrong.

You should wear clothes right for body size and shape. Men can go for bespoke or made to measure instead of just picking something off the rack. For women, a tuck here and there can make you look taller and slimmer.

Proper Care of Your Investment

You hear of clothing belonging to the Duke of Windsor, from the 1990s are being auctioned and you wonder how they survived all that time.

It is no secret that well-maintained garments last longer and yet most people fail miserably in this area.

Here are a few pointers:

  • Ditch the wire hangers: The last thing you need is the wires poking your prized possession. Invest in plastic or better yet thick wooden hangers.
  • Prompt repairs: The minute you notice anything out of place like loose buttons or a tear. Have the clothes repairs before you lose the button or the tear gets bigger.
  • Brush after each wear: Give your suit, dress, skirt or trousers a good brushing after every wear. These helps in removing dust before they settle into the fabric. It only takes 30seconds.
  • Professionally clean your wool garments: Moths love wool. Never store your woolen clothing without having them professionally treated for storage. There might not be a suit to wear the next time.

Quality Over Quantity

At a glance, a suit or cocktail dress from a luxury brand might look the same as one bought from a store. It is only on closer inspection that you realize the difference is as day and night.

Quality garments have better fitting and last longer than buying several cheap ones, you’ll only get to wear a few times. You can spot the difference by looking for:

  • Generous hems and close stitching at the seams
  • Patterns are alignment at the seams
  • Hardware such as zippers and buttons are invisibly sewn into the garment

Compare Price and Cost of Use

The price of an item is simply the initial purchasing price while the cost of use is how much you will spend over the lifetime of the same item.

Buying cheap garments and accessories present problems on two fronts. For one, cheap is expensive, they don’t last. You will have to keep replacing them. When you finally come across a quality item you will have already used a lot of money.

So, save up and invest the money in one or two quality garments even if it will cost more. Fortunately, having the winning Powerball lottery ticket can give you the financial might to upgrade your entire wardrobe.

Avoid Obvious Branding

Luxury brands are associated with success and opulence but nobody wants to be a walking billboard.

Quality suits and jackets always have the brand names hidden for this same reason. 

Getting Started

These tips might take a while to implement. If you follow them you will be by far the best-dressed person in any room. Once you perfect them, dressing like a billionaire will come naturally to you.