The way you dress reflects an immense amount about your personality to everyone around you. It’s a complex art to master, but it can add a lot to your life if done right. It’s time to break the mold by creating your own fashion style and setting yourself free from mainstream fashion trends. However, to start from scratch, from designing your own clothes to finding the perfect vintage store, there’s a lot to learn! Personal fashion will earn you the confidence you need and a sense of uniqueness. Start by learning how to play with your essentials to style them up and down, according to your mood. 

tailor inspecting the trimmed on the cloth

It’s a fact that style doesn’t come easy for everyone, and that’s okay—it’s not something to feel ashamed of. However, contrary to popular belief, style isn’t innate. Instead, you can learn over time—if you so desire it. If you have simple guidelines to guide you, it’s much less intimidating to define your look. 

Here are some ways to make personalized fashion work for you: 

  1. Sort Out Your Basics 

You first need to think about fashion when looking at your wardrobe for outfits that are classic and easy to wear. It would be best if you were looking to replace your basics every few years because the material does wear out, and your body may change as well. Look for online stores with sales and discounts to help you out.  

If you know what size you are, be sure to select an online store that carries that size. You should always make sure that the garments you purchase fit your body shape. When it comes to essential items, one should consider one or two pairs of jeans, one little dress (preferably black since this will be easy to accessorize), and a couple of tops, including a white shirt and cotton t-shirt, among others. You can’t build a fashion style without having the right basics. 

  1. Adopt Customized Fashion 

Fashion is becoming increasingly personal as consumers seek more personalized experiences with brands. In other words, consumers want to design their clothing rather than blatantly reflect the label’s style. One way to do this is to make a custom t-shirt by yourself.  

A brand that values the personalized fashion experience has different options to offer. A simple monogram may result in the customer feeling more connected to the merchandise they purchased, even though some customized fashion approaches can prove more successful than others. 

  1. Build A Style for Your Personal Fashion 

Your black dress and a colorful pair of pumps, with a matching belt to coordinate, make for a simple and elegant style. Wear a bright handbag instead if you don’t have a belt. Try on many different outfits and experiment to find what’s most comfortable. Feeling confident, you can incorporate a romantic touch into your everyday wardrobe by adding a hat to a long dress. 

If hats don’t appeal to you, why not go for a flower-printed dress with ballet flats to complete the look? Perhaps, swing in some Light Up Boots if you’re going out for the night. Don’t be afraid to play with your style. In addition, if you have old clothes that you like but aren’t wearing anymore, you can make something new from them. This can make your fashion genuinely unique. 

  1. Use Accessories That Makes You Confident 

Accessories, as you’ve probably heard before, can make or break an outfit. This is usually the case. There are plenty of inspirations in the fashion world, so you’ll need to refer to what’s appropriate for your attire. This isn’t a statement about lifestyle or personality but rather about comfort. Examples of this include women who don’t feel comfortable wearing rings because they may experience swollen fingers. It could be that they just don’t like jewelry in general. Others probably don’t like coordinated handbags with their outfit. Some people just feel better without jewelry. Aside from sunglasses, you can choose from a wide assortment of other accessories! Regardless of how many accessories you choose, the most important thing is to be happy with your choices. 


Staying true to your personal style is the most important thing when working with personalized fashion. Never try to mimic someone else’s style. Remember that self-confidence is your best accessory. Take your time when choosing your clothing, and be sure to wear it the way you feel at home. 

There’ll always be items that aren’t “in” that season or aren’t “in” any longer, but you should wear whatever you like. With a good attitude, you can make any outfit stand out and feel more confident in your clothes.