There are several styles that a man can adopt with the help of appliances of Oster. You may compare the benefits of Oster Fast Feed vs 76

These are a few designs that can be adopted by men of their generation.

1. Full men bun

The full men bun is applicable for the men who have a hair length of nine inches or more. It requires the tying of the hair in a messy knot and all strands of hair do not need to be tied. This makes a careless carefree which makes a man look really swag. One can place the knot at any position that they are comfortable at.

 2. Round bun with the long beard

Yes, this is what we call the true “Sardarji” style. Wear your hair long which can reach the shoulders and can be tied up quite easily. This makes the hair look like the best type of messy design. The long beard always compliments this style. The look can turn even funkier if the strands are let loose on the sides. The style is quite good and gives you a pan Indian look when you wear it.

3. Half up top knot

This style is involved in the tying of the hair at the top of your head with the lower strands calling back at your shoulder. This makes the hair look beautiful and the knot at the top being messy, gives you a look which is really awesome. The beard can be worn in any design. The half-up top knot is good for using in a party atmosphere as well.

4. Top Knot with shaved sides

The top knot with shaved sides is the one which is a perfect match for those who have a habit of wearing their hair in a knot. This is what they are comfortable in but they cannot adopt the same style regularly and every day. Hence the development of this new style. This makes the person look really good. One can get from the name that the sides of the crown are shaved to make the top knot even more prominent in looks. The top knot with shaved sides is a good style to adopt if you can carry it well.

5. Rugged Samurai Bun and beard

The nitty-gritty style never suits the man. He should be careless and wandering in nature. This can be adopted in the looks by letting the hair loose on the sides of the forehead. The messier the bun is, the better it looks. The person who wears the Samurai Bun can be adopted in the style which makes the look rough and pretty at the same time. The beard accompanying this style of hair must be tough in an equivalent manner. The rugged Samurai Bun is a good look for outdoor purposes.

6. Braided bun

The braided bun is for those who are more comfortable in braiding their hair. The part and parcel of the lives of those who are involved in the braiding of hair and tying them in a bin can adopt this style quite easily. The hair on the side is braided well and the braids are tied up in a bun at the back of the crown. The front of the head is lifted up and this is what makes the style so elegant. The accompanying beard must be trimmed to the cheek and this makes the chin look really sharp. This is a good style to adopt.

7. Messy top knot

The top knot can be made messy and this is the best style that a man can adapt well. The messy top knot is the one that suits the man the best. The messy top knot is really easy to make and this can be your usual style. The messy top knot can be made into a serious style in the times of any formal occasion and easy quite easy to maintain. You may tie up all the hair but the strands can remain cool to make the hair look like a messy bunch of hair.

8. Braided bun and pomp

This is a really cool design. It requires the braided bun along with a neat beard.

Thus these are some really cool hair and beard combo which you can adopt to look and feel classy at the same time.