Being stuck at home doesn’t mean your fashion sense should suffer. Besides, with the easing of movement restrictions and reopening of businesses, employees are getting asked to report on-site for at least two days a week. More bars and restaurants are welcoming their patrons back, too. 

These developments could mean only one thing: it’s time to reevaluate your fashion arsenal. Swiftly turn an office look into a fun night with friends with cool outfits. Take heed of these tips and tricks to level up your daily casual wear: 

1. Opt For Solid-Colored Tees

There’s a time in history when the market was saturated with graphic shirts, but those days are nothing but a distant memory. Wearing graphic or statement tees are quite outdated. Also, it doesn’t help you achieve a more professional look. 

If you want to command some level of respect from your colleagues, clients, and other people, but you don’t want to appear too formal, opt for a shirt with solid colors or striped tees. Solid tees are so versatile they can be worn alone or layered with your favorite jacket or blazer. 

Running out of clothes to wear? Shop for men’s clothing online and start looking like a million dollars once again. 

2. Choose The Best-Fitting Jeans 

This is a staple in anyone’s casual wear repertoire. Like block-colored tees, jeans can be worn with almost anything—a tee, polo shirt, or a long-sleeved polo. When you feel lazy, you can just pair this with a shirt.

Jeans come in all shapes, sizes, cuts, and styles. Invest in a pair that’s comfortable and fits your liking. Head on to online shops like CALIBRE and others to snag one. If you have yet to find the right fit, consider having a tailor alter your jeans according to your preference.

3. Upgrade Your Look With Jackets And Blazers

A jacket or blazer can always make your outfit more interesting, and this is true for both men and women. Some may get intimidated, fearing their lack of fashion sense can be amplified. But the truth is, you don’t need to spend too much time thinking about your casual wear ensemble. Just mix and match until you find the combo that shows your personality and style. Whether crushed velvet, leather, quilted, or tailored, your layering shouldn’t drag down your overall look.

Here’s a pro tip: a solid-colored shirt tucked under a leather jacket or fabric blazer can magnify your look a hundred times. Adding a scarf can also help upgrade it further.

4. Use Accessories 

Another smart way to level up your casual wear is to wear accessories. Your entire look can feel more complete with a watch, bracelet, or necklace. Any additional piece made from leather can give you a more professional look.

Speaking of accessories, think about whether your bag can give you a look that’s more put together. Remember, being put together doesn’t mean boring, so you don’t have to match your shoe color with your bag. Think out of the box and wear contrasting colors with interesting textures.

5. Make Your Mask Work With Your Outfit  

Facial masks have become a necessity in this pandemic, much like your tees and jeans. That being said, you should never leave the house without it. Check your apparel and stock on stylish masks that come in different hues and designs to go with your clothes.

Avoid US flag face masks or any similarly-themed face covers as they’re passé. Masks in solid colors look uninteresting, too. Make your face mask a part of your casual ensemble. To level up your look, choose a printed mask with colors complementing your clothes or accessories.

6. Pump Up Those Kicks 

The right fashion shouldn’t merely focus on clothes. It should be a complete package that includes what you have on your kickers. No one shoe style defines a casual look, so feel free to wear sneakers or a pair of leather shoes to look more stylish.

While leather shoes are a staple in a casual look, running shoes aren’t. But that doesn’t mean you couldn’t wear them outside of the gym or the basketball court. Wear interesting kicks that can take your fashion an extra mile while keeping you comfortable doing long walks.

Final Thoughts 

Upgrading your casual look shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg. By making sure you have the pieces that matter—tees, jeans, jackets, and accessories—and you know how to mix and match them, you’ll never go wrong. Fashion should come naturally and with minimal effort.