Liya Kebede‘s apparel line, Lemlem, is branching out into exorbitantly priced home wares. Prices will range from $125 for a pillow to $325 for a hand woven cotton blanket. (ELLE)

Hermès was awarded $100 million in damages after winning their case against 34 impostor websites claiming to sell discount Birkin bags. The sites have all been shut down, and all the money in their respective PayPal accounts will go to paying off the hefty sum. (New York Post)

• Uggs also just won a nice chunk of money– $686 million to be exact–in a case against over 3,000 Chinese websites selling counterfeit shoes. Not only will money be seized from the site’s PayPal accounts, but if you’re looking to visit said offending sites, your browser will be redirected to Uggs’s official page. (Fashionista)



• Word is Azealia Banks lucked into her Met Ball gig after Nicki Minaj failed to sign a contract confirming her performance. Either way, it’s unsurprising that either rappers were invited, regardless of how some might feel about their respective personal styles. (NYPost)

MAC cosmetics is releasing Fashion Sets, a new collection featuring all your favorite MAC makeup. Each of the seven sets consists of three pieces: a lipstick, nail lacquer, and lipglass. The limited edition collection will be available from May 3rd to June 28th. (Nitrolicious)


Jean Paul Gaultier told Grazia that he respectfully disagrees with Mitch Winehouse‘s assessment of his couture collection tribute to his late daughter Amy. While Mr. Winehouse thought the show was “in bad taste,” Gaultier maintains that the collection was meant to be an “homage to her talent…. Since her death the media has focused too much on her problems. My show was intended as a celebration of her.” What do you think? (Daily Mail)

• Willow Smith is as precocious as usual in her new music video for Do it Like Me (Rockstar). I’m still in awe that an 11-year-old  could have more stage presence than a certain veteran 24-year old performer. (Daily Mail)


~ Jihan