February 22nd, 2012
Celebrity Style, Shopping
Splurge: Azealia Banks’s London Fashion Week Topshop Unique All Seeing Eye Maxi and Prada Black Suede Leopard Peep Toe Wedges
By Claire

Rapper and burgeoning fashion ‘it’ girl Azealia Banks hit up the Topshop show at London Fashion Week in a blue leather jacket and orange Chanel bag along with a $220 Topshop Unique All Seeing Eye Maxi and $760 Prada black suede leopard print calf hair peep toe wedges:

Her 100% silk maxi boasts an ‘all seeing eye’ design…

Her black suede peep toes have a calf hair covered wedge heel:

Hmm…I think the pieces of this outfit could work on their own. Not sure if I’m feeling the overall ‘thrust’ …there’s way too much going on.
What do you think, hot or hmm…?

If you’re down for it, get similar looks here:

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60 Responses to “Splurge: Azealia Banks’s London Fashion Week Topshop Unique All Seeing Eye Maxi and Prada Black Suede Leopard Peep Toe Wedges”

  1. Nicole says:

    Sweet baby Jesus.

  2. I’m sorry but head to toe this look is not aesthetically pleasing

  3. Allie says:

    Wowwww!!! She looks a hot ass mess… From the hair to the feet. Just because she’s wearing expensive clothing and accessories, does not mean it can be put together in any way. Fashion “it” girl my ass…

  4. Melrause says:

    Oh Hell Naww…girl u need a stylist!

  5. AB says:

    Girl, no.

  6. T1K says:

    Who’s she again?

  7. VeryLivingEND says:

    This is very poorly styled. Girl, who is this person and why is she all on the blogs :-( Her hair makes me sad :-(

  8. sun.kissed says:

    No, no, no and no! This looks very bad. Head to toe this look is fug. I will take that jacket, the Chanel bag and those booties.

  9. HavilandClarke says:

    lmao @ “it” girl..
    i can name 5 fashion bombers off the top of my head who should style her

  10. hahahhaha says:

    She needs to ask the Illuminati gawds for a stylist.

  11. SUCK MY SWAGGGGG says:

    NO NO NO!

  12. V says:

    prime example that you can have expensive things on and look like everything you got is from the 99 cent store

  13. amber says:

    i hate her hair…
    and i love everthing she has on…SEPARATE!!!

  14. lola says:

    Girl, bye!!!!!

  15. Liz says:


  16. binks says:

    Hmmm…someone advance this lady some checks because the label isn’t paying ….great pieces just doesn’t go together

  17. krystel says:

    Hmm, Claire if this was a random post i vote “hot mess” she make the clothes look so ” cheap”. Sorry not tryna be mean just speaking the truth in my humble opinion.

  18. lanenabuena says:

    Hot mess!

  19. Jihan says:

    LOL I love Azealia Banks. I am so glad this is a post. For those of you asking who she is, pls take note because she’s caught the eye of Nicola Formichetti, Karl Lagerfeld and pretty much the entire fashion world is fascinated with her. Betta throw on that 2 1 2!

    She doesn’t have a stylist yet yall give her a break!

  20. Omgeezy!!! says:


  21. September's Muse says:

    please…pay me or better yet I’ll do it for free. Let me be your stylist!!! Their all attractive garments…just not together in that color range imo

  22. BC says:

    She looks gross..

  23. jade. says:

    Wow, she’s a cute girl, but I guess she used her label advance to pay for food.
    With her new fame (sorta) and fortune (i’m assuming) she should invest in a stylist, some Indian hair, and a personal trainer.

  24. Twerk says:

    Jade’s comment though….I’m done!! Lmao

    But she does look like shit from head to toe.

  25. anon says:

    She has no fashion sense, she needs a stylist A.S.A.P. But she’s pretty. I can see her getting a stylist and being fly. I wouldnt mind styling an up & coming artist.

  26. I CAN NOT! says:

    I refuse to believe this broad is “famous” (please observe my quotes)… THIS BASICNESS ON SO MANY LEVELS!!!

  27. Hey! says:

    Is it just me or did she gain a lot of weight?

  28. Tisha says:


  29. Bella says:

    She is soooo basic, her wigs are HORRENDUS, and on top of that she had a really disgusting personality. There is nothing pleasant about this chick. Hoodrat hipster.

  30. Mona L says:

    Girl Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee She needs to get her life!!!!!

  31. noirmuse says:

    umm, the bag is uber cute.

  32. mrzmuck says:

    ok i was thinking about getting this dres,, but i changed my mind. yuk!

  33. kahmee says:

    wait …does she have on black pantyhose, too?

  34. Empress says:

    She looks a damn mess…Her and that tacky ass wig!!

  35. She needs to Thrust back to whoever sold her that wig. I hate going in, but i like her music and get it she wants to be different but this is too much, this shows that having a little money means nothing. If you just gonna buy some stuff and throw it all together then you shouldn’t be buying it. She could have still rocked out a rebel (ish) outfit if she wore then as seperate items.

  36. Nope says:

    She’s a H.A.M (hot ass mess). She got 1 hot song, her twitter makes her attitude seem jank and her style is not cute. Waiting for a plus to make me care about her in a positive way.

  37. VANITY says:

    Oh my , First off I love her music she but I can’t with this choice of clothing , I’m tired of seeing her in these wretched wigs , weaves and lace fronts aswell . I can’t be bothered . If your going to dress like that Mrs.Banks I advise you to stay an UNDERGROUND artist . I understand you want to be different and stand out but throwing random pieces together is not the way to go . . . btw she’s gained weight . Hire a stylist ,hair dresser and a personal body trainer . However I love the shoes .

  38. Latanya says:

    I love all the pieces but not together. This is not a good look.

  39. Brandi says:

    woah has she always looked this gross?

  40. Diva says:

    she looks a rock’em sock’em mess !!!! Head to toe is a complete disaster… why ?

  41. PrettyPolitical says:

    Here’s another, “let me go in my closet, and find every new trendy piece,  and throw it on, and be a FASHIONISTA” case. In this case, LESS IS MORE. That dress makes a HUGE STATEMENT, so does the hue of her jacket, and although some of us are cringing, so does the color of her hair. It all clashes, fatally in this case. 

  42. FiFi says:

    The title of this post should NOT be “Splurge”.

  43. Nicole says:

    Who is this girl again??…jesus wept

  44. Jae says:

    i literally laughed out loud.

  45. Lea says:

    Since she’s promoting the Illuminati hopefully they’ll help her get the best glam team…because what we are “all seeing” now is a mega mess.

  46. just my opinion says:

    Ok, the shoes are hot – but the rest of what she has on has to go. Its too over the top. Not of the pieces that she has on match there is no class or sense of style to what she has on – and to top it off the PINK hair. OMG… come on’ lets be real Fashion ‘it’ girls know what looks good together and she is just a HOT MESS

  47. ladyluo says:

    Love the jacket, love the dress and love the bag. But on her – NO!

  48. EssDot323 says:

    Oh dear…

  49. Pr1ncess says:

    If she is promoting the illuminati…..this makes sense….but you look rachet and need Jesus

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