March 22nd, 2012
Celebrity Style, Hot or Hmm, Nicki Minaj
Hot! or Hmm…: Nicki Minaj’s Japan Popcorn Outfit
By Claire

Nicki Minaj is in Japan, and blessed the event by dressing in a super inventive outfit: a striped skirt and a cotton candy colored bustier with popcorn bubbling by her bosom.

Ever the show woman, she completed the look with matching pink hair, and added some height with wedge booties.

Call me crazy, but I think she looks darling.

Sure, you wouldn’t wear that to go grocery shopping, but it’s a cute outfit for a costume party…or a quick trip to Japan. Nicki always has fun with fashion, and this is actually one of her most creative yet visually appealing looks.
What do you think?

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47 Responses to “Hot! or Hmm…: Nicki Minaj’s Japan Popcorn Outfit”

  1. Bella says:

    I LOVE IT !!!

  2. Justsayin says:

    If this is for a video shoot, yes but for out and about NO. I am not a fan.

  3. Marsha D says:

    Claire….. ……. ………

  4. kingstonflowers says:

    are you kidding me??? she is trying too hard, stop trying to be Lady Gaga!…lol. I’m so tired of this girl!

  5. Shanita says:

    Here Nicki, let me get that chair for you…

  6. llehsal says:


  7. jasmine says:

    if you aint got nothin nice to say then heres my response:…………………………………

  8. josiahhnell says:

    i love it she is out the box and who ever said she is tryyin to hard f.u lady gaga got nuthen on her

  9. bella says:

    i like it! she can be whoever she wants to be in Japan without people looking at her funny. she is NOT trying to be lady gaga smh

  10. KBS says:

    Yup, Claire….you’re crazy girl!

  11. killinhoes says:

    *eye roll*

  12. Erika says:

    Her look is becoming more and more outrageous. I am a Nicki Minaj fan because of her fashion. She is inspiring! But I would never ever be caught dead in most of the stuff she wears.

  13. sarahb !!!! says:

    call me crazy – but i love it

  14. Shantae says:

    Sadly, I can’t vote cause I like the top but not the skirt.

  15. hehe says:

    I don’t mind that she’s wearing a popcorn inspired outfit, its just not a cohesive thought-out outfit. That has always been my problem with Nicki and her half a$$ attempt at originality. for example the top is nice but the skirt and shoes are out of place.

  16. dyshaun says:

    I think its cute as well. :)

  17. kristen says:

    i bet you all think her fake ass is cute too :)

  18. Snooty Poodle says:

    @hehe yea the bottom kills me. I like her dressing up. I mean she an entertainer not a bank teller.

  19. Meil says:

    lmao @ marsha d!!! I can almost hear a sigh and see shoulders hanging ha!

  20. Ashley says:

    I said HOT considering it’s Nicki!!

  21. bougiehippie says:

    At this point I rather see her clothed no matter how ridiculous after seing those bikinis pics from Star ships.

  22. Vanessa says:

    it’s a great costume at best.

  23. LawyerChic says:

    I usually don’t rock with Nicki’s fashions, but its Japan!!!! I would actually expect something more out there. If she’s still there, I’m kind of excited to see what else she’ll be wearing during her trip.

  24. Sarah says:

    I LOVE so cute!! also In Japan this look works!!

  25. Alexis D. says:


  26. Rebecca says:

    I like it, its perfect for Japan

  27. CG says:

    I love this. It’s VERY japan/harajuku appropriate. They wear things like this everyday so please, get with other cultures people!

  28. Kimmoy says:

    Cool Halloween costume idea

  29. Kitana says:

    I can’t stand this lil girl. Just go away chile…..

  30. D says:

    This is not fashion, there’s no rhyme or reason to her outfits and most of the time, I see them as an attempt for attention. She is a beautiful girl with outrageous talent, I wish she would focus more on that instead of these attention grabbing “get ups”. I would like to see her evolve a la Katy Perry who used to (and sometimes still falls in the trap of) quirky, costumes- but is now front row at Fashion week in Paris. Katy has retained her sense of fun, but has upped her game. Nicky’s outfit looks cheap, and is no match for Lady GaGa, who has the likes of Lagerfeld designing her “outfits”.

  31. andi says:


  32. Pauline says:

    lol…people are still talking about if her ass is fake?? who cares!! but this one of her cuter over the top outfits!!

  33. Jennifer says:

    I…see where she was going. She’s actually dressed like a vintage bag of popcorn, so…it makes sense.

  34. Diva says:

    Somewhere Lady Gaga is laughing her azz off at this clown and elsewhere Madonna & Cyndi Lauper are laughing at both Nicki & Gaga !

  35. Siyam says:

    It’s Japan, home of quirky fashion. She fits right in. I wouldn’t wear the outfit myself, but it’s one of the more decent outfits she’s ever worn that I like. Plus, it’s her job to entertain and even if people don’t like her, they still talk about how fake she is or what a disaster she is. Sounds like she has the PR game on lock

  36. kadie says:

    I get the concept but I could see Lady gaga doing this wayyyyy better ! sorry this looks cheap.

  37. kadie says:

    I get the concept but I could see Lady gaga doing this way better ! sorry this looks cheap.

  38. I like it! This costume actually looks thought out and it doesn’t hurt that its humorous.

  39. The Antifash says:

    I am all for having fun with fashion, (See: Anna Dello Russo) but Nicki is never chic. Never. She looks foolish 99.9% of the time. I would be shocked if she showed up to an awards show, or made an appearance and actually looked half way decent.

  40. Anonymous says:

    No and no no no no and no geez please!! She is absolutely a mess point blank period!

  41. Bkbombshell says:

    I want that top asap

  42. nicole says:

    She looks horrible and Claire, Im sorry im gonna have to call you crazy, this girl knows NOTHING about fashion

  43. Renita says:

    Face is beat for Zeus!

  44. B. says:

    I love it! This is one of her most clever costumes yet! And it is so appropriate for her Japanese fanbase.

  45. binks says:

    Funny people are saying it’s Japan but I only see Nicki looking like a fool. Cute shoes everything else…..

  46. Tricia says:

    Not feeling this at all!

  47. Neya says:

    Hmm. Everything Nicki wears these days is Hmm.

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