Hey Bombers and Bombshells!

I’m excited to introduce you to TheNOBO (www.thenobo.com), the only marketplace  where you can Buy, Sell or Trade, authentic pre-owned luxury products!  


Founded in 2016 in San Francisco by Noelle Bonner, the Nobo is both a peer to peer and “white glove” online platform. Consignment products are bought and sold directly between users, using authentication via photographs and powerful technology. Traded products must be sent directly to  TheNOBO for inspection, authentication and warehousing. Once a trade transaction goes through on their platform,  they send both users their “new for them” products!  

Item Sale Price Consignor 

(Percentage Of  The Sale Price  User Receives)

Trade Value  Trade Fee
$1 – $19,999  12%
$3,500 And Above  80%  $20,000 – $49,999  8%
$2,500 – $3,499  75%  $50,000+  4%
$1,000 – $2,499  70%
$1 – $999  65%


TheNOBO allows its users to conserve the value of their products through trade. We believe this new opportunity to trade luxury products will excite luxury lovers, particularly in a time of COVID-19 when people are focused on  being more economically conservative.


Those who have made previous investments in luxury products have the  ‘currency’ they need to acquire a “new for them” luxury product on TheNOBO. Also, luxury lovers can now  confidently invest in the retail luxury market, knowing they will have more options later, to recreate value from their  items, whether by selling and receiving cash or trading to receive another luxury product.


This sounds fabulous and I can’t wait to try!!

See more and shop at TheNobo.com.

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