Two fashion powerhouses have collaborated with designers to create new limited edition collections. Would you rock these?

First, Nike worked with French collective Andrea Crews on a series of Tailor-Made Dunk Hi-Tops:

Nike Andrea Crews

Adding some design details to the classic high top sneaker, Crews played with laces and colors, spray painting some with white and green and affixing gold chains to others.  Would you rock these?

Next, pop art king Jeremy Scott created his new Floral Flight Travel Bag for his annual collaboration with Longchamp Paris:

Jeremy Scott LongChamp

The bag, covered in roses and airplanes, is $345 and available at Way to make a travel statement!
Would you rock ’em?

3 thoughts on “Would You Rock These? Nike Andrew Crews Hi Dunks and Jeremy Scott for Longchamp”

  1. The flight bag yes

    The shoes no… If a kid did em themselves ok but for the designer to do it then sell it just seems “wannabee urban” and super tacky. I always give the kids a pass but this seems desperate a la put as many tacky additions on it and make it limited edition so the ‘sneaker heads’ will go crazy trying to get their hands on it.

  2. No to both. The sneakers are super wack and over done…the bag is just not cute enough.

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