Pop princess Britney Spears recently released a video for one of her hottest singles, Radar:

Britney Spears Radar Screenshot

Say what you want about Britney, the girl knows how to make a hit! Radar is one of my faves from her Blackout Album. The video is kinda ‘eh’ but the song bumps.

All my undercover Britney stans stand up!


2 thoughts on “Video: Radar by Britney Spears”

  1. Nothing undercover about it, I love Britney’s music. I take it for what it is – dance, fun, party music. This song was one of my favorites from Blackout, too (along with Break the Ice and Why Should I Be Sad). Don’t know why they put it on Circus and pretended it was brand sparkly new….

    I agree with you about the video. It seems especially “blah” in relation to the previous ones.

  2. this is such a snooze. it put me back to sleep. sorry britney fell off but im glad shes got her life back in order her extensions and bod look fantastic!

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