This TikTok influencer became all the craze without saying a single word!

Born Khabane Lame in Senegal West Africa, Khaby grew up his entire life in Italy. Prior to the pandemic, he had started working at a local factory only to lose his job once global lockdowns spread like wildfire. At this point, Lame started creating videos on his TikTok account khaby.lame reacting to silly life-hacks on the internet, an act of quarantine boredom that rapidly went viral. His signature silent comedy style made him instantly recognizable and profusely hilarious!

Fast forward 2 years later and today he is the second most followed TikTok content creator, having garnered a following of close to 140 million – and that doesn’t even include what he’s amassed on instagram as well! With an inspirational story like that, it’s no wonder he has snagged a spot as a European Forbes Under 30 lister at just 22 years of age and bagged a deal with Hugo Boss earlier this year. Now the TikToker is living his absolute best life, killing it at the Cannes Film Festival courtesy of his stylists Wayman Bannerman and Micah McDonald. One thing about Khaby is he’s not afraid to push the mens fashion boundaries, be it through a technology integrated suit or bold use of color (take notes, boys!). Here are some of our fave looks from the young star at the premieres:

All looks are Hugo Boss styled by Wayman and Micah.

We live to see this young star thrive in his element! What do you think?

Images: IG/Reproduction @waymanandmicah