At the end of every month, we compile the winners from each week and YOU get to vote for Bombshell of the Month. The winner will go on to The Faby Awards in December for a chance at winning Bombshell of the Year! There are 4 contenders for April’s Bombshell of the Month. Scroll down to check each one out and at the end vote who you think should be Bombshell for April!

First, we have Brittni from Georgia! Brittani writes, “I’m an interior designer and I would describe my style like I would describe a collage – you don’t really try to define it, you just piece together what feels right ♥️”

Next we have K-Nicole from Chicago. K. Nicole would describe her style as, “A mixture of classic and modern with an occasional mix of high/low fashion.”

Following is Chi from Pittsburgh. Chi writes, “If I had to describe my style in three words I’d say versatile, bright, and bold. It’s important to me to show others that it’s okay to step outside of your own comfort zone!”

Ending this month we have Ileena from San Diego. Ileena writes, “I would describe my style as moody. Whatever mood I’m in is how I’ll dress for the day.”

Now it’s time for you to chose! Who should be Bombshell of the Month for April?