We at The Fashion Bomb like to think we’re up on almost every fashionista in the game but, of course, there are a few gems we miss. So we’ve intro’d a new category to the annual Best Of roundup, and our first ever Undercover Fashionista Award goes to…


Taraji P. Henson!
Boy, what a difference a few years makes:

Yes, that is indeed the lovely Miss Henson back in 2002 chanelling way more Urban Pocahontas than one should be allowed at the “Undercover Brother” premier. Fast-forward to 2008…

And Taraji’s earned her bonafides as a rising style star!
It’s clear (even from the above ’02 mishap) that Ms. P. Henson has always preferred a sassy, sexy steeze. She’s now found a way to work her natural effervescence into a style that’s both fashionable and personal , which, in this age of celebs and stylists slapping on whatever’s hot (*cough* Herve Leger *cough*), is soooo refreshing.

Given her svelte hourglass figure, it’s no wonder Taraji gravitates towards satin for evening. It’s an unforgiving fabric but with her curves, the effect is elegant and feminine where it might look dowdy or unflattering on others.

Even when wearing basic black, Taraji finds a way to jazz it up using contrasting textures, eye-catching accessories, and pops of color. And speaking of color:

That is one thing this diva is not afraid of! She uses color expertly to add flair to an outfit rather than overwhelm it (those blue shoes are fierceness unto themselves).

Whether keeping it casual (check out the hot pink pedi with the white jumpsuit–loves)…

…or sashaying down the red carpet, Taraji consistently achieves a signature look I’ll call Confident Siren. This undercover fashionista has been found!

Check her out in “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” with Brad Pitt and the upcoming “Not Easily Broken.” Taraji P. is one we won’t be sleeping on in ’09!


8 thoughts on “Undercover Fashionista of 2008: Taraji P. Henson”

  1. These are actually great pics…she looks lovely in each except that lil kim halloween costume…what is funny is that alot of magazines have horrible pictures of her that did not do her or her style justice. but she has come a long way…and to the freq use of satin…if it work for you then embrace it.

  2. Taraji is a gorgeous woman and her style has definitely been upgraded. Those green shoes were questionable, but still they worked for her. Love this girl.

  3. Excellent choice. Also I must say this is my first time on this blog and I absolutely love it. Keep up the Good Work:)

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