In Paris life is a lot slower, and I suddenly find I have time to do little things, like paint my nails something other than clear or cream. I’ve fallen into the red zone like Beyonce:


I *never* would have worn a red nail in NYC–no time to repaint! But now that I’ve tried it, I’m a quick convert–nothing screams sexy more than a bright red nail. Now I’m looking for even more shades to indulge in. I’ve got my eye on these:
1. Nars Nailpolish in Chinatown, $16. 2. Essie Nailpolish in Macks, $8. 3. Chanel Vamp Nail Polish, $20.
I’m clearly new to the colored nail thing: What are you fave red polishes?

10 thoughts on “Real Talk: Red Nailpolish”

  1. Oh I am such a fiend for red nail polish I already have several shades and I keep buying more… love it

  2. i adore OPI’s malaga wine – it’s a little darker and looks so sophisticated, even when i’m wearing sweat pants :) i feel you on living in NYC and never having enough time to get your nails done… i have a month old pedicure and sad looking hands that are only going to get rectified now that i’m heading on vacation.

  3. This post is so timely! I was JUST re-painting my toes and hands and I always do a bold color on my toes becuase it will last and a nude on my hands and this time…I almost tried the bold red on my hands for the holidays. But I wasn’t sure if that looked to “hooker” and reverted to Starter Wife. Next time, I will opt for the red!

  4. I love a red nail as well and just painted my nails with OPI Don’t Toy with me from their Holiday line! it’s a bright, fun, sparkly red – super fun and fabulous!

  5. I just got my mani/pedi and I opted for OPI’s Bastille My Heart from this fall’s French collection (shout out to Claire). Is a nice red that’s not too hooker-ish and is great for the holidays!

    At *B*Fab..I’ve tried Don’t Toy With Me too and it had way too much glitter in it for me. Still a pretty color but was hard to take off.

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