Ok, I’ll admit, I own a pair of liquid leggings and I love them! They’re supremely comfortable and add a soupcon of edge to long sweaters or tunics. Hollywood hottie Meagan Good also loves her leggings, and seems to wear them to most events:


…but instead of wearing them under a long shirt or skirt, Ms. Good hoists her leggings up, adds a belt, and wears them as pants. I personally think the look is too saucy for the daytime and is even a bit much if dressed up.
But what do you think? Would you wear leggings as pants?

20 thoughts on “Style Verdict: Leggings as Pants?”

  1. This look is a bit risky for me, especially hoisting them up way over the waist. I prefer keeping leggins under a tunik :)

  2. I think if you have the bod to pull it off…which Ms. Good clearly does…it’s cool. However I support making it a whole outfit (i.e. cute shirt, accessories, etc.) Chicks who just throw on leggings with a plain shirt are being LAZY!!!

  3. I wear them as pants alot, just this saturday I had them on with a bright pink cardigan and funky multicolor scarf with black in the background with grey boots. Love me some leggings!

  4. Absolutely not, no, NEVER!!!! It doesn’t look good on anyone. Even if you have the body for it, it just looks trashy. And if you don’t have the body for it, you just look sloppy! I think this whole leggings thing is by far the worst fashion trend to come along in the last few years.

  5. Wearing leggings as pants just looks trashy.I just don’t think there is anything fashionable about it.

  6. I agree with everyone that said this look is trashy cuz it is. It just draws too much attention to ur ass and whether or not ur wearing underwear. And we all have heard rumors of megan being loose but we’ll see.

  7. Oooh No! I personally wouldn’t want anyone to be able to outline my crotch area… but that’s just me!

  8. Y’all are CRAZY! That is a hot way to wear leggings. I personally am not scared of my body, so I wear that look a lot.

    Although, the high waist is a bit extreme (if you want bonafide cameltoe, by all means, snatch up a pair and wear them as pants). Those are the only ones I find trashy.

  9. I used to work at American Apparel, so I’ve grown accustomed to wearing leggings as pants (and I don’t look trashy.)

    I will say it’s not for everyone, but I’ve seen quite a few people pull it off effectively.

  10. I own a pair of the liquid legging, and they look good. But I have a rule about wearing them… Cover you’re crotch! To me, it can totally break the outfit if the top is too high, and the crotch is exposed…ewww! Wearing a tunic, or a long shirt makes all the difference!

  11. Of course one can wear leggings as pants! Didn’t you guys just feature Beyonce (again) wearing leggings as pants?

  12. I wore them to a party a few weeks ago. I did a shirt that stopped just past my behind with silver accessories. I thought it was a good look for me only problem it’s becoming too popular, there were 3 others with liquid leggings at the party. That means for me time to burn my trendy black leggings.

  13. I say it’s cool to wear them as pants as long as one feels comfrotable and confident…but also i think that one should be careful not to look like T.J. Hooker

  14. you women r full of shit. Theres nothing wrong with leggings. Leggings has many fundamentals. Women were wearing worse clothes like, daisy dukes, batty riders, mini skirts. The most nasty low jeans with the thong hanging out. The female body is beautiful. It’s a about time they found something to compliment that. Theres nothing wrong cameltoe its cute i dont got to go into a womens pants to see what shes working with. It better than being naked. We r in a new era when big breast were in we luv dolly and pamela anderson. When booty is in we luv beyonce and j lo. Now its cameltoe time and kim kardashin and jenifer love-hewitt are leading the way. Although kim’s cameltoe is ugly she needs some meat on it her whole body looks fake. I love to see who got the phattest cameltoe. It better than a guy in tights women dont want to see the imprint of a dick unless its really big. Its better the women where the tight stuff men do it it will be nasty. Last thing any guy that dont like cameltoe and love pussy like me is a fagat

  15. i like leggings i do wear them . but once again they are not for everyone . know your body type and shape . some people can wear them and look trashy and some people just look plain good . if you are in shape then go for it are find what works for you . and yes some peole look like street walkers when they try this style its fashion you have to learn what works and what dont together. to make you look you best. if spandex is not for you just dont wear it dont hate on other who dare to wear. cause they just might not like your style either. thats what makes everyone different

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