*WWD reports that British superstore Top Shop will be delayed yet again in coming to US Shores:
WWD says, “TopShop postponed its entrance into the U.S. market until March because of construction delays at the store.” Honestly, before my trip to London, I didn’t care at all about TopShop. After my trip, I must tell you: TOPSHOP is the ISH!!! Shoes, Accessories, Dresses, Tops…it’s a fashionista’s dream! You want it in the US. Will keep you posted on the story. [WWD]
*Here’s a throwback viddy for my East Coast Headz:

4 thoughts on “TopShop Delays Store Opening + Throwback Viddy”

  1. awwwwwwwww thanks for the vid I loved Camp-lo.

    oh and I need topshop if only to see JOurdan plastered about the store.

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