Hey Fashion Bombers!
Today I wanted to put you on to a new line of vintage and original clothing called Rockett Mansion...


Launched just this past May by 2006 Howard University Graduate Melanie Lyke…
…the line consists of supremely well edited shoes, dress, and accessories, all plucked from second hand stores, then remixed with buttons, tailoring, or pleats…
Melanie says her inspirations are, “Postmodern Global Beauty. I love to draw simple, minimalist items from different cultures. They can be glitzy, ornate, doesn’t matter as long they are beautiful…

The Fashion Merchandising student started the Rockett Mansion line because, “I wanted to do my own thing, and didn’t want to work for a big fashion house. I was sick of working for places that just didn’t ‘get it’ or understand my aesthetic…
She continues, “The line is the sum of my love for vintage and living a minimalist lifestyle… I adore the idea of finding beautifully made, well preserved items and mixing them with everyday pieces. Most people see vintage as over-the-top costumes that can’t be applied to a daily wardrobe or simply as the attire of hip, starving artists- I beg to differ. Any good stylist knows the key to great personal style is the mixing of old and new as well as expensive and inexpensive. It gives a look dimension and makes it seem effortless.
In addition to being chic, vintage cuts down on waste. “We can easily recycle and use what we already have on this earth because as we all know, polyester isn’t going anywhere. It’s retail therapy with no buyers remorse.”
And you can cut down on spending as well: every Rockett Mansion item is under $50. Perfect for this economic climate!
Check out Rockett Mansion’s one of a kind items here. Tell ’em I sent ya!

14 thoughts on “Cool Online Find: Rockett Mansion”

  1. Claire, I am loving this. On the site right now trying to restrain myself from buying almost everything.

  2. Claire,

    Im going to a wedding in 3 weeks and I want to purchase the purple skirt…but cannot find it on Rockett Mansion???? where is it? I need it. It’s to die for. Please help girl.

    ~Nicky Bee

  3. the white dress with the black line pattern and the turqouise/green belt…..WHERE IS IT?!? I love it.

  4. I do make some of the garments. They usually have some sort of detail that makes me hate I even started it- hand beading, dying, etc. I construct things far and few in between but they’re always well made. I love the “idea” of designing but I’m a hunter at heart.

  5. I LOVE vintage. Ask my friends, I stay in the vintage stores on campus. OMGosh, I’m so happy right now.

  6. congrats mel!! if anyone would like to contact the model with the short hair, you can find her on modelmayhem.com model# #764886

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